“Saban’s Kids TV Block”

June 30, 2012

The deal is nearly done, and Saban Brands will soon be owner of the CW Saturday morning block. We all ready know that Saban Brands plans on showing one or two Power Rangers reruns on this block, but I have been giving some thought to what all this could grow into. Most importantly, how great it would be for Power Rangers to finally move away from the orange network that must not be named.

To me, it appears that Saban Brands wants to return to the days of the Fox Kids glory. This was truly one of the pinnacles of children's television programming. So if that is the plan, there are a few things that could be brought back and modernized for success.

Starting out small, the name and promotion will be the foundation of this new start. I would go with a simple name, like HERO TV. It represents all the programs that will be shown on the block, as well as giving that feeling of power & action. The promos should drive home the message of the network. Fox Kids had some of the best bumpers and promos. Plus, Saban Brands could give us some great group block music video promos, in the same style as the Fox Kids "Here We Go" music video.

In today's day and age, the online element is a key essential part. The days of Fox Kids were just in the infant years of the Internet, so they never had that strong of a site. What Fox Kids did have was a great magazine. Granted print magazines for kids today are not financially feasible, but downloadable tablet magazines are a different story. Having an downloadable online magazine would be good for kids. It could give readers those great early sneak peeks & interviews that Fox Kids Magazine had, as well as some good toy advertisements and printable materials, posters or wallpapers.

Another huge element in today's on-the-go online world, is being able to take your favorite shows with you. Now while having episodes on a website is nice, it does not take the place of actually owning the episodes and having access to them at any time. I feel having a block of shows available to download on iTunes and Amazon would be good. This part would be even more valuable since the CW is controlled mostly by local station affiliates. These stations would then likely be required to interrupt children's programming a few times for news or weather.

Contests were a fun and enjoyable part of the Fox Kids days. Saban Brands has done a few giveaways with Power Rangers DVDs and figures, but nothing on the scale of what was done years ago. I would love to see this new kids TV block have contests to with huge amounts of toys, trips to show sets or animation studios, etc... One small request is that the contests should not be limited to entering through Facebook. It would be wise to allow entires to come from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and even the official website.

While a Saturday morning block is nice, what really made the Fox Kids block successful was that it had weekday blocks as well. I remember fondly rushing home from school each day, yes even in High School (NERD), all so I could plant myself on my couch and watch two hours of Fox Kids. I do not see that kids have any real TV block to rush home and want to watch now days. With local affiliates in charge of the non-CW programming, this would take a little extra work, but I think Saban Brands could manage to get two hours of weekday afternoon time.

So all these ideas can mesh together well, but what about the programming of the block? This is really where I have let some of my imagination take over. I have put together a list of 14 shows that could come together to make an enjoyable kids action & comedy lineup.

#14 - Ben 10 . . .Any and All

The CW is all ready partially owned by Warner Bros, so I think it would be nice for Saban Brands to try and team up to bring some of the hit Cartoon Network shows to this new kids block. Granted new episodes should still be kept to Cartoon Network, but these  reruns would open up the series to a whole new audience.

#13 - The Looney Tunes Show

While I was skeptical about this series before its premiere, having watched all of the first season, I can say this captures the great essence of Looney Tunes. I feel this would be a good comedy based show for the lineup.

#12 - Cubix

Okay, I have never watched any of this series. But from the pictures I have seen it looks like a fun and nice enough series. It would carry over from the current lineup, keeping some of the existing audience.

#11 - Sonic X

Just like Cubix, I have never seen this show. However, it is series based off a hit video game character, so you can't go too wrong. I think.

#10 - Dragonball Z Kai

This series, while having its critics, is introducing a new generation to the Dragonball franchise. I like this concept and feel it should be kept on the block.

#9 - Yu-Gi-Oh Classics

The CW Saturday block has been showing the original Yu-Gi-Oh series for a while now. I can't blame them, since this was the series that captured kid's attention. Plus there are a large number of episodes to rerun. Finally, I believe there is some contractual obligation for Saban Brands to continue airing Yu-Gi-Oh.

#8 -   Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal

I have not watched this series, but I may still give it a chance. Still, the contract between Saban Brands and Konami will require this series be shown.

#7 - Young Justice

This is a spectacular DC Comics series. Again, much in the way Ben 10 & The Looney Tunes Show could be handled, Young Justice could be shown in reruns on the Saturday. It could be opened up to more kids if it were shown on this new Saban Brands block.

#6 - Big Bad Beetleborgs & Beetleborgs Metallix

Saban Brands has made sure that Beetleborgs has gotten a bit of attention by putting all the episodes on Netflix. I think the show is still enjoyable enough for kids today to get into it.

#5 - Digimon

Since Saban returned to buy back Power Rangers, many fans have been hoping and wishing for Saban Brands to get the rights to Digimon back. Now could be the perfect time for that. I am not saying we need the Xros Wars series, but at least the other five Digimon seasons could be given to a whole new generation of kids to enjoy.

#4 - The Real Ghostbusters

Okay, before you look at me like that, allow me to explain. Sony & Columbia want to get Ghostbusters going again. While we wait to see if Ghostbusters 3 will ever come about, introducing new kids to The Real Ghostbusters could help get a new generation into the world of Super Natural Investigations and Eliminations.

#3 - Power Rangers Classics

This is a pure given. 700 episodes from Mighty Morphin to RPM, so it is not like there are not plenty of seasons to choose from. Plus with the 20th anniversary next year, Saban Brands and Bandai could work together to make sure classic seasons aired at the same time some classic figures were available.

#2 - Power Rider

It was found back in 2010 that Saban Brands owns the copyright to the title Power Rider. It is easy to assume that this is what Saban Brands may name their Kamen Rider adaptation. I think with Power Rangers finally getting back into the swing of things, taking on a Kamen Rider adaptation would be a great next step. Plus, Saban Brands could air new episodes of Power Rangers & Power Rider in an hour block, just like it is done in Japan.

#1 - Power Rangers . . . Current and NEW

This is the easiest one. Now while we are stuck in that contract with network orange, Samurai and Super Samurai reruns can still air, then Megaforce reruns too. But come 2015, I hope that we will say our final goodbyes to orange, and say hello to the new home of new Power Ranger Seasons.

To close things out, just for fun, here is how I would schedule the lineups:


7:00 - The Looney Tunes Show

7:30 - Cubix

8:00 - Power Rangers - Current

8:30 - Power Rider

9:00 - Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal

9:30 - Yu-Gi-Oh Classics

10:00 - Young Justice

10:30 - Dragonball Z Kai

11:00 - Ben 10

11:30 - Sonic X


3:00 - Digimon

3:30 - Big Bad Beetleborgs/Beetleborgs Metallix

4:00 - The Real Ghostbusters

4:30 - Power Rangers Classics


3:00 - Young Justice (Repeat from Previous Saturday)

3:30 - Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal (Repeat from Previous Saturday)

4:00 - Power Rangers - Current (Repeat from Previous Saturday)

4:30 - Power Rider (Repeat from Previous Saturday)



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