“2014 Toy Fair Recap”

February 18, 2014

So this year’s New York City Toy Fair kicked off this past weekend. A great deal of Power Rangers information was learned, all thanks to the great fandom members RangerCrew, Trekkieb47 & Tokunation. So let’s get this recap started.

So we got an answer for why GoBusters is being skipped over, so that Kyoryuger footage can be made into Dino Charge. According to Bandai America reps., since GoBusters was not financially successful in Japan, it is being passed over here in the US. Truthfully this doesn’t make much sense. Just because a show doesn’t do well in Japan, does not mean it is destined to fail in America. Gingaman didn’t go over too well in Japan, yet Power Rangers Lost Galaxy did immensely well. But at least we have an answer for the decision now.

There he is. The final piece in the Legacy Zord Collection. Legacy Titanus! This massive Carrier Zord is finally coming to Toys R Us Shelves later. His price is just as big as he is though; $200. This Titanus however is not a remould of the 2010 release. According to reps., this is an entirely new design and mould. He will come with die-cast parts, great moulded details, and the ability to complete the Ultrazord combination. As steep as the price is, this is an item I’ll have to add to my collection.

Another key part of the Legacy Line will be Toys R Us Exclusive 5” Figures. These two figures will be sold at Toys R Us stores, and sold in triangle boxes, to recreate the original 8” figure packages. These look like great collector pieces. Bandai America explained that they do plan on continuing the Legacy Line into 2015, due to the overwhelming success of the line.

Much of the coming Silver Ranger’s toys were shown at the Toy Fair. The Silver Ranger’s Spear weapon & Morpher were shown in the Basic Battle Gear Assortment. I have to say, for the spear being in Basic Battle Gear, it looks really good. The Morpher also look fairly decent. As expected, the Silver Ranger’s Gold Armor Mode will be released in the Armored Figure Assortment. Finally, the Silver Ranger’s Q-Rex (Yes, the Quantum Ranger’s Zord got an overhaul) was shown. It will have it’s three modes (Dino, Drill Ship & Megazord). It is also packed with tons of Zord Builder Connectors.

Two other Zords were shown off. The Turbo Falcon will be released in the Megazord Assortment, and feature four modes of play (Formula 1 Racer Zord, Combined with Lendary Megazord, Megazord Mode, and Ultimate Legendary Megazord). It will come with a Ranger Key that will be able to “ride” in the Zord’s Racer Mode. The Ninja Storm Mini Zord was on display, but not his combined form. He looks decent enough, but it would have been nice to at least have some promotional shots for it.

A huge number of 5” figures were shown. We were able to see not only all six Super Megaforce 5” figures, but all the 5” Legendary Red Rangers & some Legendary Sixth Rangers. All these figures look great, and will make excellent additions to my collection. However, wether or not all of these actually see retail release is an entirely different story. The Ranger’s Super Mega Cannon show displayed. The toy looks to be a decent size, and can fit five Ranger Keys into it. It has a flying disc launching feature. I would have preferred for Bandai to recycle the foam missiles from the Battle Fire Ultra Gosei Great for it to launch, but I still like the way this cannon looks.

Finally, and perhaps most disappointing, were the Legendary Ranger Keys. While the displays Bandai had for the keys were great, the facts we learned were not.  Representatives stated that only 60 Legendary Ranger Keys were going to be made & sold through retail stores. If you do the math, that’s just 20 3-Packs. They stated that other keys would be made for convention exclusives, but just 60 for retail.

This brings about some questions & points. First, if they are going to only make 60 for retail, then how many, if any, Sixth Ranger keys are getting produced? Second, this likely dooms the idea of getting many Female Ranger Keys. Of the 14 Legendary Ranger Key Packs released so far, only two of those packs included just one Female Ranger Key. Even for the remaining packs & press images we have seen, we may only be looking at getting eight or nine Female Keys total.

The strategy of 3 keys per pack was questioned. Bandai’s answer for it? They wanted to just do three keys per pack, so that they could focus on the Rangers that defined the seasons. This is nonsense on so many levels. The guys from each season do not always define a season. The girls are just as much a part of the show as the guys. But it seems Bandai America just doesn’t want to come out and say, “We don’t want to make many keys for girls”. Bandai also tried to make themselves look better with the keys, by stating that they only have one year to release keys, so there was no way they could get them all out. *cough* 5 keys per pack at $13 would have *cough*

Some had hoped that the other female keys would be sold in blind packs. Well, instead of blind packs, we are getting single key packs. These packages will show what key you are buying, and the keys will be the same ones from the 3-packs, only now sold individually.

There will be a Ranger Key Sweepstakes starting in August. You’ll be able to scan any Ranger Key and see if you are an instant winner of various prizes. The Grand Prize for the sweepstakes is winning a guest starring role on an episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Overall I am very pleased with everything Bandai America showed off. I think the Legacy Line continues to look great, though I think it is about time to put Mighty Morphin to bed. All of the Silver Ranger toys look great, especially the Q-Rex. I am just very disappointed in the decisions made concerning the Legendary Ranger Keys.

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