“Bullies Should Not Be Rangers”

April 11, 2013

Since Megaforce began, I’ve started realizing the issues that are currently holding Power Rangers down. While I still love the show, I feel Saban Brands hasn’t exactly brought back the magic and power the show once had. One of these deterrents is the actual casting of the show.

Allow me first to talk about Doctor Who. I often like to compare Doctor Who and Power Rangers, since I feel in many ways they are similar. They both started off on a shoestring budget, both have monster costumes of varying quality, both have universes where laws of physics don’t always match our own, they are both about saving the universe, and both teach great life lessons.

One of the parts of Doctor Who I love the most is actually the cast and their own love for the fans. Matt Smith (the current Doctor - 11), while not being a fan of the series when he was cast, went back and watched episodes and fell in love with the series. David Tennant (the 10th Doctor) was and still is a huge fan of Doctor Who. Both of these leading actors not only bring a great deal to the character on screen, but help you love them from their attitudes off screen. Both David and Matt LOVE the Doctor Who fans of all ages. When Matt Smith and Karen Gillian (11th Doctor’s companion Amy Pond-Williams) were in California for San Diego Comic-Con, they saw two fans dressed up just like the 11th Doctor & Amy, as they were going to lunch. The two actors stated they were greatly thrilled with this and took photos with the pair. Also, when the Doctor Who cast & crew came to America to film episodes, they were met with cheers and massive crowds of fans all of ages, in the areas they were filming in. Once more, the cast of Doctor Who expressed how much they appreciated and loved all the fans, and even would go out of their way to make sure many fans got pictures & autographs.

I bring this point of Doctor Who up because some of the cast of Power Rangers lately has turned out to be the complete opposite.

When the cast of Power Rangers Samurai was first announced, fans online went searching for each actor’s Facebook, Twitter, etc... From the start there was one actor who stood out and reached out to the fans; Hector David Jr. Hector acted gracious and loving to the fans from the beginning. He was tweeting and facebooking about how much he and the entire cast loved the show & it’s fans. However, that came to a crashing halt right after his contract with Saban Brands reached its expiration date. You could see this change as Hector’s tweets became a bit more hostile towards Saban Brands. But the main explosion, and my source a discontent, came in October of 2012.

Hector posted something on his Facebook page that led to his fans arguing. The issue was not in any way, shape or form related to Power Rangers. Yet the typical internet fighting ensued. Instead of taking control of the situation himself by calming things down, or just removing the posts from his facebook page, Hector decided to let his true colors be shown. Remember, the post and issue people were fighting over had nothing to do with Power Rangers, but Hector’s response did.

I try my best to keep my little corner of the internet as clean and kid friendly as possible. It is for that reason that I will not be posting the exact words he stated, as he chose the low road & expressed himself with many expletives. What he did say was that “Old Dudes” that are Power Rangers fans needed to “Grow Up”, as well as calling adult fans “Guys with no lives”.

Needless to say this was not well received by some, including myself. There’s a saying of “never meet your heroes” and sadly with Power Rangers recent casts, that holds very true. Hector’s actions and words were not that of someone kids should look up to. Instead, what this former Green Ranger actor really showed himself to be, is nothing more than a bully. You know, the same kind of bully that picks on you in school or at work for being different from them, or just not agreeing with them. So these words, coming from an actor who played on a show, that enforces the themes of acceptance and NOT bullying, shows that to Hector, Power Rangers was just another paycheck.

Sadly there have been a couple of other instances in recent Power Rangers casts past that have soured my views of some actors. Even more disheartening is that I fear history will continue to repeat itself with a Megaforce cast member, and only continue on unless something changes.

What needs to change to prevent this? Let me again turn to Doctor Who. The casting for the role of The Doctor and Companions is a very tightly guarded secret. So much so that in many cases, it is not an open casting call, but more of a secretive, tell no one invite. In the case of the companions, the casting information does not list the show’s name or give the title “companion”. Instead a fake series name and character names are given, all to keep information from getting out. This also serves another purpose; it weeds out the egos.

Doctor Who celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary this year and is seen & loved by millions of fans all over the globe. So it would be easy for an ego driven actor or actress to want to be on such a global smash hit. Power Rangers, while not having nearly as big an audience, is still a hit with kids. Children idolize the Rangers, so this leads to actors and actresses wanting the roles just so they can be put on a pedestal, even if it is by kids. It’s a god complex in many actors.

I believe this was the case with Hector. Before the show started, and everyone had high hopes for the second Saban era, people loved the fact he was reaching out to fans. Then after the show premiered and got going, he began to see that fans were not loving it. Some, of course, can be extreme in their dislike, but many are constructive and express their views in the hopes that those higher up will take their views into consideration, and finally help make the show better. But Hector I feel just took it as, “these losers aren’t worshiping me anymore”. His ego got bruised, thus he decided, once he was free of his contract, to lash out the first chance he could.

I would love for Power Rangers to take a page from Doctor Who casting and keep things quiet. Make up some fake show name that doesn’t stand out, and just ask for general qualities like acting, martial arts, and gymnastics. Don’t let it be known you are casting for Power Rangers, and downplay the importance of the roles. This will keep many of the ego driven actors & actresses away, since they tend to only want roles where they are the star & want to be worshiped.

Now several fellow fans, including many Power Force members, have told me that I have it wrong. Hector was just having a bad day, and that they’ve met him in person & he’s a really nice guy to the fans. To this I must remind all of you of one fact. Hector is an actor. His job is to convince people into believing that he feels one way. So no, I do not believe for one millisecond that he was just having a bad day. He made it crystal clear how he feels.

I’m sure there will be someone who tries to pass this on to Hector himself. So if by some off chance Mr. David Jr. is reading this, I shall address him now.

I know you may very well be sitting there thinking, “This stupid loser needs to get a life. He’s just another one of those nerds.” Though you may also be thinking that you want to tell me “where to go” or “where to burn” or that maybe I should do harm to myself because I have no life. If those are your thoughts Hector, my answers are “No, no, and absolutely no.” No Hector, I’m quite proud of the Nerd I am. I love my life & the shows I watch. What I don’t like are bullies, of which you are. Hector David Jr. you are a disgrace to Power Rangers. You embody none of the themes the show seeks to instill in its audience. Instead, you chose to simply belittle those different from you. You are no Power Ranger. You are just another bully who lucked into pretending to be a Power Ranger.

To Saban Brands, please consider changing your casting methods & policies before thins get much worse. As for my fellow fans, both young and old. Never listen to bullies such as Hector. Bullies only have power over you if you give them that power. Never be afraid to be who you are, no matter who you are. Be proud of who you are and enjoy living your life your way.



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