“The Great Dragon Spirit DVD Review”

April 8, 2014

The third volume of the Lionsgate Power Rangers Megaforce DVD series, “The Great Dragon Spirit”, was released today in retail stores & online. It contains the ninth, ten, eleventh & twelfth episodes of Megaforce. That sadly is all this volume has. Here is my review.


Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia and Jake must convince the mysterious Robo Knight to work alongside them and battle a collection of enemies with evil powers including Psychotick’s energy-draining abilities, Shadow Serpent’s paralyzing touch, Distractor’s giant army of Mega Monsters and Nojoke’s laughter-stealing traps. Then, when an ancient weapon falls into the wrong hands, the Rangers must summon the mighty Dragon Spirit to gain new ULTRA POWERS! Witness the rise and epic transformation of the Megaforce team in these four ultra-exciting episodes. 


This volume sees a return to the holo-box style covering. The artwork for the DVD, which is all ready an excellent piece, looks very cool in this holo slip cover.

The DVD case is just a standard case. The artwork on the front is the same, just without a holo style. The back shows a cool shot of Ultra Mode Red Ranger & Robo Knight, the official description, the episodes on the volume, and the usual technical details. There is no special included inside. As always, the disc art is the same as the case cover art.


The four Power Rangers Megaforce episodes on this DVD are:

09 - Prince Takes Knight

While the Rangers are unsure about how to work with the newly-arrived Robo Knight, Vrak captures the robotic Ranger in an attempt to reprogram him for his own nefarious purposes.

10 - Man and Machine

When a shadow-stealing monster attacks, the Rangers must teach Robo Knight the power of teamwork in order to defeat him.

11 - Ultra Power

The Rangers must find and retrieve a powerful ancient weapon known as the Wild Sword, but Vrak is determined to harness its power for himself.

12 - Last Laugh

It's no laughing matter when Gia and the other Rangers are captured by a monster who feeds on human laughter. It's up to straight-laced Noah and no-nonsense Robo Knight to figure out how to work together and save their friends.

Most of these episodes are pretty good. The focus on Robo Knight & the Ultra Mode is cool. Though the “Last Laugh” episode I have issues with. Still, three out of four episodes are well worth having.


There are no bonus features or extras included with this DVD. This is a major disappointment. It seems the Megaforce DVDs are settling on being far more basic than the Samurai & Super Samurai DVDs were. I was happy enough with the Download code with Volume I, and the mini figure with Volume II was nice. But with all these volumes missing any kind of bonus features is a let down.


“The Great Dragon Spirit” DVD is good enough for kids or diehard fans of Megaforce. It is packed with mostly enjoyable episodes. Still, with the lack of any kinds of bonuses & extras, it can be frustrating.

The Power Rangers Megaforce “The Great Dragon Spirit” DVD is now available wherever DVDs are sold. It should cost $10 to $15, depending on the retail store. The next Power Rangers Megaforce DVD, “Ultra Defenders”, will be released on June 17, 2014.



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