“Let’s Go, Let’s Gokaiger Toys!”

April 28, 2013

With Super Megaforce news amping up, Bandai’s Action Card Game Twitter acknowledging Ranger Keys & Super Megaforce filming, and just my overall love of Gokaiger, I decided to take the plunge & buy all the Gokaiger Mechs and Mechas. So I wanted to put together some quick & basic reviews of all these toys.  

I should start with a couple of explanations. First I bought these because I LOVE Gokaiger. I have the utmost faith in Bandai America when their versions of these toys come out for the 2014 toy line. Next, these reviews will not be the standard reviews I put together for Power Rangers toys. These are just simple reviews that hit on the main points, with just a few pictures. If you have any questions, you can ask me on Twitter or check out Shuken Shinobi’s website. Finally, these toys are actually the Korean “Power Rangers Captain Force” toys. There are a few minuscule differences between the Japan Versions & Korean Versions, but they all are still made from the same Japanese Moulds.


Gokaioh is the main mecha from Gokaiger, consisting of the Gokai Galleon, Gokai Jet, Gokai Racer, Gokai Trailer & Gokai Marine. Each of the vehicles is a good size, with the Galleon being the largest. There really are not any big play features from the individual mechs themselves. They all have wheels on them that allow you to roll them on a flat surface. Combining to form Gokaioh is very simple and fun.

The Gokaioh Mecha stands a good impressive height, though does look a tad bit bulky thanks to the arms. The two swords can be stored on the hips, as well as held in the hands of the robot. The main play feature for Gokaioh, by itself, is the turn wheel. When you turn the wheel on the back of Gokaioh, the doors on each of the mechs pops open, ending with the chest opening up to reveal the cannon. This looks nice though a bit hallow with the empty compartments. Still much more fun & enjoyment comes from ALL the other mechs & mecha.

Linear Ranger’s Rating: 4 out of 5


The Magi Dragon is taking the…well…Magi Dragon from MagiRanger, but shrinking it down to fit the Gokaioh. As just a small Dragon Mech, it is okay, though a bit blocky. The wings are spring loaded and have little posts on them, allowing you to move them like he's flapping his wings. Also to make it fit in with the Gokaiger look and feel, the dragon's colors have been taken down to just red, black & silver.

To combine the Magi Dragon with Gokaioh and make Magi Gokaioh, you split the mech into it's five pieces, load each piece into a specified compartment on Gokaioh, and then close the doors. When you then turn the wheel on the back of Gokaioh, the various parts of the Magi Dragon pop out. Though with the head of the dragon, you will have to adjust his horns and front arms a bit. This form looks okay for the most part. The lack of color in the compartments is still off-putting, but it is neat to see Gokaioh with wings and a dragon coming out of his chest.

Also one item I always change for the combinations is the chest. After all the compartments are open, the instructions just have you leave the long plank of the chest attached, but this is odd and distracting, so I just detach the plank and set it off to the side. It gives it a much more accurate appearance to the show.

Linear Ranger’s Rating: 4 out of 5


Hello Dekaranger, and what would be used to make my favorite Power Rangers season. This Pat Striker is a slimmer version, but still has the same siren sound & lights. The paint is a very beautiful red metallic, and there is a cool Gokaiger emblem on the hood with the five Gokai colors. This mech just looks great and is fun all on it's own with the lights and sounds.

To make Deka Gokaioh, you again split the mech into it's five parts, load them, close the doors and then turn the wheel. This time when the chest door opens, the siren lights up and sounds. Just having all the parts in the compartments is a great look, but you can also remove the parts from Gokai Jet & Racer, and change them into actual guns for Gokai to use.

Linear Ranger’s Rating: 5 out of 5


GAO! I loved the original large Deluxe Red Lion Zord from Power Rangers Wild Force/Gaoranger, and for the same idea to be brought back is great. This Gao Lion is just a tad bit smaller than the 2001 Deluxe version, but still massive. It doesn't have any articulation, but there are wheels on the undersides of his feet you can pop out if you wish. When you press the button on his head, his mane pops out and he makes various roars & attack sounds. If you continue to press the button over and over again, you eventually get a cute surprise sound.

Forming Gao Gokaioh is very simple. Detach the Gokai Marine and Trailer, and then pop the remaining Gokaioh onto the top of Gao Lion. This form gives a kind of centaur look, harkening back to the Gao Centaurus a bit. You can still turn the wheel on the back of Gokaioh if you wish to open the arms & chest compartments.

But the fun doesn't stop there with Gao Lion, for he is also used to make Shinken Gokaioh. This mode requires you to divide the Gao Lion into his various parts and load them into the chest & arms of Gokaioh. The legs remain the same as Gao Gokaioh, with the lion's front legs now being the mecha's legs. The lion's head fits into the chest, and the back legs go into the arms. These parts do not allow for the panels to be closed. When you turn the back wheel, the panels on the lion parts themselves will flip open to reveal the Shinkenger Kanji, and the Lion's mouth will pop up & play a Shinkenger sound. Also for this form, the combination has two weapons. A twin bladed staff, and a large Rekka Daizantou.

Linear Ranger’s Rating: 5 out of 5


A blue T-Rex mecha for a Silver sixth hero. At first glance, you wouldn't think this would work, but it does. GoZyuJin looks amazing in all three of his forms. Even the blue, gold and silver paint scheme of this toy looks fantastic.

