“Retirement Plan”

September 13, 2013

I started learning how to build websites back during my Sophomore year of High School. It wasn't until Power Rangers Dino Thunder in 2004 that I decided to take web design and web-mastering seriously. From the start of Power Rangers Dino Thunder in 2004, until the end of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reversioned in 2010, I worked on providing informative season sites, along with toy reviews. Then in 2011 I transitioned over to the Power Rangers Toy Grid, where I could just provide news about the series, and information & reviews of the toy line. However, the time has finally come for me to step down.

I have always said that running a fan site is a young woman/man's game. I am not as young as I once was. I was only twenty years old when I started my Dino Thunder site, and now I am inching closer to thirty. So I have decided, much like my great friend & fellow webmaster Fury Diamond of Rangercrew, that I will be stepping aside once the Power Rangers Megaforce toy line is complete.

Many of you may be asking why this decision has finally come about. For much of the past ten years, I was able to do all my website work while waiting to obtain a job. Granted there were years where I was working either full time or part time, or I was attending school. However, I still managed to find time to balance everything. Lately I have found it hardener to maintain that balance. I have been lucky enough to find a part time job that I love, and that I hope may one day lead to a full time job. Along with work I have the typical household tasks, time spent looking for toys, recreational activities, and then anywhere from four to eight hours of website work a week. Simply put, there is just not enough time in my schedule now.

While I throughly enjoy my job, by the time I get home, I do not want to then go to work on website work. I want to be able to spend more time relaxing with various recreational activities. I want to play Disney Infinity, start writing again, read more books, take pictures of nature, take walks outside to relax, watch shows of DVD that I own but have never watched, and just watch current TV series I enjoy.

So my time has come to step down, but I am not leaving. I am staying in the Power Rangers online fandom. I still love the series and the toys. I will still be tweeting about Power Rangers, and all my other various nerd interests. I will continue posting on Rangerboard. I'll post various toy pictures I take on my deviantART account.  Most importantly, I will still be keeping my websites online. The Power Rangers Toy Grid will be moved into a archive state, like my Power Rangers season sites & my Toy Comics. When there is news I want to give my opinion on, or toys that I want to do mini reviews of, they will be posted here on this ledger site. For an example of what I mean by "mini review", you can check out my review of the Gokaiger Mechs & Mechas. Essentially the Linear Ranger's Ledger site will now become the most active site in the LinearRanger.com domain.

There are plenty of great reviewers out there to fill the tiny void I will be leaving behind. Some I have developed good online friendships with, and I strongly encourage you check out their reviews:







Those are my "retirement" plans. I have enjoyed bringing fans, young and old, information, news and reviews over the past ten years. And as I stated before, I will continue to provide my thoughts and opinions through Twitter and my Ledger. But now I feel is the right time to step aside. I hope you can understand where I am coming from, and respect my decision. I look forward to the road ahead, and continuing to be an active member of the Power Rangers online fandom.

Thank you



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