“Must Watch Halloween”

October 25, 2013

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Come with Linear and you will see, the best specials for Halloween. This is Linear Ranger’s all time favorite Halloween Specials and Movies!

#5 - A Haunting & Paranormal Witness

Now these two shows are not only shown during the Halloween season, but they do draw more attention around this time. I love watching both of these series. It of course comes from my childhood & wanting to grow up to become a Ghostbuster. Both of these shows tell great, real life haunting tales of the supernatural. From standard spokes & ghosts, all the way to werewolves & demons, these shows are very enjoyable, bone chilling fun.

# 4 - Hocus Pocus

Okay go ahead and laugh but I love this movie. I remember watching it on ABC when I was a child, and while it did’t scare me, I loved the Halloween Spirit it captured. The start of the movie taking place in the witch trial times of Salem, Mass. is wonderfully done. I always enjoy the mixture of adventure & comedy to the film. The actual spell book prop is an excellent piece. And to top it off, the movie has a talking cat. I’ve been watching this movie every single October since I was a child, and that tradition will continue on.

# 3 - It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

You know the final quarter of the year has arrive when the Charlie Brown specials arrive. I’ve always loved Peanuts and this special never fails to bring a smile to my face. The faith Linus places in The Great Pumpkin is fun, the fury of Sally at the end is humors. But what I enjoy the most is Snoopy, and his imaginative adventure as the great World War I Flying Ace.

# 2 - Disney’s The Adventures of Icabod
(The Legend of Sleepy Hallow)

This has to truly be the original ghost story for me. This animated feature comes from the great & wonderful days of Disney Animation. It of course tells the Washington Irving story of Icabod Crane, Sleepy Hallow and the great specter...The Headless Horseman! Every second of this feature is beautiful, and the intense climax is brilliant. Even the musical bit has a great spooky feel to it.

#1 - The Real Ghostbusters

“When Halloween Was Forever”, “Halloween II 1/2” & “The Halloween Door”

You knew these had to hold the top spot for me. THIS was and will forever be Halloween for me. As a child, who was totally and completely obsessed with The Real Ghostbusters, Halloween quickly became my favorite time of year. So when the series took full advantage of the day with three Halloween episodes (one even premiering in primetime), I was overjoyed. Each episode has so much fun, excitement, and spooktactular enjoyment in it. They all do a great job of focusing in on the feel of the Halloween, and the Ghostbusting adventure. My October is never complete until I have watched all three of these episodes.




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