“Hopes for the 20th Anniversary Toys”

June 23, 2012

Well since my previous entires addressing the 20th Power Rangers Anniversary are now null & void, I figure the toy line is the one thing left I can comment on. I don’t want that much, just some a few key toy lines.

#3 - Continuing the Retrofire Megazords

I have loved the Retrofire Megazords since they started in 2009. Their stylized looks are not for everyone, but I still think they make very nice display pieces. To date, we have nine of the core Megazords, out of 18. So if Bandai America will just continue giving us a few new Retrofires as the years go on, it should not be long before we have all of the core Megazords.

#2 - Start a Red Ranger Figure Line

The 15th Anniversary gave us the larger and HEAVILY muscled Red Ranger figures. While they were nice, they still had their flaws. I think next year is an excellent point to START a new Red Ranger 6 Inch Figure line. I say start, meaning I want the line to be like the Retrofires. Do not try and cram all of the Red Ranger figures into just one year. Spread the figures out over two to four years. Plus, in order to get kids to want these figures, Saban Brands could sync the released figures with the rerun seasons they air on the CW Saturday Mornings.

I know some are probably thinking, “But why would Bandai make these figures in 6 Inch scale?” My answer lies in the Thundercats line. The Thundercats toy line, also made by Bandai America, has a series of 6 inch figures. They are nicely detailed, have a wide range of articulation, nice accessories and only retail for $12. So if Bandai America were to make a similar line with the Red Rangers, I could seem them costing about $8 or $10, since some of the core body parts could be reused for most Rangers.

#1 - The Power Morpher. . .BOTH Versions

The Power Morpher is the Morpher people remember wanting, having & playing with from their childhood. Today, only us die hard collectors still have ours, or those that bought one (or several) from eBay. This is possibly the most sought after Power Rangers toy, other than the Dragon Dagger. I think next year would be the best time to re-release the Power Morpher. No mould changes, keep the Power Coins done in plastic with gold chrome, but do correct the stickers on the Morpher.

Finally, do not just give us the normal Power Morpher, also release the Green Ranger’s Power Morpher with actual Dragon Claw Power Coin. This sadly never saw release in the US, and thus has made the value of the Japanese Dragon Buckler sky rocket. It’s time the Green Ranger’s Power Morpher had a US release, and the 20th Anniversary is the perfect time for it to happen.

So those are my three main hopes for the anniversary toy line. That’s really it. I don’t want re-released Megazords, or weapons, or anything extremely extravagant. I would just like those three items, and I would be completely satisfied.



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