“Life Without Power Rangers?”

March 3, 2012

A question was asked a month or so ago on Rangerboard, "What would your life be like if Power Rangers never existed?" That really got my mind going and I started to realize how drastically different my own life would be. So let's delve right in and see where I might be today, had Power Rangers never come about.

To start with we must first go back to 1986. As I have stated numerous times, this is when The Real Ghostbusters started and thus when I started watching it. So at the tender, and very influential age of two, I was viewing a series that taught its viewers to use their minds to save the day. That along with seeing four diverse men, and even occasionally a fiery red-headed secretary, all work together & be willing to give their lives to save the world, had a huge influence on my beliefs and ways of thinking. As I now like to say, The Real Ghostbusters laid the foundation for the man I was to become.

Sadly like so many other shows, The Real Ghostbusters did eventually run its course. By about 1991, the show was done and only airing reruns on the USA Network. Yes kiddos, the USA Network used to have a children's block long ago, before NCIS was ever thought up.  So by this point in my own life I was looking for another show to latch onto. Lucky enough for me, this was still at a point in time when Disney still cared about animation, and the term "Tween" did not even exist. Thus the new show I clamped ahold of was none other than the Terror that flaps in the night, the stain you can never wash out. . .DARKWING DUCK!

I became a very big Darkwing Duck fan, collecting the toys, recording the episodes, and even having my parents make me a home-made Darkwing Duck costume for Halloween.  This continued for the entire life of the show, which of course was not meant to last that long. The old 65 Episodes of Animation rule was the law of the land back then (which to this day I do NOT have a problem with). With Darkwing Duck drawing to an end in 1993, my 9 year old mind actually did have thoughts that it was perhaps time to move past children's shows. Yes I was not even ten yet, and I was all ready starting to think I needed to "grow up".

While this was going on, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered in August of 1993. At the time I did not have any interest in the show. I even remember the news reports of parents going wild trying to get the Power Rangers toys for their kids, and I thought how glad I was that I was not putting my mother and father through that. Oh how I didn't know that they soon would be in that crowd.

I believe it was about April or early May of 1994 when I finally decided to see what all the hype was about with Power Rangers. I tuned in one Saturday morning and saw the episode "DoomsdayPart I". From that point on, I was hooked. I could not wait for next Saturday to see how the story would end. So from then I became totally obsessed with Power Rangers, and I never stopped. It became one of the only few constants I have in my life, and always one of my greatest influences and motivations.

But let's now say this never happened. Let's say that Saban Entertainment never brought about a team of spandex glad teenagers with attitude to the airwaves.   If Power Rangers never existed, I would have soon given up on Darkwing Duck and moved into Middle School (grades 6 & 7). In my area, this is when you are supposed to begin transitioning, as you start having a more complex school schedule. So with no Power Rangers I would have likely just given up on children's programs. Also, it was in Middle School when I started to get into writing my own stories, all thanks to Power Rangers. Without Power Rangers I would have not gotten into writing fiction.

Moving ahead to 1999 when I was Sophomore in High School. It was this school year when I took my first HTML Class to learn the basics of how to build websites. However, what inspired me to take this class? It was all thanks to the great Power Rangers fansite webmasters in the 1990's, that made me have an interest & desire to be able to make sites like they had. Thus if Power Rangers did not exist, I would not have gotten into web design, and so you would likely not even be reading this, nor would LinearRanger.com have ever come about.

But that is not all from 1999. Another show from Saban Entertainment came out that year, another show that became one of my all time favorites; Digimon. Had Saban Entertainment not had the outstanding success with Power Rangers, they likely would not have had the funds, let alone the desire, to bring Digimon over from Japan and ready for the US viewers. So without Power Rangers, I would not have had Digimon to watch and would not have had another huge inspiration in my life. It was yet another enforcer of the belief in having courage to fight against all odds.

Moving on, Digimon likely played another role going forward. You see Digimon came to the US to help Fox Kids compete even more with Kids WB's Pokemon. This battle raged and Digimon came out on top in the ratings. I believe it was because of this battle that other entertainment groups saw the huge potential of bringing other children's Japanese Anime to the US. And what was another big kids Anime show that came to the states in 2002? The King of Games himself, Yu-Gi-Oh.

Yu-Gi-Oh easily became another one of my favorite series once I gave it a watch. I loved the magical & Egpytian stories, all while reminding viewers to never give up on yourself. Now would Yu-Gi-Oh have come to the US had the Pokemon & Digimon battle not occurred? Personally I don't think so. Granted Pokemon was all ready showing itself to be popular, but one show may not have been enough to prove to rest of the entertainment industry that other children's Anime series could work for English viewers.

The next big influential series that came into my life was Kim Possible. Now unlike Yu-Gi-Oh, I do believe KP would have still come about no matter what. However, I only decided to watch Kim Possible in 2003 since it was a Disney series, and by this time Disney owned Power Rangers. Then with no Power Rangers, there would be no show for Disney to have bought, and thus I would have never had any reason to watch Kim Possible, a series that showed how to have fun in life.

Returning to an online aspect now. Without Power Rangers, there would have never been a Rangerboard Forum for me to have joined. It was through Rangerboard that I fully learned about Super Sentai & Kamen Rider in Japan. So yet again I would never have learned about Super Sentai, nor would I have ever watched Kamen Rider Decade & Kamen Rider Den-O. Without Power Rangers in America, I never would have had any interests in Japanese Toku series.

Finally we come to the greatest & longest running science fiction series. A series which has become a very HUGE influence in my life, and great source of morality and inspiration. I became interested in Doctor Who because I saw many Whovians posting Sonic Screwdriver Toys on Rangerboard. I thought the devices looked cool and then wondered what all the series was about. So in July 2010 I tuned to BBC America one afternoon, and much like Power Rangers, I was hooked from the first episode I saw. Once more, without Power Rangers there would not have been Rangerboard. Without Rangerboard, I would have never seen a Sonic Screwdriver. Not witnessing a Sonic Screewdriver, I never would have gotten into Doctor Who.

Now let's summarize. Had Power Rangers never existed, I never would have:

- Gotten into writing

- Had any interests in designing, building & maintaining websites

  1. -Had Digimon to watch

- Had Yu-Gi-Oh to watch

- Given Kim Possible a chance

- Learned about & become interested in Super Sentai & Kamen Rider

- Learned about & become of a fan of Doctor Who

Those are just the certainties I can think of. There are also the speculations of my toy collecting, my ability to face life's challenges with only family to help me, and just my general system of beliefs, morals and goals.

So based on all this information, I have drawn the following conclusion. If Power Rangers had never existed I would likely be a nerd, but not THE nerd I am today. I’d probably still have continued onward, focusing entirely on education, though having no real television series to have a life outside of education for. I would be extremely lonely, *looks around his empty Tardis Console room*. Well I would not be communicating with any Power Rangers Fans. I could see myself in career that, while financially lucrative, would actually be ripping my soul to shreds every day. I would not have my strong system of morals and beliefs that keep me going and loving life. Essentially, I would be an empty shell nerd, who likely had no love of life. Somewhere, in some alternate universe, I am sure this form of me exists, and I feel very sorry for this fellow.

Now I must take this time to express my sincerest thanks to everyone who worked or still works for Saban Entertainment, Saban Brands & Toei Entertainment. Every one of you played a part in making the series that still to this day helps make me the man I am. Without Power Rangers, I would be one poor sap. To put it very simply, Power Rangers changed my life, and if Power Rangers had never existed, my life would be horrible.



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