“30 Things I’ve Never Done in 30 Years”

January 29, 2014

Thirty years ago today I came into the world. For this entry, I wanted to take a look back at the things I haven’t done. This isn’t a list of regrets, but a list of how I haven’t chosen to live my life, and remain safe. At the end of this, you may walk away thinking “well, he hasn’t lived at all”, but I don’t see it that way. Let the list begin…

I Have Never…

#30 - Been on a date.

Yeah, by this time you should be well aware of this factoid. In all my life, I have never even asked a girl out on a date, or had anyone ask me out. I have another ledger entry listing off all the reasons this hasn’t happen/won't happen, so I’ll let you find that in the archives. Of course if I haven’t even been out on a date, then you can pretty much attach “No” to the answer of all other questions this then brings up.

#29 - Been Drunk.

Honestly, I just do not care for alcohol. In my life I have had one beer and two shots of vodka. I hate beer due to not only the taste, but the fact that it makes me burp way to much. The vodka I tried because it was Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka, which I wanted because of the very cool bottle, and of course it coming from the creator of Ghostbusters. I just do not see the appeal of a substance that ends up impairing you. I would much rather go to my closest QuikTrip (yes, that’s the correct spelling) and get one of their many flavors of slush drinks. They taste much better, and at worst only give me a brain freeze.

#28 - Done Drugs.

Go ahead, call me a nark. Say I have no life. Big whoop. I grew up in the mid / late eighties and early nineties. You know what I had? I had PSAs that used my television heroes to tell me the dangers, hazards, effects and all out stupidity of drugs. Add to that two loving parents who taught me right and wrong, and the D.A.R.E. program coming to my elementary school, so I knew to stay far away from drugs. So no, not once in my life have I done any drug. I value my health and brain. I can have a perfectly good time without killing myself.

#27 - Smoked.

Back in the 80’s, when businesses allowed guests to smoke freely, I would sometimes go with my parents to the bowling alley, as they were part of a league. I liked this because I enjoyed seeing my mom & dad bowl. However, my parents seemed to be the only ones that did not smoke. I could sometimes tolerate the smell, but overall I just found it completely disgusting. There were a few times that the smoke would cause my allergies to start up. So it was easy for me to never even be tempted to smoke. Also again, PSAs existed in the 80’s that kept kids from smoking.

#26 - Gotten Any Tattoos or Piercings.

One of my favorite sayings from my Dad is, “I’m allergic to pain & needles.” This was passed on to me. I just can not see the draw to putting yourself through so much pain for a picture to be placed on you. Granted sometimes the artwork turns out looking great, but I can carry around cool pictures on an iPhone. If you bring any kind of needle near me, I’m running in the opposite direction.

#25 - Been in a Physical Fight.

Yep, just another part of being a nerd in life. I always use my words, knowing that physicality should be reserved for the very last resort, and only then when defending myself from a physical attack. This was easy to avoid in childhood, as I never played  or interacted with anyone (shocking, I know). I just remained off by myself. Granted in my adult life there have been verbal altercations. The most infamous in my mind is when I had to confront a fellow classmate, who wanted bigoted & racist propaganda posted in a classroom. In that event, I went total 10th Doctor on them, even though I had not yet gotten into Doctor Who when that happened. I shocked a lot of people that day.

#24 - Broken the Law.

I always play the straight and narrow. I respect that the laws are in place to keep the peace, and maintain safety.

#23 - Stayed Over at a Friend's House.

Sure most all young kids at some point have sleep overs at a friend’s house. For me though, I never trusted staying anywhere but my own home.

#22 - Been Outside the US.

I’m not a big travel person. The furthest I have been is California when I was very little. Since then, I have just remained in my little corner of the country. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t enjoy visiting other nations (Canada, England, Japan, New Zealand), but the costs & hassles of travel are just not worth it for me.

#21 - Been on Amusement Rides.

