“Expanding the Power Rangers Universe”

March 20, 2014

Since my last entry, the Power Rangers Universe has grown, and it looks like it may very likely continue to get even bigger by the time Super Megaforce is over. I thought I’d once again throw out my own ideas & names for all these never before seen Power Rangers teams.

I should again note that these are MY explanations, and are in NO WAY official. I just thought it would be fun to sit and figure out some reasonable, or funny, reasons for things occurring in Power Rangers.

Before I begin, I need to fill in one more quick plothole. The way that the Rangers were able to gain keys for Power Rangers Startoforce, and all these new teams, is thanks to Gosei  & Tensou. After the Rangers activated their Super Megaforce powers, Gosei & Tensou altered the Morphin Grid settings. The change allowed the Morphin Grid to search for all Power Rangers teams that existed outside of Earth, even if they existed several years ago.

So what are all these new teams?

Power Rangers Morphin Masters

These were the first warriors to create the Morphin Grid. A group of powerful heroes from various planets, including Zordon from Eltar.

Power Rangers Cyber Deck

Power Rangers from the planet Hoyle, their powers are based off of great Kings, Queens, Jacks & Aces. They are led by the Prism Ranger.

Power Rangers Battle Max

A united team of heroes from Onyx, long before it’s fall into darkness, that came together from all over the planet to protect it from evil.

Power Rangers Digitech

The first Power Rangers team established on KO-35, using technological powers. Their suits allow them to access lighting strikes and powerful knockout gloves.

Power Rangers Solar Strike

A Power Rangers team from Triforia long ago. They harness their sun’s powers to fight off evil.

Power Rangers Dynamics

A team from Eltar that were powered by the Dynamic Gems in their helmets. They fought against the Darktopian beasts who sough to conquer their planet.

Power Rangers Senturia

One of the first Space Patrol Delta teams established on the planet Senturia, they fought to protect their planet from an evil empire with ties to Gruumm.

Power Rangers Bionetics

The second Power Rangers team from KO-35, using bio engineered technology.  They fought against the Doom Tech empire.

Power Rangers Stratos

The original Power Rangers team from the Deserted Planet, powered by Mystical Star Beasts. They later upgraded their powers to Power Rangers Stratoforce.

Power Rangers Prism Patrol

Another early Space Patrol Delta team based on Inquiris, who fought against the Menace Army.

Power Rangers Blitz

A team of Rangers from Enertia, they harness their planets unique power gird to fight off evil.

Power Rangers Wild Roar

A Power Rangers team from Mirinoi long ago. They used powerful animal spirits & Zords to fight off the evil of Vilevolt.

Power Rangers Max Gear

On the planet of Liaria, home to Lerigot, both humans and Liarians co-exist. It was Legigot that created the Power Rangers Max Gear team long ago to fight off Noxicon, Divatox’s father.

Power Rangers Star Strike

The last Power Rangers team established on K0-35, before the In Space powers were created with the help of Zordon. They battled the Lord Vulga and his forces.

Power Rangers Flight Strike

Another team from Mirinoi long ago, who used the power of great bird beasts & Zords to fight off an evil Insectnix Army, the ancestors of Scorpious & Trakeena.

Those are the names I’m going by for these new Power Rangers teams. Will they actually be given official names in the show? I’m not betting on it, but that just gives everyone a chance to have some good, imaginative fun like I have done here. Some fans may not like the idea of all these new teams, but for me, I think it is great to imagine all these other Power Ranger teams spread out throughout the universe.



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