“Megaforce Mega Processed”

June 13, 2012

Well I have read over RangerCrew’s Blog post a few times now. I have given the information we’ve learned some serious thought. So if you are brave, or insane enough, to want to read my opinions, then let’s get started.

Goseiger becomes Power Rangers Megaforce

I admit, from what little I have seen of Goseiger, I do not care for the footage. Add the idea of this series becoming the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary season, and it all originally had me very disappointed. However, upon learning some new facts, I am a bit excited for this two year season.

First and foremost, I now feel this is not an anniversary season. What I mean is that this season will not be made to promote or celebrate the anniversary. The main push of the 20th Anniversary will be to sell merchandise and have giveaways. I do not expect to see any recognition in the show for the anniversary. I expect 2013’s Megaforce & 2014’s Ultra Megaforce (according to 2011 copyright filings) will just proceed as normal Power Rangers seasons. There will be nothing out of the ordinary, just normals seasons going about like all others before them.

Also, from what Fury Diamond saw of the teaser trailer, as well as the description we were given, Megaforce will indeed have some originality to it. Granted I do not care too much for the idea of making the show be another Mighty Morphin. However, I hope that beyond that idea, the series will have some strong creativity and imagination, especially in hopefully cutting down on Goseiger Card use.

So yes, I am looking forward to Megaforce & Ultra Megaforce. I stated before that I would always watch the season, and that has not & will never change. I hope that Power Rangers Megaforce can bring the franchise to a new level of original story telling.

20th Anniversary & Super Fans

As I stated above, I feel the 20th Anniversary for Power Rangers is mainly for selling merchandise. The folks at Saban Brands have said they plan on doing several events involving their “Super Fans” for the anniversary. In truth, I only expect a bunch of online contests and giveaways. Now where I do expect the anniversary to be strong is with the Bandai line. Bandai America mentioned that they were all ready working on parts of the anniversary line at this year’s toy fair. I think Bandai will really deliver next year. I doubt we’ll see re-releases of old toys, but I think we will see some nice figures, special packs, and hopefully a continuation of the Retrofire Megazord figure line.

So those are my thoughts on what we’ve been given & told. I look forward to Megaforce and the potential it holds, and I expect little from the 20th Anniversary besides good toys. Onwards to the future, and hope for the best.



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