“Super Megaforce - Mini Toy Review #1”

December 20, 2013

It has been over a month since the Super Megaforce toys were first found. I had planned on holding off until more toys made their way to retail stores, before I put together my first review. However, since it appears that may not happen before the Christmas Holiday, I decided to go ahead and put together my first mini review covering the Deluxe Legendary Morpher, Legendary Megazord, and Deluxe Super Mega Saber.


This is by far the toy I was most excited for, and I feel it lives up to most of my expectations. The toy comes packaged in the standard open style packaging. I do miss the days when all Power Rangers toys come in actual boxes. There is a try me key that you can turn and have the toy call out "Super Megaforce". The Legendary Morpher itself is a good size. While smaller than the Japanese Mobirates, it fits nicely in my hand. The upper portion of the Morpher has a tiny distracting element. The lower part, of what becomes the key & cross swords emblem, is all one piece stuck in the open position of the emblem. The upper part can still close though. This is a bit distracting at first, but when you think about it, a majority of your time with the Morpher is spent with the emblem "open". So I am okay with this. The key pad is done in a grey color, and I would have preferred it to be white like the show. The keypad does not serve that much of a purpose. You can press the 2, 4, 5, 6, or 8 buttons, but they are essentially one button, and they just cycle through three progressive beep sounds.

But the most fun comes from the Legendary Ranger Keys themselves. The keys are drastically smaller than the show & Japan versions. They measure only 2.5 inches tall. However, the detail work on them is brilliant. Also, all the keys are spring loaded. With just a small flick, you can morph the key from figure to key mode. I have found this to be quite addicting and fun. Each key activates two series of sounds in the Legendary Morpher. The Red Super Megaforce Ranger Key actives "Super Megaforce Red" and the morphing sounds, on the first turn. Turn the same key a second time and "Summon Sky Ship" plays. The Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Key calls out "Mighty Morphin" on the first turn, and the Communicator Beep on the second. Finally, all the keys have a QR code on them that allows them to be scanned with the Power Rangers Scanner App.

I love the Deluxe Legendary Morpher and highly recommend it.


I was a tad bit skeptical from the convention photos we got of the Megazord, however the actual finished product turned out much better. The Legendary Megazord is a fun toy. The five individual Zords are nicely made, though they are missing a fair amount of silver paint. This can easily be corrected with a silver Sharpie. The Sky Ship Zord itself looks quite nice. The Zords are easy to combine and the finished Megazord looks just as nice as the Japanese version, even with the smaller size and lack of silver paints.

The Megazord does not have opening doors on four of the five Zords. Instead, each Zord has a number of Zord Builder Pegs. For the Jet and Racer Zords, as well as the Sky Ship, these pegs actually fold down and onto the Zord, thus giving a much cleaner look. The pegs on the Sub and Wheeler Zords are stuck in their positions. Zord Vehicles will be able to attach to these various pegs. Plus, this is the fifth Power Rangers toy line to feature the Zord Builder system. So you can combine most any Zord or Cycle from the past four years with the Legendary Megazord. The chest of the Megazord does open up, via a key turn in the back. Once the chest opens, you can actually slide the plank into the Megazord body, giving a better look. There is no cannon inside the chest of the Megazord though. One tiny flaw is that the mail sail on the Megazord’s chest never does sit right. It tends to be off balance. There are two swords for the Megazord. They can be held in either hand, or positioned on the sides of the Megazord's waist.

The Legendary Megazord does come with a Translucent Super Megaforce Red Ranger key. This key activates the same sounds in the Deluxe Legendary Morpher as the standard version of the key.

Overall the Legendary Megazord is a good toy, and should only get better with future releases.


I had very high hopes that this weapon would be around the same size of the Samurai Mega Blade. Unfortunately that did not turn out to be the case. However, it is still an enjoyable toy. It too is another open style packaged toy. The Saber itself measures about 18 inches long, but the feel and weight is done excellently. It doesn't feel bulky or unbalanced. The blade is done is a translucent style plastic that comes into play when you press the trigger. Without a key in the key chamber, the saber cycles through a series of clashing sounds when you press the button. Plus the blade will light up with either a green, red, or blue light.

The next bit of fun comes with using the keys. Now while the saber does not recognize which key is loaded into the chamber, you can still place a key in, just like the show. Once a key is loaded, the Super Mega Saber begins a charging up sound & lights. Once it is "fully charged", you can press the trigger to hear Troy say "Super Mega Saber", followed by a powerful slash attack sound & lights.

The Super Megaforce Blue Ranger Key comes with the saber. When you use it with the Deluxe Legendary Morpher, it activates "Super Megaforce Blue" and morph sounds on the first turn. The second turn has the "Super Mega Jet" call sound.

For being a smaller sword than expected, the Deluxe Super Mega Saber is still really fun & enjoyable.

So that concludes this first mini review of Super Megaforce toys. I must admit, it does feel much easier & far less stressful doing these kind of reviews. Once we begin to see more Super Megaforce toys reach other retail stores, I'll likely put together more mini reviews. Until then, go out and find some of these great toys. Happy Holidays everyone.



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