“The Power Is On, Again!”

May 7, 2014

It has been seventeen years since Power Rangers last appeared in theaters. When Saban Brands purchased the show back in 2010, the idea was in all our minds, but perhaps never fully expected. Now comes the Morphenominal news that Power Rangers will indeed be returning to the big screen, thanks to Saban Brands & Lionsgate.

The Official Press Release from Saban Brands (found here) states that the movie will:

“...re-envision the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a group of high school kids who are infused with unique and cool super powers but must harness and use those powers as a team if they have any hope of saving the world.”

So we will be getting an entirely new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. It appears this will be set in a new universe, and not connected to the primary show universe. We can likely expect a new cast portraying the classic Mighty Morphin teens. But not only we will be seeing new teens, this re-envisioned version is sure to have new suit, Morpher, weapon, Zord, Megazord & villain designs.

We should all keep in mind that at this time, the only details we know for certain are those stated in the press release. We do not have a director, any cast, or a screen writer. This project is just starting, and thus has a lot of potential to it.  Granted the potential can be either positive and negative, but I prefer to keep an optimistic outlook.

I do hope the film stays true to the general tone & feel of Power Rangers. Some fans want a “The Dark Knight” or “Man of Steel” kind of Power Rangers film. I always shake my head at this thought. Power Rangers has NEVER gone anywhere close to those levels of seriousness or darkness. Even the seasons that are considered more “mature” have their light hearted episodes (“Grandma Matchmaker” from In Space, “Movie Madness” from Time Force, “And... Action!” from RPM). Any Power Rangers film needs to have the right balance of fun & serious, and not be some emo dark grunge film. As long as the writing & production team stays in house with Saban Brands, and not in the hands of “Hollywood” people, the film should have a chance.

With this film re-imagining the Mighty Morphin universe, it opens the doors for tons of new designs. I find myself looking back on a few design concepts. First is what fans call the Zyu 2 designs. These were shown off in a Super Sentai 30th Anniversary Mecha design book. It shows concept art for new Dino Zords that would have also been able to combine with a Tigerzord.

Then there are these designs from Bandai Power Rangers designer himself, Tsuyoshi Nonaka. A while back at a convention, Nonaka showed off these designs that he did. These were not done for Bandai or Saban Brands, but just something Nonaka did in his free time for fun.

Tsuyoshi Nonaka was also the designer for the Samurai Mega Mode & Shogun Mode. He said that he based the look of the suits off of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie suits. I would LOVE to see Nonaka be given the reigns for designing all the new Ranger Suits, Power Morphers, Power Weapons, Dino Zords & Megazord.

But what I am most excited about are the toys and merchandise. Bandai America has done an excellent job over the past couple of years in making great collector Mighty Morphin toys. The Legacy line has be very successful, so much so that Bandai has stated that they want to continue it. Now with a new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film, I’m certain Bandai will do an outstanding job in making toys & collectibles for both kids & collectors. Add in all the extra merchandise that Saban Brands is sure to get deals for, and this movie could be quite huge for licensing.

So are there any downsides? The only negative I can think of are the flash-in-the-pan fans. These are the folks that grew up watching Mighty Morphin, grew out of the show, and now will only see the film for nostalgia. These are the same people that think that adult fans of Power Rangers are losers. With this new Mighty Morphin film, these individuals will likely have yet another chance to mock we adult fans. Gee, society mocking me for enjoying a children’s series? It’s a good thing I’ve had plenty of experience dealing with those fools. Actually, I’ve been ignoring their hating behavior since 1995, when the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie came out. So I say to every adult fan, ignore the haters and they’ll fade away.

Overall, I’m very excited at all the potential of this movie. Even with this project just starting out, I will remain optimistic and hope that this will only continue to bring about good things for the Power Rangers fans & franchise.



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