“Toy Comic - A Meeting of Armoreds”

October 17, 2014

Well here is something I haven’t done in ages. For those of you that may not know, years ago I made a series of toy comics with my various action figures. Over time this grew too time consuming, so I gave it up. Lately though, I’ve been brainstorming ideas of toy comics I’d like to try writing & making. With advances in technology, I figured there had to be some new & easy ways to make toy comics, and I was right. So here is my return to the Toy Comic world with “A Meeting of Armoreds”.

Yeah this wasn’t much, just really a short test run to see if I could get things to work as planned. The comic works best if you’ve seen the first teasers of Disney’s Big Hero 6. Still, I actually enjoyed putting this all together. I’ve got some more ideas for other comics, so when the mood hits me, I’ll put more together and post them here. Also, thanks goes to my mom for finding the soccer ball pencil sharpener I had in 1st grade, & cleaning it for me. :)



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