“It’s Finally November!”

November 5, 2013

After what could very well be years worth of waiting, November of 2013 has finally arrived. So what exactly have I been longing for in this month you ask? Well I am going to count down my  top five favorite events that are occurring this month.

#5 Sales

Once November hits, the idea of holiday shopping officially beings to set in. Now while I do not go wild with buying things, I do still enjoy scouring the interwebs and finding good prices on nerd related items. I always keep a close eye on BFAds.net to see what store will be offering deals on Power Rangers items for Black Friday. Plus Toys R Us really starts cranking up some good coupons and sales starting in November, which sometimes come in handy for my #1 reason ;).

#4 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

As a kids I always enjoyed watching the parade, and I still do. But since Saban Brands bought Power Rangers back, there has been another element to make the parade even more enjoyable for me. This year the Super Megaforce Rangers (suits) will officially make their debut to the world during the parade. Now I'm sure, just like years past, the Super Megaforce Rangers will do some sightseeing in the Big Apple, and the official Power Rangers social media accounts will help spread those pictures around. I look forward to seeing just how the Super Megaforce team will participate in the parade.

#3 Thanksgiving Itself

I am a sucker for turkey day. I love turkey, dinner rolls and desert. Yes that is literally all I usually eat for Thanksgiving. I don't care for mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, etc... I am a bare basic guy, but what I do like, I indulge in. This is also the one time of year that my all time favorite desert is made; Red Velvet Cake with Whipped Icing. This cake is made by my Father, Mother and I together, and comes from a family recipe. If you have followed me on Twitter for a few years, you know I always tweet out pictures of the cake's progress. Plus I usually make some fudge brownies or chocolate chip cookies as well.

#2 "The Day of The Doctor"

The event that I have been waiting for since, well about a year now. I remember the talk starting last year about 2013 being the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Of course when I looked ahead and saw that the exact day fell on a Saturday, I knew there would have to be a major event. Over the past year information has been learned, but at a controlled paced, concerning the special. I'm very excited to see what Steven Moffat has in store for these two great modern Doctors, their companions, friends and of course, the mystery of the day & John Hurt's Doctor. I can't wait for the 23rd to get here, and to be able to enjoy the special with Whovians all over the world with the simulcast.

#1 Power Rangers Super Megaforce Toys

They're coming! The Super Megaforce toys are coming! Since 2011, Toys R Us has received a special pallet display of the next season's Power Rangers toys, that arrives in stores around Black Friday. The Super Samurai display arrived in my area the week after Thanksgiving. The Megaforce display came in the day before Thanksgiving. Now I hope that the planned Super Megaforce display makes its way into my neck of the woods before the week of Thanksgiving. I have been awaiting Bandai America's take on these toys since Gokaiger aired in Japan in 2011. So yes, I feel like I have been waiting two years for these toys to arrive. Yes, I do own many of the Japanese Gokaiger toys, but the Japanese toys don't say or feature sounds tied to Power Rangers. The Super Megaforce toys do. I can't wait to finally have the Legendary Morpher and Legendary Ranger Keys in my hands.

So that's my list of everything I am looking forward to this month. It's sure to be a busy and exhilarating month, so let's get going. 



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