“A Great Year of Ranger Toys”

October 14, 2014

Back in February, Bandai America showed off all the Red Ranger Action Hero Figures at the Toy Fair, along with a number of Sixth Ranger Figures. I, like many other fans, was very skeptical about even half of these figures making it to actual release. Now that the Super Megaforce line is drawing to a close (expect the Morpher & Keys continuing on), I wanted to show off some pictures of these figures, and other great Super Megaforce toys.

All the Action Hero Figures look so great. Bandai America did an outstanding job in recreating all these iconic Rangers. There were just a few tiny small flaws here or there, but there is nothing strong enough to detract from the overall awesomeness that these figures have. It so very cool to pose these figures in groupings.

I just have to say a huge thank you to everyone at Bandai America for making these figures, and putting so much effort into them. These are great additions to my collection, and they will certainly be staying out on display for a very long time. Another thank you also goes to my fellow collectors, and everyone who bought the figures this year. Had collectors, fans & parents alike not bought the 5” figures, then we would likely have seen the Red & Sixth Ranger figures end at about Wave 4. It’s because the 5-inch Action Hero Figures sold, and continue to sell well, that every figure ended up being available at retail.

Not only are the 5” figures great, but the continuing Armored Figures are just as enjoyable. When these figures first started in Megaforce, I wasn’t too sure about them. Even when we first saw the photos of the Super Megaforce Armored Red Ranger, I wasn’t completely sold. But once I owned it, and started placing it on display with the other Armored Rangers, that’s when it started to appeal to me. These are, in a way, Bandai America’s Figuarts line. The figures are more poseable, have multiple weapons/armor and have interchangeable hands. I can’t wait to see what is store for the Armored line going into Dino Charge.

The Megazord & Zord line has been a very fun & enjoyable line to collect this year. I was anticipating this line since I watched Gokaiger in 2011. Granted there were some changes to modes or formations, but nothing that really ever took that much away from the look or fun of the toys. The only minor complaint is some of the toys could have used a bit more paint, or stickers. I myself went ahead and made stickers for my Turbo Falcon, so that the Ultimate Legendary Megazord didn’t look so blank & empty. I still love this the line of Zords & Megazords, and feel Bandai America did a good job with them.

Finally, where we would be without the highlight of the Super Megaforce toy line. The Deluxe Legendary Morpher & Ranger Keys have been a huge success, so much so that Bandai is now going to continue releasing them into 2015. While I have & fully love my Japanese Mobirates & Sentai Ranger Keys, I just as equally love the America Legendary Morpher & Power Ranger Keys.

Our keys, while smaller, still have a great feature in the flip action. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just sat and played with the flip action of the keys. There’s nothing like looking at a massive, and still growing collection of US Ranger Keys. Bandai America did good work with these, and I’m very thankful they have decided to continue this line.

This was a strong year for Power Rangers toys, with both the toys I featured here, as well as others & the Legacy Toys. Bandai America is truly doing great work with the Power Rangers toys, and it look like things are only going to continue to improve.



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