“The New iPad Review”

March 24, 2012

Well it should come as no surprise that after two years of owning the first generation iPad, and becoming a full fledge Apple Fanboy, that I bought the New iPad the day Pre-Orders became available. Now that I have had the device for a week, I’ve complied my review of the newest iDevice.

Out of the box the New iPad does not look that different from the iPad 2, which actually has the benefit of many cases & covers working with the New iPad. For me, I bought the red leather Smart Cover. The weight difference is not really that noticeable, for me at least. Then again, I skipped the iPad 2 so from first to third generation, there is actually a bit of loss of weight. The form & design of the New iPad is one that I really like. It feels great in my hands.

The key point of attention of the New iPad comes when you switch it on. Apple has been pushing and highlighting the new Retina Display. It’s been pitched as being a better display than most high definition televisions now. I have to admit, I was not sold on the display originally. That changed however thanks to Power Rangers Super Samurai. When I went view a preview clip of the episode “The Rescue”, I was blown away. The quality and the sharpness of the picture were tons better than my HD TV in any room of my house. I could see every fine detail of the Ranger’s suits & helmets. Everything just looked so much better. The Retina Display truly does make so many things look worlds better on the New iPad.

The increased speed is the next area where I noticed such a great change. Now upgrading from the first generation iPad, the speed change was of course going to be drastic. All the websites I visit loaded much faster and kept the pages loaded when switching between apps. The new A5X Processor has essentially the same speed as the iPad 2, from the speed test videos I have seen. Though the A5X is also made for graphics. From what I have seen from the game apps I have played, everything plays smooth and clean, without any hiccups.

Moving onto the iSight rear camera. Up till now with iDevice Cameras, all I have really used a lot is the camera in my 4th Gen iPod Touch. While that camera isn’t perfect, it is still okay for some quick shots. But the New iPad’s iSight Camera is much better. Granted it is not up the same caliber of the iPhone 4S camera, from the tests I’ve done at my local Apple Store. But the New iPad camera is still very good.


The pictures you see above were taken of a Redbud Tree in my backyard. The one on the left is the original, taken with the New iPad iSight Camera. Then the picture on the right is the exact same photograph after I edited it with the iPhoto App ($4.99 extra in the App Store). I also tried some HD filming with the camera, but have not tried it out enough to give a full verdict on it. As for still photography, the iSight Camera is really good, and when you add in iPhoto to help bring the photos to life, it makes a great combo.

I was surprised that Apple did not include Siri in the New iPad. Though they did give us Voice Dictation. It is a nice extra if you have your hands full and need to type out a quick note or email. While I only buy the Wifi versions, I do applaud for Apple giving the New iPad access for 4G. The battery life is still excellent. Even with my original iPad I can get two or three days of use out of the battery. With the New iPad, it is just as good. The battery life is excellent and lasts for a very long time. Throw in the fact that all the prices for all six iPad variants are the same as before, it really keeps the New iPad in a strong realm of it’s own.

While some have reported heat issues with the New iPad, I have not yet experienced any such problems. Maybe I am just not putting my iPad through as much stress as others. Though from most of the reports I have read, it seems that the heat issue may actually be on the same level of temperature as most laptops.

For anyone who has the first gen iPad and is considering upgrading, I strongly recommend it. However, for anyone with an iPad 2, I think you’ll be safe just staying with it for a year and then upgrading next year. After all, that’s the philosophy I have taken to with my iDevices; one every other generation. Finally, my verdict on the New iPad is a solid A+.



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