“A Dizzying Gokaiger Ride”

June 13, 2012

Wow! Over the past day, from the information the RangerCrew’s Blog has gathered, we have gone from Gokaiger being essentially un-adaptable, to now a season in waiting. So how did this all start and where are we now? Let’s go over the details.

After it was shown that Power Rangers Megaforce would be using the Sentai Series Goseiger, many fans, including myself, were puzzled. It seemed very odd to not use a season’s footage that contains so much valuable anniversary related material, for the 20th Power Rangers Anniversary. So when Fury Diamond first spoke with the Saban Brands representatives at the Licensing Expo about this, he could not get a solid answer, but was told that, essentially they did not believe that Gokaiger & it’s themes could be worked to fit a young audience.

Needless to say, this vexed a great number of fans & myself. It made the creative team of Saban Brands appear to actually know nothing of Gokaiger, as well as coming off as very lazy. But this roller coaster ride was not quite done.

Today Fury Diamond went back to the Saban Brands booth to try and get a better explanation. Here’s what he learned the following. First, Saban Brands is not allowed to skip any Sentai Seasons, thus why Goseiger is being used for the 20th Season. Also, there are issues that are beyond Saban Brands control, like the way Nickelodeon has been handling the series. However, fans need not fear for when the time comes, there will be a Gokaiger based season. Finally, the folks at Saban Brands are indeed listening to what the fans have to say, and are using their input as they continue to move forward.

So now it appears that Saban Brands may have actually wanted to use Gokaiger, but their contract with Toei Entertainment kept them from skipping ahead. Plus the fact that due to Samurai having to be Season 18, and Super Samurai Season 19, this led to Megaforce becoming Season 20. This will then lead to Ultra Megaforce becoming Season 21.

Who is to blame for these doubled seasons with short episode counts? Oh yeah. . . THAT orange network.

That is where we stand now. Goseiger is going to be Megaforce & Ultra Megaforce. Gokaiger will not be skipped. Saban Brands is not allowed to skip a Sentai Season. And Nickelodeon is likely to blame for this entire mess. Oh but there is a ray of hope & light. You see readers, Saban Brands is almost finished buying a Saturday Morning Block, and their contract with Nickelodeon only runs to the end of 2014 (the end of Ultra Megaforce). So with a bit of hope & luck, we could very well see our Gokaiger Power Rangers adaptation airing as one full & normal season, on Saturday mornings on. . .



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