“Because We Can”

January 7, 2013

There’s been a great deal of discussion lately about general embarrassment for being a Power Rangers Fan, or just Nerd in general. So instead of posting in said forum topics, I decided I would just sum up my own personal beliefs and experiences here.

First up, the “Closet Fan” syndrome.  I honestly have never in my entire life understood this. But perhaps some perspective on my life will help explain this. Back in 5th Grade, at the end of the year, they had a “Graduation” tradition where the departing fifth grade class members had to “leave” something behind, as they progressed onward to Middle School. This is to symbolize the growing up and maturing phase of life. So students were to say they’re leaving their tardiness behind, they’re bad study habits, etc... Well, with a straight A student like myself, there wasn’t anything bad to leave behind. So instead, my teacher & another student said, “You’ll leave your love of Power Rangers behind.” At that moment I remember yelling in my brain, “Say WHAT?!?!” Seriously, they were grouping my love for a show, in the same categories as bad & unhealthily habits? Needless to say, what they said during the ceremony, and what actually happened in life are two entirely different things.

It was that moment when I began to wonder, “Why should I give up or hide my love of something, when it does not hurt or effect anyone else’s life?” The easy & true answer being, I shouldn’t and I didn’t. I continued all through the rest of my educational life letting it be known that I was a Power Rangers fan & collector. Whenever a new school year would begin, and the teachers would ask us our interests, my enjoyment of Power Rangers was the first statement out of my mouth. Even to this day I don’t hide my love for Power Rangers, Doctor Who or any of my nerdy enjoyments. While I don’t parade around and shove it in everyone’s face, I certainly am not embarrassed or humiliated by it.

I do not understand why or when society decided that of all the groups of individuals in the world, that the nerds are the ones that should hide who they are. Honestly, in a world of murders, terrorist, alcoholics, violent abusers, drug addicts and politicians, it’s the nerds who should be the ones to shun from the light? Now granted, I fully admit there are backwards sections of society that fully believe that myself, and nerds like me, are...well I’ll just say they consider us quite a few unkind words. But do you really think those people, and their dark age style thinking really matter?

Next up we have the “Relationship” issue. Now I will say, my views & beliefs here are coming from someone who has no friends what-so-ever, and never has & never will have any kind of relationship. (Please don’t start with the “there’s someone for everyone” speech, as I will be tackling that theory in a later ledger entry)

So with having said that, the issue here seems to the be the idea of that being a Power Rangers fan, or any kind of Nerd Fan, greatly decreases your chances of having any king of meaningful relationship. Well, I can’t say I completely disagree here. Some say that “no bodies cares what you like”. If that were the case, then why exactly does society want people to conform to their sense of normalcy? I agree it should not be an issue, but for a good number of people (those that are likely extremely shallow & self-centered) it is.

However, it does not completely rule out relationships. I believe that being a Nerd actually proves an advantage in the dating game. Think about it, as a Nerd, you have a built in litmus test to check everyone with. From the very beginning of getting to know someone, when they ask what your interests are, you can explain your nerd likes. If the person laughs, scoffs or makes fun of you, then you know not to waste any more of your time with the individual. Though if the person is genuinely okay, or in very rare instances perhaps even interested, then you can be assured that you can invest more time with said person.

Now some have said that it’s best to wait things out, before telling your person of interest about your Nerd habits and hobbies. I completely disagree with this idea. Do you really want to start any kind of relationship off by hiding something that big about you? Think of it this way. When you go to buy a used car, don’t you want full disclosure about the vehicle before you drive it off? Well, the same applies in potential relationships. Make sure everything is known before too much time is wasted.

Again, others state that being a Power Rangers Fan or Nerd does not define you. Well we clearly have different definitions of “Define” then. When I think of what defines who I am, I think Power Rangers, Doctor Who, my willingness to stand & fight for what’s right, my toy collection and my website. There has not been one single day since I became a Power Rangers fan, when I haven’t spent some moment of a day thinking of Power Rangers in some form. I don’t force conversations I have with others into the realm of Power Rangers, or other Nerd topics, but it’s still who I am. I’ve had instances in life where I’ve stood up against racists & child abusers. What was the driving force that gave me the courage to do this? The lessons instilled in me by my parents, and reinforced by Power Rangers & Doctor Who. So yes, being a fan of Power Rangers does very much define who I am. It’s what I enjoy, it’s part of my moral compass, and it is a part of my life.

So I say it’s fine to let your nerdiness be known when looking for friendships or relationships. It helps weed out the haters, and you could even find a fellow nerd looking for the same relationship.

Finally we come to “Showing Off” your Power Ranger Pride. Again, I have never been one to shy away from letting my Ranger Pride shine. Now while most are probably thinking this is just about t-shirts or hats, this goes beyond that. I’m talking about the Morphers. Some fandom members believe it’s childish to wear plastic toys, on your wrist, in public. In fact, there are a few that think if you do this, you have mental problems. Well, if I’m insane to wear a toy in public then...

But let’s think about this.  Is it really that big of a issue to wear or carry around a plastic toy? I don’t think so. Again, I’ll explain my own life experiences. I started wearing Morphers in public back during my Junior Year of High School with the Chrono Morpher.  Granted I didn’t wear it to school for fear of it being broken, but sometimes around town & going to stores, yes I wore it. This continued on with me either wearing the season’s Morpher, or carrying it around with me, all the way to Jungle Fury. It stopped there because, well the Solar Morpher could not fit my adult head. ;p With the coming Legacy Power Morpher, I fully intend on buying one just for me to wear around as a belt buckle. I’ve even worn/carried Digimon Digivices and Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrivers out in public. I’ve gone in banks, grocery shopping, toy hunting and several other places with these kind of toys. I may get a few strange looks, but should a complete stranger’s opinion matter to me? I say no. Do you care if a complete stranger sees you singing to the music in your car? Then what is the difference between that & wearing a toy on your wrist?

The only time I don’t carry or wear such things is for professional environments, such as job interviews. For those cases, that isn’t your time, it’s the time of professionals and you are their guest. These are the times where you are representing a business or professional image, thus your hobbies have to take a back seat. But if your employer is cool with you showing off your Nerd Pride, go for it.

I do not see carrying or wearing a Morpher as any sillier than body piercings, tattoos, different hair styles, or wearing nerd clothing. If you are comfortable with it, and it’s on your own time, then I say wear it.

Those are my thoughts, experiences and beliefs on this entire “embarrassment” issue. I’m sure there are still a great number of fans that will see me as immature, ridiculous, a down right disgrace to the fandom, or even certifiable. To them I say. . .okay. I didn’t set out to change your views. But your views are not going to change the way I live either. I guess the saying “Haters Gotta Hate” applies here. However, I’m not the one that has to live with those feelings of anger or frustration. I just go on living & enjoying life my way.

For those that may still be worried, or hiding their Power Rangers fan status, or Nerd Pride, I can’t tell you what to do. No one can tell you what to do. You have to look inside yourself and decided what the right choice is for you. What I will leave you with is the words of Bon Jovi’s newest single.

“I don’t wanna be another wave in the ocean.

I am a rock, not just another grain of sand. (That’s what I am)

Wanna be the one you run to when you need a shoulder.

I ain’t a soldier, but I’m here to take stand.

Because We Can!”



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