“What I’d Like to See For the 20th Anniversary”

May 5, 2012

With the recent Power Rangers Casting Sides coming out, it appears very likely that the 2013 Power Rangers season will be using Gokaiger Footage. With this also working as the 20th Power Rangers Anniversary, I thought I’d go ahead and put together my list of the top five things I would like to see done or executed in the season.

#5 - Samurai Ranger Team-Up

Aside from the episodes that feature the new Rangers getting the Samurai team’s “Grand Power”, I would like to see an actual two-part team up special with all six Samurai Rangers. The last time we had a complete, two team team-up was back in SPD with “Wormhole”, and even that wasn’t exactly complete as Tommy wasn’t shown, and it was not his real voice. I think an original story, when done correctly, could make for a very strong team-up for the two groups.

#4 - Halloween Special

I am very pleased that the folks at Saban Brands have brought back Halloween episodes for Samurai & Super Samurai. It has been far too long since we’ve gotten Halloween shows. Yes I know Operation Overdrive had a episode that acknowledged Halloween, but what I am talking about are episodes that focus on the day itself. Gokaiger has a movie that I feel could easily work as a Halloween Special. The Ghost Ship Movie, if edited correctly and added with some original story, could be a great one-hour Halloween special.

#3 - Past Ranger Cameos

Yes, this is one that most likely every adult fan wants to see. For myself, I really don’t think there needs to be that many cameos. Truthfully, if we get at least six past Ranger guess shots, I will be completely satisfied. With those six, I think it would work best, given the footage, if they were from Mystic Force, SPD, Wild Force, Samurai, Ninja Storm, and RPM (NOT DILLON, PLEASE NOT DILLON). Any extra past Rangers or Allies would just be icing on the cake.

#2 - Red Ranger Vs. Basco/Silas

From the casting sides, there is a villain mentioned known as Silas. For Gokaiger fans, we know that this is actually Basco. This villain played a great part in Gokaiger and his fights with Red were some of the best in the series. I would love to see the Power Rangers version of the Red Ranger Vs. Silas be kept similar to Gokaiger, while still different enough to add some extra importance in the Power Rangers universe. This would allow for most all the fight scenes between the two to be kept. Well, except for the final battle, but I’d love to see something as epic done on PR’s side for that too.

#1 - Connect to the Morphin Grid

Over so many seasons, Ranger powers have been confusing when it comes to whether or not they could actually be tied to the Morphin Grid itself. With the use of the Gokaiger footage, and the Ranger Keys, I feel this is the perfect opportunity to finally connect all Power Ranger powers to the Morphin Grid, and unite them. Yes, many seasons had their own large or small power source that did not require Morphin Grid access, but connecting them to the grid could give a better explanation for the Ranger Keys. Plus, would that many fans really be that upset by all the teams being tied to the Morphin Grid without an explanation?

So there are my top five hopes for the 2013 Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Season. I don’t expect much of anything I’ve said to be taken into consideration. After all, the scripting process is probably too far in for these kind of ideas to be considered now. No matter what, I hope the 20th Anniversary will be one to remember.



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