“Ghostbusters III; To Be Or Not To Be”

March 10, 2012

I am sure if you go back and read the history of the Internet, you’ll find that the day after the Internet became public, the Ghostbusters III rumors & speculation then started. Seriously, this has got to be one of the longest running unknowns, and it’s time I weighed in.

First off, yes I am a Ghostbusters fan, as you all should know by now. Though if I am being completely honest, I am more of a fan of The Real Ghostbusters, than the movies. While I love the movies, it was the cartoon series that I was first introduced. After all, I was not even six months old when the original movie first came out in 1984. But none the less, I am still a Ghostbusters fan. I have seen both movies enough times that I could probably write both scripts, by memory in my sleep, under water & with the lights off.

Now as for the idea of a third Ghostbusters film. A few years ago I was good with this idea. However, now I am just of the belief that it’s no longer necessary. Why do I think this way? Well there are a few points that led me to this.

The first point is one that really irks me greatly. A large number of Ghostbusters fans have shown themselves to be real jerks. For YEARS they have given Bill Murray tons of flack & grief over the idea of a third Ghostbusters movie. They put all of the blame of the movie not happening right on Bill’s back. They’ve even gone so far as to make up utter and complete garbage rumors of Bill shredding scripts, stating rude comments, and other rubbish. Seriously, these people that call themselves fans are so desperate for a scapegoat, that they’ve gone so far as to insult the man that brought Doctor Peter Venkman to life.

Thankfully, Dan Aykroyd himself stepped in a while ago to put an end to the fools. On the subject of Ghostbusters III, Dan said the following:

“I honestly don’t know. At this point it’s in suspended animation. The studio, the director Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis feel there must be a way to do it, but Bill Murray will not do the movie. He doesn’t want to be involved. He’s got six kids, houses all over America. He golfs in these tournaments where they pay him to turn up and have a laugh. He’s into this life and living it. I know we’d have a lot of fun [but] I can’t be mad at him. He’s a friend first, a colleague second. We have a deep personal relationship that transcends business...”

Dan has even stated that the rumors of Bill shredding the third script are completely false. Those are Mr. Aykroyd’s words above. So I say this, fans should leave Bill Murray alone. If the man doesn’t want to do the movie, that is his choice and if Dan Aykroyd is fine with it, then NO fan has any right what-so-ever to be upset with Bill.

Next, while I am sure Dan, Harold & Ivan are working extremely hard to get the best script possible, there’s the fact that the studio really doesn’t care. Let’s be honest here folks, there is one reason & one reason only why Sony & Columbia now want to go ahead with Ghostbusters III; M O N E Y! Yes, movie studios are in the business to make money, however we are talking about the industry that cranks out more bombs & stinkers than gems, year after year. Heck, Nickelodeon & Paramount are making a SECOND Sponge Bob movie! If someone threw Sony & Columbia a Ghostbusters III script where the guys teamed up with Jersey Shore, it would be green lit just because the studio would think they could make some quick cash. The story does not matter to a studio, only profits matter, and sometimes that can be a force that ends up hurting a film.

Finally, there has all ready been a third Ghostbusters Movie. It was the video game that came out in 2009. There is a key point Dan wants to get across in the third film. He wants to setup a new team of Ghostbusters, as well as working in the idea of Ghostbusters franchises all across the country, if not also the world. Well in the video game, you play as the new recruit, and at the end (SPOILERS) it is said that you don’t get to stay with the team in New York City. Instead you’ll get to head up one of the first new franchises in a major city. The game gave you a great immersive experience with all the original actors lending their voices. It introduced new technology and told a terrific story. To me, the video game told the third story.

Now I know for some this is not enough. So you want to still have stories of the original four Ghostbusters, that works in new technology, while still keeping that same feel? There is a great alternative for you that comes out once a month.

The IDW ongoing Ghostbusters comic. I know I have not always been a fan of IDW’s other Ghostbusters works, but with this ongoing series, they have finally gotten everything right. The writing & story telling is spectacular. The ghosts, technology and mythos is all done brilliantly. But finally, the artwork is the BEST Ghostbusters artwork since the days of The Real Ghostbusters, all thanks to the awesome Dan Schoening. I swear this man, if asked if he was a God, should absolutely say YES. I love to explain his artwork like this. Imagine if you took the Ghostbusters Movie universe and The Real Ghostbusters universe, threw them into a blender, and poured out the mixture. That mixture would be Dan Schoening’s amazing artwork. He captures all the details that makes everything work. Plus, he is a huge fan of The Real Ghostbusters since he always throws in tons of “Easter Eggs” & references.

So I highly recommend that any Ghostbusters fan that still wants some kind of continuing adventures with the original Ghostbusters, check out IDW’s ongoing comic series.

But then there is Sony & Columbia, who I know want something more, something for the huge masses that they can make a profit off of. Okay, I’ve got an idea for you. Another cartoon series. The stories of the original Real Ghostbusters have been told, and Extreme Ghostbusters was. . .well it happened. But now you can draw from both the movies, the video game & the comics together to make a new cartoon series.

Have a brand new Ghostbusters cartoon series that takes place in a new city, with a brand new franchise, and thus a new team. With a cartoon series, you can reach a large child audience (as long as the show is not on the network that worships at the alter of the sponge). You can have a new line of toys (hopefully made by a company more competent that what collectors have). With a new team & new city, you open the doors to a whole new batch of stories, folk tales, mysteries & legends to tell. Plus, with animation, if you want to do a few episode where the new team works with the originals, hey you can bring back Dave Coulier, Maurice LaMarche, Frank Welker, Arsenio Hall or Buster Jones, and Laura Summer or Kath Soucie. Heck, I even do a pretty darn good Slimer voice myself. What? I can throw that out there for fun. Oh, and if this route is taken, let Dan Schoening be the artist that does all the character & art design for the series.

If a Ghostbusters III movie does happen, I will see it. Will it be as good without the character of Peter Venkman? No. Peter was my first childhood hero from The Real Ghostbusters, and it was Bill Murray that originally brought the character to life. I think it is time that we moved past the idea for a third film and enjoyed the current IDW series for tales of the originals. And if there still must be some mass release, let there be a new cartoon series.



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