“Bring Back Ranger Music”

March 31, 2012

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Having grown up in the early days of Power Rangers, one of the best parts of the show was the awesome rock songs that played in the background during the fight scenes. These songs always helped amp up the level of excitement. It made me feel more engaged in the show. Most of all, they were great songs to listen to in their entirety as well. So with Saban Brands recently releasing the 2012 Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai Theme Remix on iTunes, I got to thinking, and I have complied a list of ten past Power Rangers Songs that need to return for the 2013 20th Anniversary (again going on the belief Gokaiger footage is used).

#10 - “Fight”

One of the very first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers songs, it stands as a classic and dramatic battle song. It made for a great background foot solider fight song back then, and I think it would great to use it just for that again.

#9 - “5-4-1”

This song was good in getting the message that the core 5 Rangers work as 1 to save the world. That when you needed help, all you had to do was call on the 5, call on the Rangers. This too would make a good standard battle song.

#8 - “Combat”

A song that did a strong job of capturing the battle ready feeling and the feeling of urgency. It works well for both Ranger vs. Monsters, as well as Megazord Battles.

#7 - “I Will Win”

Another strong classic that also gives you a great sense of empowerment. It’s one of those songs that fits a scene where the Rangers may be down, but they still have the courage to get back up and continue fighting; never giving up.

#6 - “Unite”

I always saw this song as a perfect team-up song. All the lyrics just fit perfectly with a large united front, and with the 20th Anniversary possibly having a MASSIVE united group of Rangers, this would be the best song to use for that battle.

#5 - “We Need a Hero”

Hands down one of the best Power Rangers fight songs ever. This could easily be worked into an introduction story of the sixth Ranger. It could also work for the other Rangers in focus episodes.

#4 - “Invincible”

A song that I absolutely loved from the first time I heard it. I loved how Turbo used it for a lot of their later Megazord fight scenes, and I think it would be brilliant to use it again for the new Megazord battles.

#3 - “Hope For the World”

This song was another empowering anthem. With the lyrics focusing on one member, I think if the storyline between the Red Ranger & Basco are carried over, this would be the best song for the Red Ranger in his fights.

#2 - “Best of the Best of the Best”

With 2013 being the 20th Anniversary, it is easy to think that this team of Rangers, & the powers they have, are meant to exemplify the true meaning of being a Ranger. They are meant to be the best of the best. This song would work quite well in any kind of battle scene, especially with the lyrics “With all the power at your hands”.

#1 - “Here Comes the Power Again”

With it looking more & more likely that the 20th Anniversary will use Gokaiger footage, there is no other song that could be more fitting. If you’ve seen Gokaiger, listen to this song again, and then tell me you can’t see this song being put to all kinds of footage. This anthem would work greatly all through the 20th Anniversary Season, and “Here Comes the Power Again” would also make a great tagline for the season itself.

So there is my list of the top ten Power Ranger Songs I would like to see return for the anniversary season. I know it’s very unlikely, but I still think it would be great for this celebratory season to have tunes that really got fans excited. Playing the season’s theme song is nice, but actual fight songs are better.



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