“Favorite Doctor Who Fan-Made Music Videos”

May 3, 2014

Good fan-art is hard to find, and so are good fan-made music videos.  Yet there are some brilliant Doctor Who music videos that fans have put together. For this ledger, I thought I’d put together my list of my top eleven favorites.


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#11 “The Day Of The Doctor - Things We Lost In The Fire”

by Stuart Mortimer

#10 “Doctor Who - Cant Hold Us”

by Stuart Mortimer

#9 “Life Is A Highway (Doctor Who)”

by dbvixxen

#8 “Everyday Superhero”

by EldaArya16

#7 “Against The Wind (Doctor Who finale)”

by dbvixxen

#6 “Doctor Who - Whovian Craziness”

by oOMathiildeOo

#5 “Doctor Who - This is War”

by Adjective Noun

#4 “Doctor Who // We Found Love”

by princeslaughter

#3 “Doctor Who - 10th Doctor Tribute”

by Stuart Mortimer

#2 “Light ‘Em Up - Nine Ten Eleven (Doctor Who)”

by crOwnIEssg

#1 “Gotta Be Somebody [Doctor Who]”

by Queen0ftheCastle