I am mildly afraid of heights. By that I mean I do not care to be up high when there is not any stable support for my body. I do not consider some fast moving cart as safe or stable. I prefer my fun to be on solid ground.

#20 - Been Swimming.

So while I may have been born in the Water Carrier sign, I’ve never been swimming. Part not wanting to drown, part wanting to remain fully clothed. I just don’t see the appeal in being in water when not cleaning one’s self. I drink tons of water, I shower daily, and I can work with water to clean items, but I don’t want to be placed in it.

#19 - Been in the Hospital.

Of course I’ve visited hospitals before, but I have never been in one for my own injuries or illnesses (*knocks on wood*). I am very careful when it comes to my health & well being. I even carry hand sanitizer to work with me, as well as wet wipes. I avoid risks and make sure I’m well aware of my surroundings. All of this to make sure I don’t find myself in a hospital, where worse things could happen to me.

#18 - Trick-or-Treated Outside of Family.

Like any kid, I loved Trick-or-Treating. However, due to my extreme shyness, I only went to about three or four houses of family members. Again, PSAs let me know not to take candy from strangers. As such I knew that family was safe. I would get into my usual Ghostbusters, Darkwing Duck, or Red Ranger costume, go to those few houses, and then come home & eat some candy. I never even went out with other kids, because well why bother? I still had a fun time and got more than enough candy.

#17 - Been Skating.

If I want wheels under me, I want them spread far enough apart to fully support me. I don’t want them on my feet where I can’t have full control of them. This also applies to ice skates, but then with being in Oklahoma, there’s not a big chance to stand on solid ice.

#16 - Been to Any Parties.

Yep, I’ve never been to any actual party. No birthday parties, no graduation parties, no co-worker parties, no friends parties, and no holiday parties. I just don’t care for the “party” scene. Too much can go completely wrong in that kind of environment.

#15 - Started a Conversation with a Stranger.

You know how on the first day of school, teachers will tell you to get up and introduce yourself to someone you don't know? Yeah, I never did that. I took the “never talk to strangers” warning to a whole new level. I didn’t just stay away from adult strangers, I stayed away from kids my own age. Even if they came up to me, I would just glance at them, say hi really quick, and look back at my desk. This has carried over to my adult life. I just see it as too risky to go up to a stranger and try and start a conversation or introduce yourself.

#14 - Gotten Lost.

I personally have never gotten myself lost. Others I have been with got us lost, yes. But for myself, I’ve always made sure I knew exactly where I was going, and precisely how to get to that destination. Trust me, Oklahoma is NOT a place where you want to end up lost.

#13 - Been a Member of a Club or Activity.

I remember when I was in first grade, going to an assembly about Boy Scouts and how they wanted us to join. You know what went through my young mind? “Why would I spend time with them, instead of being at home watching The Real Ghostbusters?” I never saw the draw of giving up your free time by essentially working on something else. All through school, I went in, did my school work, and then rushed home to watch Fox Kids. Even when I was invited to join the Honors Society, I saw it as just another club that wanted me to do extra work outside of school, and would thus take away time I could spend with family, & watching Power Rangers & Digimon.

#12 - Been Late.

Yes, not one single time in my life have I been late for any appointment, work day, or school day. I’ve been early tons of times, but never late. This comes from my desire to always make a good impression and remain professional. Heck, I graduated high school with seven straight years of perfect attendance, and 14 years of never having any tardies. (Yes I count pre-school & kindergarden too).

#11 - Skipped School.

Here’s a fact that will shock you. I like the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. I enjoy the film because while Ferris does cut school, he hurts no one & really performs no other illegal acts. He’s a wise guy that uses his brains to take life easy. Now given this, I still never cut school for any reason. I knew that every day was necessary in the grand learning scheme. Even in my senior year, I went to school on “Senior Skip Day”. I never wanted to fall even a day behind, so I never saw skipping a day, as having any benefits.

