“Comic-Con Exclusives”

June 28, 2013

It is approaching that time of year again. The time when nerds and fans of all shapes & sizes gather in San Diego California, for the biggest gathering of all things nerd. Some go for the cosplay, others the panels, a few to meet fellow fans, and then there are the many that go for the toys. 2012 was the first year there was an actual Power Rangers presence at SDCC, and Bandai America sold their first Power Rangers Exclusive item. For 2013, the power has gone MEGA. (forgive me I couldn’t resist)

First up we have the Super Samurai Metallic SH Figuarts Set from Bluefin Tamashii Nations. This $200 set comes with the Pink, Green, Blue & Yellow Samurai Rangers & Red Super Samurai Ranger. All five figures are done in metallic paint.

When Bluefin Tamashii Nations first teased this set, I expected it to be the standard releases of the figures, all bundled together. This would in turn allow collectors to have a complete Power Rangers Samurai team, so long as they managed to buy the Shinken Red & Shinken Gold Figuarts from Toys R Us back in 2011. Before the reveal, I was completely on board with buying this set from someone attending the con. But now, I just do not see this as a MUST have for me. Yes the figures look nice, but they look nice together. If you wanted to do a team pose, again using the normal Red & Gold Figuarts, then the figures wouldn’t match. I still appreciate the thought, but I think going with non-metallic figures would have been better.

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has one other Ranger exclusive. These are stands for the Mighty Morphin Figuarts coming out over the next year. For $15 you get all three stands. The three stands will go with the Mighty Morphin Green, Red and Armored Red Figuarts figures.

These are a pass for me. While I can understand why some fans use the figure stands, I just don’t care for them. As others have said, the band that ends up around the figure’s waist is a bit too distracting for me.

But now let’s move on to the main items. The exclusives everyone has been talking about from Bandai America. I’ll start small and move onto the biggest items.

This is the Limited Edition Deluxe Gosei Morpher. The Morpher is plated in 24 karat gold, and comes with 10 Foil Power Cards. There will only be 300 of these available. We do not yet know if any new sounds will be present in this version.

For me this is a take it or leave it. Yes I would like to have it, but I won’t be terribly upset by not having it. Covering the entire Morpher in the gold plating is a bit much. I think it would have been much cooler to do all the gold plastic in gold plating, and the rest in very metallic paints.

Next from Bandai America will be the Limited Edition Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Green Dragon Ranger with Ranger Power Coin. The Green Ranger figure is the same 4” figure that was released in 2010, but this time it is done in metallic paints, and the Dragon Dagger is fully painted. The figure also comes with the Tribe Power Coin. For those that do not know what that is, it is a Power Coin that has the five core dinosaurs from Mighty Morphin on it. Odds are this coin will fit into the Legacy Power Morphers. 500 of these will be made available.

I would like to have this. The figure looks good in metallic, but what I really love is the Power Coin. When I was a kid, I always pretended to be the “Ultra Ranger”, having powers of all the Rangers. So I always wanted a coin that represented that. The Tribe Coin was a perfect fit for that. Now that an actual physical coin has been created, it would be a little piece of my childhood come to life.

Admit it, we saw this one coming. Possibly the most desired Power Rangers toy ever. A toy that was never released beyond the Japanese market. The Legacy Power Morpher: Green Ranger White Ranger Edition. This version of the Legacy Power Morpher will have 24 karat gold plates, and two SCREEN ACCURATE Dragonzord & Tigerzord Power Coins. 1000 of these have been made.

This is my number one most wanted. I would love to have one of these. Okay I’ll be honest, I’d like to have three of four (2 to display, 1 for general handling, and 1 to keep in box). However, coming back to actual reality I realize that I will be extremely lucky if I am even able to get one. I agree with what other fans have expressed, that it would be best if later in the year, a non-gold plated version of this set was released at Toys R Us.

Overall there are some really nice Power Rangers Exclusives this year. If I am being honest, I seriously doubt I will be able to get any of them. I consider myself lucky getting last year’s 4” Super Samurai set off of eBay for just about double it’s original price. This year, I think eBay prices for these will be sky high, with some items probably being priced at three to five times their original cost. There is always a small chance that Toys R Us online could manage to get a some of these items and sell them. The past few years they’ve done this with a number of major Comic-Con exclusives, but I won’t hold my breath.

So I will keep my eyes on eBay once San Diego Comic-Con gets underway, and hope for the best. Though I feel my best hope would be for a standard non-gold plated release of the Green & White Ranger Legacy Power Morpher. At the end of the day though, these are all just toys and really nothing to get too upset over.



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