“The Morals”

August 12, 2014

I recently posted the above image on my Instagram account. I explained that those six crystals were what I called the “Linear Crystals”. Each one represented a certain trait or moral; Power, Compassion, Knowledge, Love, Courage and Faith. What I did not explain, is that these are the six morals that I feel my six favorite series have taught, and continue to teach me each & every day. I wanted to take some time to elaborate on this.

Yu-Gi-Oh - “Faith”

Right away I realize the idea of the fate of the world resting on card games is silly, but that isn’t the point. What I always draw from Yu-Gi-Oh is the faith all the characters must have in themselves, as well as the cards they draw. Think for a second. In real life, with an actual shuffled deck, there is no certainty. So in the series, to have faith that what you need in a game, or more importantly in life, will come to you when you need it, is a lesson that sticks with me to this day.

Digimon - “Courage”

I know you’re probably thinking “Oh, you just picked that because of Tai”. No, and even if I were picking it because of a team leader, my pick would be Davis. The real reason for attaching Courage to Digimon is because, well all the characters have it. For many Digimon seasons, the heroes are children, destined to partner with monsters, to fight off bigger & evil monsters. Throw most kids, or any teens or adults into that kind of situation and the majority would not be able to overcome. Yet in Digimon the protagonists do just that. They find the courage inside themselves to face anything that comes their way, no matter how overwhelming the challenge.

Kim Possible - “Love”

Again I expect some eye rolling here, but at least hear me out. Yes, I always supported the idea of Kim & Ron getting together. I think Bob & Mark were spot on in their decision to always have this come about, and they executed it perfectly. When you go back and look at many episodes, you can see so clearly how much Kim & Ron do indeed love one another. Love is accepting someone for all their positives & negatives. Love is seeing the good in someone, when others do not. Love is going to any length to help & make someone happy. Love is simply unconditional. The actions of Kim & Ron, both big & small, throughout the entire series, showcase what love truly is.

The Real Ghostbusters - “Knowledge”

This could have been a tie with Doctor Who, but I realized that Doctor Who’s lesson is in fact different. The entire focus of The Real Ghostbusters is not just about four guys running around and busting ghosts. Instead it is how they end up busting theses ghosts. In every struggle and trap the Ghostbusters found themselves in, it was their minds that got them out of it. Perhaps the strongest example is shown in “Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream.” When Winston is the only remaining team member left, and Egon’s dream version of Albert Einstein appears. Winston doubts he’ll be able to figure things out because he is not a scientist. Einstein tells him, “Young man, you needn’t be a scientist to solve a problem. Just try your best. Use your mind. You’ll find a solution.” I can’t tell you have often I have doubted myself and my own intelligence, only to think back to The Real Ghostbusters and have my resolve return to me.

Doctor Who - “Compassion”

This is the core of The Doctor. Throughout the entire series, from 1963 to now, the Doctor is compassionate. While at times it may be harder to see, The Doctor always cares. He cares about his companions, his own people, the Earth, the universe and every creature in the universe. Even when faced with his darkest enemies, The Doctor will still grant them another chance. He will give them an opportunity to just leave or change their ways. This compassion is knowing that while everyone is capable of great evil, the possibility for great love & goodness is stronger. The villains may not often take advantage of their given chances, but that does not stop The Doctor from ever offering them. Compassion for everyone, even those who have wronged you, does not make you weak. It makes you stronger.

Power Rangers - “Power”

You think this is obvious? Well it is probably not what you expect. To so many, Power Rangers is teens in spandex, fighting monsters with weapons & giant robots. For me? Power Rangers is about the powers inside the heroes, not the Ranger powers granted to them. So many times the Rangers show how truly strong they are with no powers at all. They continue to fight with only their skills, or they help others with the simplest actions. These are the real powers of the Power Rangers. It is the power inside yourself. It is the power to always believe in yourself, and to continue on no matter the obstacle. In many ways, it’s the power to use all the other morals I’ve listed before. Power isn’t what is seen on the outside, it’s what is inside.

Those are the six lessons & morals that my favorite shows have taught me, and continue to teach me every day. I try my best to live up to them. I don’t always succeed, but I never stop trying to live by them. After thirty years of life, now more than ever, I hope I can take all six of these morals to heart, and come even a fraction closer to being like these fictional heroes.



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