“How Mega Modes Work”

May 12, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai & Super Samurai have single handedly taken Ranger Power-Ups to a whole new level the past two years. Where in many years past, the most we would get were one set of team power-ups and a Battlizer for Red, these seasons have given us Mega Mode, Super Mega Mode, and Shogun Mode. But a burning question for many fans is simply why? I have formulated a theory to answer just that question.

I am not attempting to answer the business side of why these power-ups exist. That is easy enough to guess that these modes are mostly just to pad out the toyline, so that it can last two year. Though likely the biggest reason is to sell more toys, and by looking at my collection I can say it worked.

What I am attempting to answer is the reasoning for these Megazord Ranger Armors from a story perspective. I think the key to the answer lies in the episode “Forest for the Trees”. At the beginning of this episode, Mia is given the Beetle Disc & Command of the Beetle Zord, instead of Mike, due to her, “control & symbol power.”

Throughout both Samurai & Super Samurai, the Ranger’s Symbol Power has been the key focus for all their training, battles and fights. I believe that when the Rangers need to pilot their Zords & Megazords, they need more Symbol Power to do this. I also think that the Zords & Megazords themselves are not self powered, instead they draw their powers from the Ranger’s own Symbol Power. So the Mega Modes are the Rangers Symbol Powers taken to a higher level, and allow that power to be transferred to the Zords & Megazords.

The Super Mega Mode is of course taking the enhanced powers of the Super Mode, and adding them on top of the Mega Mode. This allows the Rangers to form the Claw Armor Megazord, as well as pilot other Megazord combinations without the other Rangers.

Finally there is the Shogun Mode. Again drawing on the idea that the Zords & Megazords Powers & Attacks are only as powerful as the Ranger’s Symbol Powers, I feel the Shogun Mode is the pinnacle of the Ranger’s powers. This mode allows whichever Ranger is harnessing it, to have the highest level of Symbol Power. So the Megazord’s power & attacks can be increased to the highest level, allowing the takedown of the strongest Nighloks.

So to sum up my theory. The Ranger’s Mega Modes, Super Mega Modes & Shogun Modes are power boosts to their Symbol Power, allowing them to pilot & power the Zords & Megazords. I’m sure there are plenty of fans that will find tons of errors in my theory. I welcome that. This was just a fun idea I had and I wanted to share it.



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