“Butt Out Nickelodeon”

June 25, 2012

Just when I think Nickelodeon cannot possibly irritate me more, they come along and prove me wrong. This time the irksome behavior comes in the form of their slowly growing influence on Power Rangers.

Recently the newest & final cast sides were revealed for the potential Megaforce actors. While I was quite pleased to see these scripts were not at all taken from any Sentai source, or any previous Power Rangers scripts, there were still a few items that I found a tad worrisome.

In one of the scripts, the story was based around two characters arguing over one girl believing that another girl had gone out on a date with one of the male Rangers. Another item, in a different side, made a point of mentioning how the group was going to a concert of a boy band.

These issues, while small, do still cause me to raise an eyebrow. I am not against Power Rangers having some relationships as a background story. However, making the point of dating a primary story driving issue in one casting side, I feel that takes it a bit more than usual. Then there is the issue of brining up boy bands in Power Rangers. Seriously? I would hope that this was just a casting side event, and not something that would actually be in a real episode. All times before when Power Rangers has needed some kind of band, they’ve made up some fictitious group.

Now I could easily look past these small issues, but then came the revelation this past week that Nick had more influence. It has come to light that Nickelodeon actually played a role in casting for the Megaforce season. Now yes, the above mentioned casting sides are of course a part of casting, but now it seems the dreaded orange network may be getting to help choose the Megaforce cast of actors & actresses.

I admit I did actually wonder if Nick had this kind of power with the Samurai cast. When you look at all six Samurai Ranger actors, you can easily see that they all look like they walked out of a fashion magazine. Not one single Ranger actor looks anywhere close to what I would consider average. They are all beautiful people, who could easily be put into a commercial for the GAP or Old Navy.

So now we likely have Nickelodeon helping choose the cast for Megaforce. I expect that we will see more “model looking” actors & actresses. Gone will be the days (MMPR through RPM) of having casts with a fair mix of average to good looking actors. No, the entire focus could now be solely based on appearance. If you’re an actor with good skills, but just average looks, then your chances of getting cast are probably slim. However, if you’ve been a model, then you are exactly what Nickelodeon wants for Power Rangers.

I’m sure my critics are likely telling me something along these lines right now, “Linear, you are only upset because you are an ugly, lonely nerd. Why don’t you shut up all ready?” The fact of my below average looks, and being a nerd have nothing to do with this issue. My complaint is that Nickelodeon should not be having any influence on Power Rangers. The series is owned by Saban Brands, and Nickelodeon only airs it...ONCE a week. Not one single time since 2010 has Nickelodeon shown any amount of actual care for the Power Rangers series. Yet now, for whatever reason, Nickelodeon wants to throw their weight around and push Power Rangers into something it shouldn’t be.

But what else should I expect from a network that teaches their audience, (with their tween sitcoms) that the only important things in life are being pretty & being famous. Honestly, look at their three major tween sitcoms. All of them focus on the characters being a famous boy band, being famous on the internet, or just being pretty & famous in Hollywood. What about teaching kids to do good in the world, to help others, to fight for what you believe in, and never give up? No, we can’t have kids learning actual valuable lessons. Nickelodeon shows that we need children to grow up to be self-centered, egotistical and superficial.

Some have even stated that we fans may end up being grateful for the influence that Nickelodeon is inserting. I can tell you right now, it will be a -1000 degree, freezing day in Hell when I ever thank Nickelodeon for ANYTHING. I will hold on to a bit of hope that Megaforce will not show too much Nickelodeon impact. Plus, there’s the continuing hope that come 2015, Power Rangers will move to a new home on the CW Saturday Mornings. Until then, Nickelodeon, BUTT OUT!



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