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October 11, 2013

November draws closer, and with it, so do the Power Rangers Super Megaforce toys. Thanks to the great team at Tokunation.com, we have a lot of great pictures and information for the Super Megaforce toys shown at the New York Comic-Con. Now it’s time to voice my thoughts on all the awesomeness shown.

I’ll start off with THE big draw for the Super Megaforce line; the Deluxe Legendary Morpher and Legendary Ranger Keys. The open “Try Me” packaging style still continues. This is a disappointment because this kind of package can lead to scratched toys. Plus for a collector like myself, you can never store the toy back in the package. However, the packaging doesn’t take away from the cool graphics. I really like the Red Ranger slashing with the Mega Saber, while “holding” the Legendary Morpher.

The toy itself looks pretty good. There have been some changes, specifically in the cross swords portion. Instead of them each being connected pieces that lead to an easy Super Megaforce emblem, the top and bottom parts of the emblem are separate from the the center. This is more easily seen in the photos that show the Morpher with the top part closed (before turning a key). Instead of being even, straight and smooth, the center is a bit wider than the rest. It also looks like the keypad may not function. I’m not certain about this, but some of the pictures appear to give the appearance of the buttons just being molded onto the device.

I really like that both the Super Megaforce & Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Keys being included with the Deluxe Legendary Morpher. I think it fits with having the first Red Ranger & newest Red Ranger keys included with the toy. I still like the US Ranger Key designs. I think it is great that the keys will work with a scanning app, as well as the Morpher. Plus it looks like MANY Super Megaforce toys will come with keys. One final interesting point of the Morpher is that it appears that the keys can actually be turned either the left or right.

Bandai America showed off a good number of figures. Most all of them look really good, but still some are a pass for me.

The main 4” figures look great to me. I’m going to love having this team to add to my growing 4” Power Rangers collection. I also appreciate, for the display, the Bandai America folks gave Red the Saber & Blaster, Blue & Yellow two Sabers, and Pink & Green two Blasters. Nice touch guys. ;)

The normal “Battle Morphin” figures were shown off. These look decent enough, but I am still not one that ever cares that much for special action feature figures.

There also are some figures that look to be about 3 inches tall, but do not have that much articulation. These are the Samurai Red, Megaforce Red, & the three Super Megaforce guys on the left. I originally thought these would be the figures included with Zord Vehicles, but upon seeing this was not the case, I think these might be figures included in mini figure sets.

The Deluxe 10 inch Ranger Figures should be continuing, as the tall Red Super Megaforce Ranger figure is in the center. However, unlike the Megaforce 10” figures, the Super Megaforce ones look to have added articulation to the shoulders and hips. I might have to consider getting this, since I think it’ll look great on display.

Finally two more Armored Might Figures were shown. It’s great that the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger will be coming out (with MANY more Green Ranger Legacy Items). However, the Armored Might Super Megaforce Red Ranger is...just...too muscular. I know I was accepting of the muscular build for the Megaforce Armored Might Figures, but for the Super Megaforce suits, it doesn’t work. The Super Megaforce suits have a coat like design to them. So when you add that much muscle, it gives the appearance that the coat is being stretched, or about to rip apart.

Hello you magnificent, beautiful and brilliant role play toys. I love most everything shown here. Let’s start with the best part, the DELUXE Mega Saber! Oh yes, the Super Megaforce Ranger’s primary sword that, if I am correct, should measure between 20 to 24 inches. The Japanese Gokai Saber only measured 17 inches long, so I can not wait to own this excellent looking toy.

There will also be a Basic Battle Gear release of the Mega Saber. However, a good feature Bandai America put in is that the blade can be pulled out to make it longer. I’m betting the blade is pushed in for it to fit into the packaging, and then you pull & lock the blade into place.

Also in the Basic Battle Gear should be the Blaster. This will require some painting on my part. Any and all black paint appears to have been removed from this toy. I can understand removing the black from the barrel part, since no US toy gun can have a black barrel, but to remove it from the grip as well is a bit odd.

I like the looks of the Helmet Masks. I know I will buy the Red Ranger Mask, and if Bandai America would be nice enough to make a complete team, I would buy all of them to hang on my wall & display.

The only item here that I don’t quite get is the Deluxe Hand Gear (gloves). The Super Megaforce gloves are actually white with silver cuffs. So to see this set have red motorcycle looking gloves is surprising.

I knew we could expect Zord Vehicles, but I never expected NEW Non-Show Used Zord Vehicles & Cycles, that still pay tribute to past Power Rangers Seasons. I have to give Bandai America huge props on this.

Most of the Zord Vehicles look good, though the Mystic Force Dragon looks kinda weird with the sides. I really like that Bandai has made a Zeo Red Battlezord Zord Vehicle, that can indeed combine with the Deluxe Legendary Megazord.

The cycles took me by a complete surprise. You can really tell that Bandai America didn’t just make some generic cycles & slap past seasons names on them. Each cycle has the same essential body, but the front of them are based somewhat off the actual cycles the Rangers used from those seasons. I’ll be picking these up.

We finish out with the Deluxe Zord, Megazords & Mech Tech Suits. I’m starting to warm up more to some of these toys.

The Deluxe Red Lion Zord looks decent enough. Though there have been some changes made. From what we can tell from the back of the Legendary Megazord box, the Megazord & Lion combo looks good enough.

The Mech Tech Suits look okay. They should be nice extra Zord Builder fun toys for kids, but I think I’ll pass on them.

The Legendary Megazord does look better now as a finished & in package toy. I still would have liked the doors to open manually, but from the back of its box, it looks like the combinations with other Zords should still be good.

Overall I am very pleased with what Bandai America has shown off at New York Toy Fair. I can’t wait for these toys to start appearing in stores & online, and I’m going to love collecting them. I greatly appreciate all the work Bandai America has put into this line, as well as the continued Legacy Line. They are showing just how much they care about Power Rangers fans & collectors of all ages.

Again, a HUGE thank you goes to Tokunation.com for all fantastic coverage, information & photos from New York Toy Fair. Be sure to check out their site, and the links below for their full coverage and galleries of Super Megaforce & 2014 Legacy toys.

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