“The Mother Of All Let Downs”

April 1, 2014

Back in 2005 I began watching a new & unique show. A show that was a long story being told by a father to his children. I started watched How I Met Your Mother and I throughly enjoyed it, up until the finale.

What made How I Met Your Mother so enjoyable for me, for so long? I loved the characters. Lily & Marshall were the great, madly in love couple, Robin was the tough but lovable girl, Barney the fun loving best friend you’d want to have, and then there’s Ted. If life had dealt me a different hand, actually given me friends and a far better city to live in, then I would have essentially been Ted.

I greatly enjoyed all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother (Yes, even this final season), all until the finale. What made the finale so bad? For a comedy program, there was hardly any humor to be found. In fact, the only part that I found funny and absolutely loved, was the Epic Ghostbusters High Five between Ted & Barney. The rest was just a downward spiral of wasted character growth, and deep depressing stories.

Let’s begin with Lily & Marshall. We were shown that after they returned from Rome, Marshall got stuck in a horrible & mentally abusive career for far too long. Yes Marshall did end up becoming a judge, and as was shown in another episode, won an election for State Supreme Court. However, the scenes where he had to endure talking about his horrid job were painful. It felt like they were torturing these two.

Then you have Barney & Robin. For years these two characters have grown immensely. We got to see Barney mature in a man that gives up his “Playbook” ways, and commits himself to one woman. Robin changed from a woman who feared marriage, to one that actually complimented Barney’s character, not to mention was a key member of their gang. So what do the couple, who we spent all of season nine leading up to their marriage, end up getting? They get a divorce after three years. Barney goes right back, and even deeper, into his “Playbook” ways, and Robin delves into her career, taking her completely out of the gang. Barney only changes AGAIN after he ends up having a child with “#31”. This felt so wrong, and just seemed to throw so many years of character growth in the trash.

Ted seemed to finally have the life he always dreamed up, after meeting Tracy (the Mother). They even made a point of showing how Ted had NEVER fallen in love so hard as he had with Tracy. You could tell from both the the scenes in this episodes, as well as the other mixed in scenes in season nine, that this truly was the woman Ted was always meant to be with. Plus there’s the fact that the show’s creators actually did a great job at making the audience fall in love with the Mother. I loved every single scene the mother was in, and the episode “How Your Mother Met Me” was, hands down, one of the series best. I loved the character of the Mother.

Sadly, the creators decided the Mother was nothing more than a throw away character, and just ended up killing her. Sure her and Ted had some years together, and two kids, but I guess Bays & Thomas do not believe in happy endings.

Oh, I’m sorry. We are given that nonsense “happy ending”. After the story is told and we return to Ted & the kids. Penny (the daughter) points out how Ted was only telling the story because he still has feelings for Robin, thus why their mom wasn’t in much of the story. What seemed very callus was the daughter, when encouraging Ted to be with Robin, stated in a carefree tone, “Mom’s been gone six years”. Yeah, way to go Bays & Thomas, why should actual flesh & blood still have any feelings for their mother? Oh yeah, because you two, the shows creators, did not care about her either.

So Ted goes back to Robin. This was, as professed by Bays & Thomas, the plan from the very beginning. The plan was always to slap the fans harder than Marshall ever slapped Barney? We spent so many episodes and seasons showing why Ted & Robin did not & could not work together as a couple, and in season nine, finally showing them come to that final realization. But no, Bays & Thomas wanted Ted & Robin together no matter what.

I know some are likely saying, “But Linear, they wanted to take a more real life approach, and real life doesn’t always go the way you want.” That’s fine & true for real life. This, however, is fiction. But not only that, it is meant as COMEDIC FICTION! It doesn’t always have to be bound to the rules of the real world. Heck, a number of times in the show itself they point out how bizarre or unbelievable some events are. Yet for the finale, Bays & Thomas went with a depressing tale, with only one bit of humor, and an ending for only the Ted & Robin shippers to scream “Best Ending Ever”.

Am I sorry I spent the past nine years watching the show? No, but I am sorely disappointed in that ending. I loved all these characters and feel Bays & Thomas royally screwed them & the fans over with their conclusion. I have learned a lesson though. Mr. Bays and Mr. Thomas, I will not give you another chance with your future sitcoms. Slap me once, shame on you. But you will not get a second chance to slap me.



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