To start with, GoZyuRex mode looks to be one of, if not the best T-Rex style mech Sentai has ever had. I love the design of him in this mode, from the legs, arms & head, all the way to the drill tail. Yes, one of the key (pun not intended) play features for this dino is his spinning drill. As GoZyuRex, you can wind the tail up and then press the release button on the upper tail to have it spin. The only tiny downside is the tail isn't locked in a straight out position like other pasts t-rex mechs. Instead the tail rests on the ground. Still this is an excellent dino mech and a nice tribute to ZyuRanger.

Moving back to this mech's "transport" mode, we have GoZyuDrill. This mode forms a cool looking tank/time ship. With this mode being the Time Ranger tribute, it really does have a great ship appearance to it. One that you could believe would be use as some kind of fighting time ship. Again, the spinning drill feature here is accessible, and the drill remains held out in place thanks to the wheels you turn down.

Finally we have the mecha form with GoZyuJin. This third form, and AbaRanger tribute, looks simply stunning. I love everything about this mode. The spinning drill play feature is present, as well as a spinning left hand (now the t-rex head). You can wind these two up, and then have them spin one at a time, or all at once, thanks to a turn dial on the back of the robo. It is a bit shorter than Gokaioh, but still is able to combine with it. You can remove the Gokai Jet & Racer arms, and place the Drill & T-Rex head arms onto Gokaioh. This still enables you to use the spinning features, only now activated by the Gokaioh turn wheel.

Linear Ranger’s Rating: 5 out of 5


Oh Furai Maru, you were good in Hurricanger, but this time around, your toy form falls a little short. As it's own little mech, he is just okay. It looks decent, but nothing outstanding. His arms look very awkward since the blades take up so much of them. For this guy, it just seems like the idea for him just could not be properly portrayed in toy form.

Moving onto forming Hurricane Gokaioh, this is where the toy falls flat. In the show, the formation gets a large Hurricanger emblem on the chest. But for the toy form, well we basically get a dot of an emblem. Again, this is due to the splitting the toy into five parts, loading them into the compartments, and then having everything spring out after turning the wheel. The blades look good enough from the arms and legs, but the chest is just too distracting with just that small emblem.

Linear Ranger’s Rating: 3 out of 5


So when a condor sportscar and a bear RV have a baby, it ends up being a falcon formula 1 race car? This is the end of the Gokaiger robot line and this HUGE Go-Onger tribute race car is pretty impressive. When I say huge, I am not understating it. It is quite large and captures the complete look of Machalcon. But the car also helps bring together two gimmicks. Mach Falcon comes with two Engine Souls and a Go-On Gold Ranger Key. The Engine Souls bring a lot of sounds to the Machalcon. The Ranger Key can actually be placed in the Machalcon, giving it a look of driving the car, as well as being used with the Mobirates.

Combining Gokaioh with Machalcon is just like forming Gao Gokaioh. Place the top half of Gokaioh onto the connectors of Machalcon, and then you have a strange, yet cool, Gokaioh chariot kind of formation in Go-On Gokaioh. This mode isn't appealing to everyone, and I can understand that. I'll admit it doesn't look powerful, but it does look fun. Plus you can turn the wheels on Machalcon to give it a hoover style mode.

To finish everything off, we use Gokai Galleon, GoZyuJin's arms, Gokaioh's swords, and Machalcon. Combining all these items together get us Kanzen Gokaioh. This is a pretty tall finishing, ultimate robot combo. In many years past, the last formation became a "throw EVERYTHING together" and get a mess robot. I am very pleased to see this was not the choice here. Kanzen Gokaioh has some good sounds, activated by the turn wheel & Engine Souls. Using GoZyuJin's arms for the formation's arms give the combo some good weapons. I really like how Machalcon's tailpipes form the large fist. Now with such a large combo, you do loose a tad in articulation. You can pull the chest piece forward, move an arm, and then slowly place the chest armor back into place.

Linear Ranger’s Rating: 5 out of 5

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very pleased with my purchases. The main two Mechas of Gokaioh and GoZyuJin are shinning stars. They are great on their own, but putting them into play with the other mechs adds even more fun. The "tribute" mechs are nicely done. Magi Dragon & Furai Maru could have been a bit better, but still worth getting. My favorite mech is likely a tie between Pat Striker and Gao Lion.

I would say if you are a diehard Gokaiger fan, and have the money available, then yes these are worth buying. But if you are on a tighter budget, then I again say that Bandai America will likely do a great job in their versions of these toys.

What I Expect in 2014

Speaking of Bandai America, I'll wrap this up with some of my quick thoughts on what to expect from the 2014 Megazord & Zord line.

First, I don't think we will have any wheel turn & springing compartment door gimmick. All five compartments will be able to be opened, but I think you'll do this manually. This will then effect the Zord Vehicles (Mystic Force Dragon, Delta Runner 1 & Mini Zord). I think you'll basically load the Zord Vehicle pieces into the main Megazord, and just leave the doors open. For the Silver Ranger's Megazord (I recommend the name Tri-Rex Megazord), again no spring or spinning gimmick. I think the drill spinning could be kept, but as a manual feature. As for the Deluxe Red Lion Zord & Deluxe Mach Falcon, those should be released as Deluxe Zord Vehicles (like the Deluxe Lion Mechazord). These two are bound to loose all their light & sound features. And of course, yes, everything will be smaller than the Japanese versions.

With that being said, I'm confident all the various combinations and all around fun play will be kept for the 2014 Super Megaforce Megazord & Zord line. I bought these toys, again, because I love Gokaiger and I wanted to expand my collection. Bandai Japan does an excellent job for their market, and Bandai America does just as good a job for the Western market.



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