“The Real Ghostbusters - Top 10 Episodes”

October 19, 2012

Every October, with Halloween quickly approaching, my thoughts always return to my first favorite series; The Real Ghostbusters. It’s only natural to think of Ghostbusters during the month that recognizes the supernatural & paranormal. However, this time I wanted to take a harder look and decide, of all the 140 episodes of The Real Ghostbusters, which shows were my top ten favorites. So here they are...

#10 - “The Thing in Mrs. Faversham’s Attic”

by J. Michael Straczyski for the Syndicated Season

It’s a given that basements, attics and areas that usually remain dark & dreary are considered hotbeds for ghostly activity, but this episode captures that wonderfully. Instead of an evil force being in a attic, due to some tragedy, the specter was brought about by Mrs. Faversham’s father years ago, in an effort to make a better life for his little girl. The attic by itself could be scary enough, but having the ghost turn the entire room into it’s own realm adds to the uneasy feeling.

What makes the episode one of my favorites though, is how it shows Peter’s heart & generosity. Normally Peter is seen as just the sarcastic member of the team, and focusing a fair amount of the income of the business. However, Peter shows that underneath the skin, he cares greatly for those unable to protect themselves. The final scene, after the ghost has been captured & Mrs. Faversham is allowed to return home, Peter chooses to stay and have Tea with the elderly woman, instead of leaving her alone in her house.

#9 - “Elementary My Dear Winston”

by Richard Mueller for the

4th ABC Season

As a child, I was very interested in Sherlock Holmes. In many ways looking at it now, Sherlock is a bit like an early Doctor Who; always using his mind to solve problems. This episode makes an excellent use of Sherlock, Watson & Moriarty. What really sells the episode is showing more character for Winston, proving he’s more than just the team’s mechanic. The show also explains the sudden appearance of these fictional characters, using the term “Belief Made Manifest”. I love this bit, as it helps grow the universe and prove there’s always more to explore and learn.

#8 - “The Collect Call of Cathulhu”

By Michael Reaves for the Syndicated Season

This episode is a perfect example of showing the Ghostbusters face off against a huge threat to the entire world. Using the most infamous work of H.P. Lovecraft, and making it a reality is beautifully executed here. I throughly enjoyed the cult & Necronomicon scenes. Best of all, is that, as so many other times, the Ghostbusters have to use their minds to figure out how to defeat Cathulhu.

#7 - “Ragnarock And Roll”

by J. Michael Straczynski for the Syndicated Season

This is another “entire world at stake” episode, but with heart. Showing how dark a human’s feelings of sadness and depression can take them is serious. I really like the idea of certain objects existing that could usher in the end of the world, and the flute Jeremy uses captures that look. I especially love the scene where, as the Ghostbusters believe the only way to save the world is for them to self detonate the Proton Packs, all while holding onto them. That lesson stuck with me all my life, that you must be willing to pay the ultimate cost for the safety of others.

#6 - “The Grundel”

by J. Michael Straczynski for the 2nd ABC Season

It should come as no surprise that I was a straight shooting, straight A, goody two shoes kid. That comes from two great parents, but also from this episode. If there was anything that could scare a kid from being a bad seed, it is this show & the idea of a Grundel. The sheer design of the Grudel is magnificent, and the idea that he is drawn to bad kids so that he can turn them into Grundels, it all makes for a very scary show.

#5 - “Robo-Buster”

by Francis Moss for

the 3rd ABC Season

Being a huge technology nerd, I enjoy seeing episodes the utilize the idea of man vs. machine. This adventure does a great job of showing how greed and an ego of selfish man can lead to disasters. What is also enjoyable about this one episode, is it explains that ghosts cannot be destroyed, only contained. Helping explain a bit more of the physics and mechanics of the Ghostbuster’s equipment, takes this show to a higher level for me.

#4 - “The Copycat”

by Michael Reaves for

the 2nd ABC Season

The Ghostbuster’s Firehouse is the place I wanted to live in as a child. As time passed, I grew to memorize & materialize, in mind my, where every room would be located in the firehouse. This is largely due to this one show. The Copycat is not only a great idea for a ghost, but add in the idea of it being inside the base for our heroes adds so much intensity and comedy. This is another tale where the Ghostbusters must really be clever in figuring out how to draw out & capture the ghost. Plus, I also feel like a bit of my own personal laugh is taken from how the Copycat laughs. XD

#3 - “The Halloween Door”

by J. Michael Straczynski for the 4th ABC Season & Primetime Special

I have never cared for the morality groups, who believe that everything is out to corrupt children. This Halloween Special takes on those groups head on with our human antagonist Dr. Crowley. It shows how when one becomes completely obsessed with their “enemy”, they do in fact end up becoming the enemy. I love the musical numbers in the show, and the attempt at telling the origins of Halloween. The idea of a Halloween Contract is a brilliant explanation for how the Netherworld came about. My favorite part of the show, is having a child be the one to actually beat Boogaloo, and show you don’t have to be afraid.

#2 - “Knock, Knock”

by J. Michael Straczynski for the Syndicated Season

This is, for me, the BEST episode showing the Ghostbusters having to save the entire world from destruction. Again, it has an object that is linked to the end of the world. The design & voice of the Doomsday Door is creepy, but the idea that everything beyond the door is meant to take over the planet after the end is even more scary. Once more, the team is fully ready to sacrifice their lives if necessary, all to save he world. Though the scene with the Ghostbusters on the subway train, fighting off the skeletons is favorite, all thanks to the theme song playing during the fight.

#1 - “Citizen Ghost”

by J. Michael Straczynski for the 1st ABC Season

This is my all time favorite show & I can quote every single word, from beginning to end. Mr. Stracynski did an excellent job in showing exactly what happened between the end of the Ghostbusters movie, and the adventures in The Real Ghostbusters. Using an interview for television is an awesome way to lead into the flashback.

I love all the explanations and insight this episode gives. The evil force of the Etco-Clones is my favorite, though I am always a sucker for evil duplicates. The story of how Slimer came back and got to stay with the team is fun. My favorite moment is, as the Ecto-Clones are down, as the team stands ready to “zap & trap”, Ray tells them, “Say goodnight fellas, cause The Real Ghostbusters are here to stay.” I love that part, as it shows that these are the REAL Ghostbusters, and they will always be around to beat any paranormal threat.

So those are my top ten favorites of The Real Ghostbusters. To this day it remains one of my all time favorite series, and a huge influence on my life. It’s a series I will never grow tired of.



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