“Filling in the Plotholes”

March 3, 2014

Since the start of Power Rangers Megaforce, there have been some questions fans have had. Specifically the fans were wondering about certain unexplained plot elements in the show. Then comes Super Megaforce and even more questions. Well, thanks to the suggestion of Power Force Member Grnrngr, I’ve decided to have some fun. I’m going to begin answering some of these Power Rangers plotholes.

I should note that these are MY explanations, and are in NO WAY official. I just thought it would be fun to sit and figure out some reasonable, or funny, reasons for things occurring in Power Rangers.

When did Zordon place Gosei on Earth?

After Zordon left Earth & returned to his home of Eltar, he started working on various other Ranger related projects. One of these were the Super Megaforce powers. When Dark Specter and the United Alliance of Evil started to gather, Zordon placed Gosei on Earth, giving him the Super Megaforce Powers, Keys, Morphers, & programming.

The Super Megaforce Powers would be connected to the Morphin Grid, and the Keys would be created after each new team arrives on Earth. So think of it this way, Gosei came to Earth and had only the Mighty Morphin, Alien, Zeo, Turbo, In Space & Super Megaforce Ranger Keys. As the new Ranger teams came about, the Morphin Grid would generate new keys. The “Tribute” Zords would not be created until the Super Megaforce powers were finally activated & used.

Why did Gosei & Tensou not just give the teens Super Megaforce powers first?

With such great powers, Zordon left instructions to Gosei that the Super Megaforce powers were only to be activated when the Earth is threatened by supreme evil. Having scanned the Warstar group, and all other previous dark forces, their evil threat level was not high enough to warrant the Super Megaforce powers.

So, instead of the Super Megaforce powers, the teens were given the Megaforce powers. These powers were created by Gosei & Tensou after arriving on Earth. This is why many of the Megaforce items tie so much to Gosei.

How are there SPD & RPM Ranger Keys, when those powers haven’t come about yet or reside in a parallel dimension?

The Morphin Grid created each set of keys when a team would arrive on present day Earth, & fight to protect it. The SPD Rangers fought alongside the Dino Thunder Rangers once in 2004. This is when the Morphin Grid created the SPD Ranger Keys. When the RPM Red Ranger came to our dimension & battled with the Samurai Rangers, the Morphin Grid began creating the keys. To complete the set of RPM Keys, the Morphin Grid accessed Dimension X (Amit Bhaumik's naming for the RPM Dimension) through the same portal the RPM Red Ranger traveled through. From there the RPM Ranger Keys were created.

Why are there Megaforce Ranger Keys?

In the same way the SPD & RPM Ranger Keys were created as soon as they appeared in present day Earth, the Megaforce Ranger Keys came after the teens first Morphed into their Megaforce powers. It’s part of the Morphin Grid continuing with Zordon’s master plan for the Super Megaforce Powers.

Why do the Super Megaforce suits look like pirates?

While the outfits and general look of the powers appear like pirates to us, they are actually guardian suits & designs on Eltra. Zordon designed the suits & general look to reflect the warriors from his home planet.

Why don’t the teens always morph straight to Super Mega Mode?

While the teens are able to skip over their core Megaforce Mode, it is not recommended. The strain the powers put on the human body is so great, that it needs a base layer of power first. They can still go straight to Super Mega Mode, but this should only be done when engaged in battle, and the situation does not allow for them to first morph to Megaforce mode.

Yes, the Super Mega Mode Morph does still show them having the Megaforce suits on first. However, this is the Morphin Grid programming placing the Megaforce suit on them, but the human body does not get the required time needed to adjust to the Megaforce powers, before then powering up to Super Mega Mode.

What is the Ranger Team name in “Earth Fights Back” that was only called “New Powers”?

Power Rangers Stratoforce. It was an ancient team of Rangers from the Deserted Planet (“The Power Transfer Parts I & II”). They were skilled martial artists and possess the powers of mystical star beasts. It was actually this ancient team of Rangers that Zordon & Alpha drew inspiration for the White Ranger. ;)

In “Earth Fights Back”, why didn’t the Rangers continue to destroy the entire fleet & armada?

The Rangers took out the fleet ships that were closest to the Earth. The armada & Command Ship are further away than what the Legendary Megazord had the power to reach. The Rangers wanted to eliminate the ships that were within close enough range to still attack  imminently.

Why was Noah more upset / determined in “Blue Saber Saga”?

The episode started with Noah in the Web Room of the high school. What Noah was reading was a recent news article & comments about the Blue Ranger on the team. The article and comments were not very kind in their appreciate of Noah. So, in wanting to prove himself, Noah decided he would take on Skatana himself, and do so by mastering his saber fighting skills.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Those are my own personal explanations for the Super Megaforce plotholes. I’ve found this to actually be very enjoyable. Again, these are just my crazy thoughts, and I strongly encourage you to come up with your own ideas & explanations. After all, part of the fun of Power Rangers is using your imagination. Plus, isn’t the current Super Sentai season encouraging everyone to use their imagination? ;)



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