“Super Megaforce - Mini Toy Review #2”

January 23, 2014

After much waiting, the majority of the Spring Super Megaforce toyline has started making its way to retail stores. For this mini review, I will be tackling the Armored Super Megaforce Red Ranger, the main Five Inch Megaforce Rangers, and the first seven Legendary Ranger Key Packs.


Okay, I know months ago I said that this figure would likely be a pass for me. However, after seeing the final product in reviews from others, as well as seeing it come with previous Red Ranger weapons, I decided to get it.

This figure continues in the taller Armored Might style that started in Megaforce. The articulation for the figure is very impressive, with the only limitations being the collar of the figure (though it is removable), and the bottom portion of the Red Ranger's coat. As before, the figure comes with two sets of hands; an open set and weapon holding set. These can be changed out relatively easily. The heavy muscular build is still present on this figure, but I can look past some of this. The only item that looks a bit off is the neck. For the majority, I can look past the muscles and enjoy the articulation and fun of the figure.

The Red Ranger also comes with the Super Mega Blaster & Saber. These have pegs, so if you desire, you can place them on the belt of the figure. Finally you get six past Red Ranger weapons from Zeo, Wild Force, SPD, Mystic Force, Jungle Fury, and Samurai. These can be held by the figure.

Another fun part to this figure is that you can add armor from other Armored Figures to the Red Ranger. So you can come up with tons of other powered up looks for the Super Megaforce Red Ranger.

The Armored Super Megaforce Red Ranger is a good figure for fans & collectors, as long as you do not mind the muscular build.


After a few years of having four & four & a half inch tall Power Rangers figures, Bandai America has returned to the five inch scale figures. They are great figures with only one minor flaw.

These figures are exactly five inches tall, and no taller. So while they are taller than many past season figures, they are still shorter than other past Ranger figures. The paint & detailing on the toys is very well done. The only missing detail, which I never expect anyway, is the Key & crossed Swords emblem missing from the collars of the Rangers.

The articulation is where the only flaw is with the toys. You still have all the major points of movement that you would expect. However, the bottom parts of the Ranger's coats limit the movement of the legs. Then the Yellow & Pink Ranger's skirts do not allow for much leg movement at all. I have read where some figures have a softer plastic on the bottom coat parts. Personally, I would have liked for Bandai to just paint the bottom coat parts & skirts on the legs. This was done for the 10" Super Megaforce Red figure, and I think it looks just as good.

Every Ranger comes with their Super Mega Blaster & Saber. They are done in non-painted black plastic. I think they would look a bit better if they were either red or a light grey plastic. Still, the weapons look good in the Ranger's hands.

These 5" Super Megaforce Rangers are great for anyone's collection, and I can't wait for this line to continue & grow.


These were the next major assortment of toys I was waiting for. They are still enjoyable, but just a bit expensive.

Every pack of keys comes with three keys. At this time the sets only come with male Ranger Keys. The packaging for them is collector friendly, but I think it could have been better designed. I feel a lot of the packaging is just empty, and could have easily fit two more keys in it. The $13 a pack price can be shocking at first, and I agree it is a bit high, but it is still worth it if you are a key collector.

The keys are very well done. They all measure 2.5 inches tall, and have the spring loaded gimmick. However, unlike the keys that come with other Super Megaforce toys, these keys seem to have a stronger locking mechanism. This leads to you having to use a bit more force to flick the toy into key mode.

All the keys besides the Super Megaforce & Megaforce keys  essentially do the same thing. You insert the key into the Legendary Morpher, it activates that season name, followed by the general change sound. The second turn with the keys activates the Mighty Morphin Communicator beep sound.

With the Super Megaforce & Megaforce keys, they have special sounds in the Legendary Morpher. With the Megaforce Keys, they still have the Morpher call out "Megaforce", but then the Super Megaforce morph sound plays. If you do a second key turn with the Megaforce keys, it does not do anything differently.

The Super Megaforce keys activate the sounds as I have explained in my previous mini review. The first turn makes the Morpher call out Super Megaforce and that key's color. The second turn has the Morpher call out the Ranger's Zord.

Now there is a special sound you can unlock with a Megaforce & Super Megaforce key. First use a Megaforce Key, and then follow it with a Super Megaforce key. After the Super Megaforce Morph sounds finish, the Megaforce/Super Megaforce theme song will play.

My primary issue with the Legendary Ranger Key packs is the lack of female Ranger Keys. I know and understand that Power Rangers is a boys brand. It is a show & toyline geared towards boys. However, that does not mean there are not female Ranger fans. They may not be as large or prevalent as the boys, but they still deserve some attention, especially for Super Megaforce.

The point of Super Megaforce is that ANY Super Megaforce Ranger can morph into ANY past season Ranger. The Green Ranger can morph into a past Blue Ranger, the Yellow Ranger can morph into a past Black Ranger, or the Pink Ranger can morph into a past Red Ranger. Anyone can morph into anyone.

I know there are some girl fans that know they can be a Red, Blue, Black, Green or any male Ranger color, and I fully support them too. For them, these packs of keys won't make a difference. However, that doesn't mean you need to alienate the girl fans that want Yellow & Pink Ranger Keys, because they like those colors or relate to those Rangers.

At the time I am writing this, we do not know what to expect from the Blind Ranger Key Packs. However, I do not expect any more than four female Ranger Keys to be in the first wave of Blind Packs. Plus, if the blind packs fail to sell well, the odds of getting more female Ranger Keys will drop further. Right now, I feel our main hope for a full set of female Ranger Key may come from either a San Diego Comic-Con or Power Morphicon Exclusive set.

Still, the Legendary Ranger Key packs are great collectors, and young fans. I just hope we can get a fair amount of female Ranger Keys. 

That is all for this mini review entry. I have more Super Megaforce toys that will be reviewed in future mini reviews.



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