#10 - Cheered for School Teams.

I loathed pep rallies, and still do. The male athletes from my high school were not people you want to cheer for, for any reason. So no, I never once in my life cheered for my school teams. Instead I was that nerd sitting in the pep assembly, either working on my classwork, or quietly hoping that the opposing team would walk all over my school’s team.

#9 - Been on Any Team.

I never saw the draw of being part of team. When my teachers would tell the class we would be doing a “group project”, my hand shot up and I asked if I could PLEASE work by myself. The majority of times, I was granted that request. Sadly there were the few times when I was forced to be in a group. What did this mean for me? I ended up doing the entire assignment myself, because I always got put into the idiot or lazy group. Either I had the students that had no clue what they were doing, or those that just though “hey, we’ve got the smart kid, we don’t have to do any work”.

#8 - Faced Any School Discipline.

You shouldn’t be surprised. I was a goody two shoes. I was a teacher’s pet. I obeyed every rule and kept my nose clean. I was the kid that ran and got a teacher or principal when a fight would break out.

#7 - Cheated.

See Goody-Two-Shoes mention from before. I worked very hard in school, and tried my best at every single subject. It payed off with straight A’s. I never cheated on any test, assignment, quiz or anything. And referring back to #30, with never being on a date & never having a girlfriend, I can say I have also never cheated on anyone.

#6 - Seen Star Wars, Star Trek or Lord of Rings.

Well here come the nerd armies demanding I turn over my Nerd Card. I have just never had any interest in these franchises. I fully respect all of them, know basic facts about them, and find weapons & technology from them cool, but I’ve just never wanted to dive in to them.

#5 - Met Any Power Rangers Casts or Crew.

I’m not really a convention going person. Did I want to go to the first Power Morphicon? Yes, but again going back to traveling, the expenses and the hassles just do not seem to be worth it to me. Add to that the old adage that you never want to meet your heroes, and I just think it is better for me to stick with following a few of them on Twitter. There is a convention coming up in November in my area, where Jason David Frank will be in attendance. But that could lead to running into fellow Power Rangers fans, and so that moves us onto…

#4 - Met Any Power Rangers Fans.

I’ve made it clear on Twitter that Oklahoma is not a welcoming place for nerds. However, that doesn’t mean other nerds don’t exist here. For me though, I do not want to take the risk of meeting any Power Rangers fan, from here or elsewhere. Yes, there are some nice fans. There are a few I consider very good peers. But the majority are fans that I feel I should just never meet in real life.

#3 - Played a Musical Instrument.

They say that students that play musical instruments do better in school. I made straight A’s and never played an instrument. *shrugs* I can’t say it wouldn’t be neat to learn to play, but every instrument (outside of the triangle) seems far too complex and time consuming. Plus, in school you’d usually have to buy your instrument, and I would rather my parent’s money to have been spent on bills & foods.

#2 - Been to a Concert.

My music tastes vary. I can listen to pretty much anything. As for going and seeing a group or artist in person though, that requires spending a good chunk of change. The only time I was going to do this was with the Bon Jovi "The Circle" Tour. I was going to buy a ticket to their concert, but due to me being in a class that day, by the time I called to buy, all good seats were sold out. It’s probably for the best though, as going to such an event would require being around far too many people.

#1 - Danced.

Okay, there’s a fine line here. Yes, when I listen to my iPod at home, I dance by myself. However, have I ever danced at an event or with anyone? Nope. I only actually ever made it to one school dance. I went to my Senior Prom, but I spent the night looking out the window (we were several stories up & had a decent view) and eating grapes. Tux Rental $120, Prom Ticket $50, Spending the entire night against the wall looking out the window & eating grapes…Priceless.

There you have it. 30 things I have never done in my 30 years of life. I’m happy with how I have lived. I keep myself safe, while still having a fun time in my own way. It’s been a good ride thus far, and here’s hoping for a lot more.



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