“Memory Monday”

February 27, 2012

I know, a ledger entry on a Monday? Well let me explain. Ever have one of those days when you just wake up in a good mood, full of energy and feel like you have got to do something? I woke up with that feeling today, and it did not take too long for me to realize what I wanted to do.

You see that floor to ceiling stack? That stack consists of three storage containers, as well as Power Rangers, Super Sentai & Ghostbusters boxes. So what was it I wanted to get done when I woke up? I wanted to get some toys out of those storage containers that have some very good memories for me.

But even more importantly, the stack blocks these two drawers of my bed. As you can likely tell from the dust on the drawers, they are not accessed very often. Inside one of those drawers held the main object I wanted to retrieve. Years ago I put a lot of papers in a box, taped the box shut and placed a warning message on the box for me not to open the box. At the time, I refused to see the memories of those papers as anything but bad. However, after all that I have learned & realized these past few weeks, I knew I had to see all those papers & remember those great times once more.

Yet before I took on that stack, I went to another drawer and pulled this wonderful gem out.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry. I do not care what you say, this D3 Digivice you see above is the most powerful & important Digivice in all of existence, and there is no argument you can present that will convince me otherwise. What makes it so important & powerful? Simple, it’s the memories. From the night this Digivice was given to me, to the last day I played it, this D3 has a ton of great experiences & memories stored within it. And you know what?

Yes, it can still open up a Digiport and on an iPad no less. But the Digital World would have to wait for another day. I had other memories that needed to be returned to their rightful place. It took me a while to remove all the boxes to get to the storage containers, but I finally managed to get to them. Inside I found the figures I was looking for.

There they are. If you read my old Digimon ledger, you will recall that my favorite Digimon is Veemon, and the Digidestined I consider myself most like is Davis. So I got all my Veemon & Wormmon Digivolutions figures. From the standard small Digimon Figures to the larger Digivolving figures, all these have their own unique, great memories to them.

So haven gotten all the Digimon figures I wanted out, my attention turned to the bed drawers. I went searching for the box of memories, but I did come across something else first.

Yes viewers, Linear Ranger played Dungeons & Dragons in high school. I found my old set of D&D dice. These little jewels haven’t been rolled in ten years. So I got them out when I found them. Then I found it.

THE BOX. Yeah, I was pretty stupid & foolish a few years ago. As I have explained, I thought I could take on the world without anyone, and so I put a lot of memories in this box, never expecting to ever want to see them again. Isn’t it funny how life changes and you learn how wrong you are. So what all was in the box?

All of this. All you see viewers, are drawings and meaningful writings given to me by 100% great & brilliant friends. Most all of the magnificent artwork you see is done by a great man, including. . .

What Linear Ranger would truthfully look like in Ranger Form. Ladies and gentlemen, I had some amazing friends, and I was total & complete fool to throw those friendships away so quickly & easily. In fact, at one point back in 2001, I asked my friends what trait they liked most about me, and what they hated about me. One friend, explaining what she liked most about me, put it so simply & powerful. She said, “Your personality. You're never afraid to be you, no mater what others think, and in modern society, that's a really courageous feat. Don't change."

Yet I did change and I kick myself SO much for it.  At least now I can say that I have let go of all those bad feelings and will never go back to those bad ways.

Looking out at all the great mementos from my past brought a huge smile to my face. I remembered every memory from each sheet, statement and drawing. It made me feel a great feeling I haven’t felt in a long time. Yet without still being reconnected with two of those friends, a key piece is still missing. I have tried several different avenues of trying to contact them, and have just not yet had them read my apologies. So I shall continue to wait & think of any other alternate way to contact them.

Knowing that “warning message” was a lie and would never be accurate, I did what came natural. I crumpled up the paper and threw it away. Bad memories? No, they are great memories and I wanted to protect them. So I took all those papers, placed them each into protective sleeves, and put them one by one into a hard back three-ring binder. They shall remain there, in an easy to access location for me, and I shall look through it each day as I wait & hope to hear back from those friends I have contacted.

So with those memories safely protected, I returned to the Digimon figures and this is where I shall close. I returned these three Digivolving Figures back to the Digiegg forms. But ladies & gentlemen, there is a reason to the order I have them in. As you can see they are Courage, Miracles & Friendship. The message is simple. I now have the Courage to admit everything I did wrong & the mistakes I made, but I am now hoping for a Miracle to return me to the Friendships I once had, and want to have again.



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