“Enjoying Power Rangers Again”

August 14, 2014

I enjoy Power Rangers again. It’s been about five or six years since I’ve gotten this level of enjoyment from the show. Is Super Megaforce the best? No, but I still have lots of fun watching it and collecting the toys for it. What changed to cause me to appreciate the show again? Well, you may not like the answer.

I think I started loosing my love for Power Rangers in 2009 during RPM. Now at the time I believed this was due to running a database style website, while also cranking out picture & text reviews of the toys. I expected this was going to change during the Mighty Morphin Reversion airings in 2010, but it really didn’t. I still felt like the work load was just too much, so I changed my website path. I retired from the database style and switched to the Power Rangers Toy Grid. This worked in ways, as it allowed me to just report on news & still do toy reviews. Even with this change though, I was still not having fun. I thought maybe it was the difference in the new Saban Era, but that did not feel like the true answer either. Last year I finally decided my heavy website days were done, and I closed up shop on the Power Rangers Toy Grid. This ended my time for major news reporting & toy reviewing. With no more remaining website stress, one would believe the pleasure from Power Rangers would finally come back. It did not.

So what was the reason? What was at the core of this? What was the chain holding back my love? To put it simply. . .the fans. Looking back I now see just how much fun & enjoyment the Power Rangers fandom drained out of the show. Fans hating show owners, fans hating producers, fans hating writers, fans hating actors, fans hating Bandai America, and fans even hating other fans. Every week it seems like there is some new anger & hate filled rant, that some fan has to go on & on about. Such & such actor said this, Bandai America is dumb for that, Forum X is the BEST because of this, Fan so & so is a jerk because they feel that way. After so long, I realized that this was the source draining my enjoyment, and I did not have to be part of it any longer.

I fully admit that I fell into the same actions & trappings. I did & said many of the same things, all the while not realizing the negative effect it was having on me. I dished out the actions I am now walking away from. I have even been on the receiving end of the fan hatred a few times. Either way, it was time & energy being wasted on pointless and meaningless hatred.

About a month ago I got to thinking about how much fun Power Rangers & it’s toys really used to be when I was a kid. You know what was different then? It is not the times or toy quality, it was the fact that the internet was young & all the Power Rangers information I got came through the TV screen, Magazines & the toys themselves. There were no social media sites. There were small internet fan groups, but I didn’t belong or even participate in them. Instead, I focused just on watching the show, collecting the toys, and loving every single second of it. I can’t tell you how much sheer joy came from going into a Toys R Us, just to see if there was anything new, but not expecting anything. Then finding a new Power Rangers toy & getting it. Or the joy from just watching the show and not knowing what was coming next. None of this joy came from the internet. It all came from just the show & toys.

The internet has spoiled so much of the show. We get to see all the suits, weapons, morphers, Zords, Megazords and villains years before they premiere, all thanks to Super Sentai. What surprises do we actually have to look forward to anymore? Then you throw in all the fan bickering & criticisms, and the level of joy continues to plummet. I’m not saying fans having opinions is wrong. I’m saying that in the Power Rangers fandom, the level of destructive criticism is far larger than that of the constructive criticisms. Plus all too often the destructive criticisms end up becoming an angry mod mentality, and I don’t want to be part of that anymore.

Why is it now that everyone feels the need to join in some internet group relating to an interest? I get the idea of wanting to part of a larger group, but long before the internet, everyone was fine with enjoying things on their own. At least I was. I don’t participate in fandoms for Doctor Who, Ghostbusters or any other shows I enjoy, yet I still take great pleasure in those series. Yes, I look for information on Doctor Who, but as far as what others think, it doesn’t really appeal to me. I know what I like, and if someone else feels different, that’s great too. It doesn’t make either of us wrong or right.

I’m not saying everything from the Power Rangers corner of the internet has been bad. There have been good fan sites, interesting interviews, and helpful toy information. All of these have benefited fans & the series itself. Through the Power Rangers fandom I have even met a few good individuals. There are two which I trust completely. One of them being, for lack of a better term, a wing man. The other is very much like the brother I’ve never had. But when you weigh everything on scales, the amount of negative discussions & actions far outweigh the good. For a show about good defeating evil, that just doesn’t seem right.

In order to continue enjoying Power Rangers, my plan moving forward is this. I will continue to read the information, but not the opinions, the views or the flat out rants. It does not effect me by what actors do or say. I can easily shrug off what a Bandai Rep says about demographics. When it comes to a fan, a forum, a podcast or a website thinking they better than everyone else, that’s just downright pointless. I will still watch videos from MMPR Toys, Black Nerd Comedy, and Linkara. These are the people that understand the show is all about having fun, and not something to be taken so seriously. Plus, they add humor and fun to their views, not incessant hatred.

I will still continue to promote the show and toys, as I still love the franchise and want to do my best to help it succeed and continue. However, I’m just going to focus on the positives. At the end of the day, this is a children’s show about teens in spandex, fighting off monsters with weapons & giant robots. It’s nothing to ever be taken that seriously, and it is certainly not worth any kind of hatred towards anyone.

Yes, I enjoy Power Rangers and it has played a huge role in my life, but family, life & love are what truly matter.



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