June 12, 2012

It’s been confirmed. The 2013 Power Rangers Megaforce season will indeed be based off of the Sentai Series Goseiger. Needless to say, I’m not all that excited about this news. I have three key issues with this choice, which I will express in this entry.

As I read through the official Megaforce Press Release from Saban Brands, my heart sank as I got to the description of the season. The question in my mind was simple; why? In my opinion, this choice was not the best to make, due to three key points.

#3 - Cards & Headers

Goseiger has two HUGE gimmicks in their footage. First you have the cards, used with their large & bulky card reader / changer. If you’ve seen even one episode of Goseiger, or just a few minutes of their fight footage, you’ve seen the massive number of cards flashed in your face. This team needs a card for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Here’s the typical breakdown of a fight.

1 - Morph - Use a Card

2 - Need Headers for Blasters - Use a Card

3 - Need Primary Weapon - Use a Card

4 - Perform an Attack - Use a Card

5 - Combine Weapons & Attack - Use a Card

6 - Summon Zords - Use a Card

7 - Form the Megazord - Use a Card

8 - Perform an Attack - Use a Card

9 - Finishing Megazord Attack - Use a Card

As you can imagine, this gets very tiring. It would not be so bad if there were only a few times when the cards were used, but when every other minute the team is having to take out their Morphers & insert a card, after a while you loose complete interest.

The Headers are the secondary gimmick that is just...strange. The Zords for the team have detachable heads. Yes, you read that correctly, the heads of the Zords come off. They do this to become blaster barrels for the Ranger’s Blasters, as well as to form other various Megazord Modes. These additional Megazord Modes come from not full Auxiliary Zords, like many season before. Instead, there are three sets of three new Headers. Not full Zords, just the heads. These new headers give the main Megazord various powers from Speed to Flight to Water.

In an anniversary season of Power Rangers, you want to keep an audience’s attention & be excited. The card gimmick gets so mundane, and the Headers do not really have any wow factor to them. I personally hope that the folks at Saban Brands can do their best to try to edit down the use of the cards. 

#2 - Back to the Mighty Morphin Well

When Saban Brands bought Power Rangers back and began preparing Samurai, I understood the idea of using some Mighty Morphin elements to try and put Samurai into the mainstream. We saw these influences in the theme song, Xandred having headaches, the use of “Go Go”, and the presence of Bulk with Spike. All of these were put in place to draw in older fans, as well as to try and recapture some of the Mighty Morphin shine. Wether or not any of them worked is all a matter of opinion.

The season description given to us in the Megaforce Press Release showed that Saban Brands STILL wants to go back to that Mighty Morphin Well. The release let us know that Megaforce will have a being known as Gosei, a robotic assistant in Tensou, and the Rangers themselves will be “teenagers with attitude”. Yes, this is more blatant Mighty Mophin copying.

Since 2010 Saban Brands has continually referenced and pointed to Mighty Morphin as their best times. I do not understand this. Yes, Mighty Morphin is what got everyone’s attention. Yes, Mighty Morphin is the season that everyone, who is not a diehard fan, thinks of when they hear Power Rangers. Yes, Mighty Morphin was the phenomenon that swept the world. However, Power Rangers continued to still have success long after Mighty Morphin was gone. Zeo & In Space are two of my top three all time favorite seasons. I appreciate Mighty Morphin, but I had much more enjoyment out of the other seasons.

I feel Saban Brands needs to stop trying to copy Mighty Morphin. You cannot capture lightning in a bottle twice. Mighty Morphin was great, but it was not the only great thing that Power Rangers ever did. Be original, be new and be creative.

#1 - This is an anniversary

2013 marks the 20th Anniversary for Power Rangers. This is an achievement that not many shows reach, let alone children’s programs. When it was announced late last year that casting had been delayed by five to six months, I was excited. The reasoning for this delay was to increase the show’s “creative”. As time passed, we learned that Toei Entertainment was preparing to re-film the Legend War from the 35th Anniversary Sentai Season, Gokaiger. This new footage would feature teams only used as Power Rangers. Finally, as casting resumed, the sides given to those who auditioned were short scripts taken from actual Gokaiger episodes. All of these facts, combined with 2013 being the 20th Anniversary, led many, including myself, to believe that Goseiger would be skipped for now, and Power Rangers would use Gokaiger.

As someone who has seen every episode of Gokaiger, I can say that the idea of Power Rangers using the footage for the 20th Anniversary excited me. With a few minor edits and changes, Gokaiger would work perfectly for this kind of celebratory season. The footage helps pay homage to the past, thanks to the use of previous Ranger teams powers, newly redesigned recent past Zords, and the appearance of some villains from past years. The drive of the footage is celebrating the past, with a new team.

Gokaiger fits the idea of an anniversary so well. Wild Force & Operation Overdrive were not anniversary driven, but this is the first anniversary under Saban Brands’ control. This was Saban Brands opportunity to go all out & show everyone why Power Rangers has stuck around for 20 years. Now it will seem very strange to have Goseiger be our 20th Anniversary, and then for possibly the 22nd season, have Gokaiger footage used. It will be odd to have the 22nd season Rangers using past Ranger powers & such. Anniversaries are meant to be moments of honoring the past and looking to the future. Instead it appears our main 20th Anniversary point will be how the season is trying to be Mighty Morphin.

Those are my key issues with the decision to use Goseiger footage for Megaforce, and why I am greatly disappointed. However, I am a Power Rangers fan. I will watch every single promo, every episode, and still buy tons & tons of toys from the season. I shall do my best to help promote the Megaforce Season & 2oth Anniversary. I will give the season every chance, and I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it on many levels. It will still be Power Rangers, and as long as the series continues, that’s what matters.



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