“Digimon Fusion - Mini Toy Review #1”

January 9, 2014

Begin a big Digimon fan, I had high hopes for Digimon Fusion, despite what I had seen from the pictures. Then the show started and my hopes started to dwindle. This in turn led to my low hopes for the Bandai America toyline. I still stuck with the series, and by about episode nine or ten, the story finally picked up enough to keep my attention, and bring back my enjoyment of Digimon. Since I was actually mini-marthoning episodes (DVRing episodes & watching them in 3 or 5 episode groups), my enthusiasm for the series came at about the same time as the toys showing up in Target stores. So here are my mini-reviews of the first batch of Digimon Fusion toys.


Being an old school Digimon Fan & Collector, one line I love collecting were the mini figure sets. Now back in my day (yes, I’m old) the sets had about five or six mini figures to them, and they were smaller than these two packs. Now each pack comes with two figures and they are nicely done, almost chibi style, collector figures. They do have some bits of articulation to them, so you can have them posed nicely. The details and painting on all of these figures are very well done. Each pack also comes with two Digi Cards, but I will talk about those later.

These are good figures for collecting, even with not much play value.


These two figures are along the same lines as the Power Rangers “Double Battle Action” figures, with each figure having a battle action to it. Shoutmon x4 has a sword slashing action, as well as a light up sword. Though the sword doesn’t exactly light up too well, unless you are in a dark room. The MetalGreymon figure has missile firing by turning him down at the back legs. The three missiles fire out one at a time, and his mouth opens. Besides their moving parts for their battle actions, these figures do not have that much poseability. You can move Shoutmon x4’s left arm a bit, but nothing drastic. MetalGreymon is able to move his tail from side to side, and his arms can be moved up or down. Both figures come with their own Digi Card.

The figures look good on display and have some fun for kids. However, for the size & price, I would have preferred for Bandai to just make them into Digi-Warrior style figures (showing my age again).


These are really fun toys. Essentially this is a Digimon equivalent of the Zord Builder System. All of the figures have ball & socket joints that allow you to pop limbs & parts in & and out. The figures all stand about five inches tall, and their articulation varies. For figures that split apart and combine with one another, they still look very good.

The most fun with these figures is the Fusion part. You can combine parts from Shoutmon, Ballistamon, and Dorulumon to make an articulated Shoutmon x4. Greymon & MailBirdramon can also be combined to form MetalGreymon. Both of these combos look quite good. Okay Shoutmon x4 does look better than MetalGreymon, but for the money & what the figures are, it still isn’t bad. The only minor issue with the combos is the left over pieces. All of Shoutmon’s original body, except for the sword & V crown, is left behind, as well as Dorulumon’s back feet & Greymon’s right arm. As with the Zord Builder System, there is more fun to be had by coming up with unique and creative creations. Every figure comes with a Digi Card for that Digimon.

Overall, these figures are great. They are enjoyable on their own, and even more fun when combined. I hope Bandai continues to release more of these style figures to help create more of Shoutmon’s Digi Fusions.


Being the old school fan I am, I enjoyed the original Digivices where you had to “click” your partner Digimon through the Digital World, and fight various evil Digimon. This time around, the device does not have a game. Instead the Fusion Loader works with all the Digi Cards from the Digimon Fusion toys, as well as the five cards included with the Fusion Loader.

The first item you are likely to notice is that this Fusion Loader is not shaped exactly like the show version. The lower portion of the device is almost as wide as the top part. This is done for the card play feature. Also, the top “microphone” part is always in the position showing the gold V. Despite these issue, this Fusion Loader does have some fun qualities.

The Fusion Loader works as a touch device. Once you switch the toy on, you can touch anywhere on the card area of the toy. This will cue up various battle and digital sounds. Even without a card loaded into the device, you can still input Digi Codes to have the Fusion Loader call out Digimon names & team sounds. You can tap & hold on the center circle and a loading sound will activate. From there you can input Digi Code, press the center circle again & a Digimon or Team Name will be called out. The Digi Codes themselves can be found on the Digi Cards. Each corner of the “screen” is a digit. For example, if you tap the Top Left, Bottom Left, Bottom Right, and Top Left in that order, you’ll activate Shoutmon.

As I stated, the Digi Cards have the Digi Codes on them. This is where part of the play feature comes in from the cards. However, the other part is the Digi Fuse mode. This mode can only be activated with the Digi Cards. With a Digi Card inserted into the Fusion Loader, tap & hold the center circle, input a Digi Code, and then tap the center circle, and then tap it again. This will activate Digi Fuse & allow you to input up to four more Digimon to Fuse together. This limit may be a problem later down the line though.

If you are like me, you will even start playing around with numerous other Digi Code combinations, to try and unlock all the other sounds held within the Fusion Loader. Thus far I’ve unlocked about ten or twelve other sounds. One other minor issue is the fact that the “touch screen” can sometimes be a tad too sensitive.

This Digi-Fusion Loader, while not to size as the show, is still quite enjoyable. It’s great to use the Digi Cards with it, and to just make up Digi Code in the hopes of unlocking new sounds.

So those are my thoughts on the first group of Digimon Fusion toys. I’m really liking where the show is going, and feel the toys are helping in growing that excitement & enjoyment.



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