“Linear’s Collection Gallery”

February 25, 2012

Yes it is that time again. It’s time for Linear Ranger to show off his collection, or at least what what he has displayed as of early February 2012. Please remember, do not touch anything & NO nothing is for sale.

The water bed where I sleep each night, safely guarded during the day by the plushie Red Samurai Ranger.

In one headboard cubby we have the Samurai Rangers, Super Samurai Rangers & the Black Box Morpher.

The next section features the evil from the Sanzu River. Is it a good an idea to let them be that close to my head while I sleep?

Then on the other side cubby are all six Mega Mode Samurai Rangers.

On top of the head board we have all the Samurai Arsenal, as well as the larger Samurai & Shogun figures.

The three posters that hang above my bed. Can you tell which Doctor is my Doctor?

How about now? This poster hangs between my two closets.

The top shelf of my bookcase holds my main Ghostbusters Matty Collector figures.

You can never have too many Sonic Screwdrivers.

The Retrofire Megazord collection, before getting the Samurai Retrofire.

The Shinkenger Change devices.

The Shark Zord & Gigazord stand guard against evil who would attack. . .

The Tardis Crew. Wait a second, how did that Silent get in there? I don’t remember him.

The Movie Masters 12 Inch Ghostbusters figures and the Mego Style Real Ghostbusters figures. They aren’t perfect but they’ll do.

Moving up to the shelf that spans about half of my sanctum, we start with my Kim Possible collection. Hmm, now I’ve posted a picture of something naked.

Lady Liberty standing next to the giant Matty Collector Stay Puft, with it’s great yellowing arms & legs. Seriously, the first one to try and defend Mattel on this better start running for the exit now.

A better made Stay Puft and others from NECA.

The Real Ghostbusters Firehouse Diorama with Die-cast Ecto-1 parked in front.

Two awesomely powerful Gundams.

The Egyptian Gods protect my self-made Millennium Puzzle, with the original Duel Disc near by.

Three of the greatest Digimon ever.

The Operation Overdrive & Jungle Fury Mission Helmets flanking my favorite Bandai America Power Rangers Figure; SPD Battlized Red Ranger.

Moving off the the shelf now, my Ghostbusting Equipment. Mattel’s Movie Ghost Trap & P.K.E Meter, and my home-made REAL Ghostbusters Proton Pack. Also a Crystal Skull, I really should find the rest of those.

The top half of my DVD bookcase. Here are DVDs of my favorite series, as well as various figures, including the President of the United States being guarded by Shinkenger Figuarts. So you try anything, and they’ll slice you to pieces.

The rest of my DVD bookcase, holding my fav movies & other shows. Also holding my Dekaranger Changers, Gallantmon Chaos & Crimson Modes and more.

My Toy Story Collection, along with the Terror that Flaps in the Night.

Where it all happens, THE DESK. The MacBook Pro is really where the magic happens, the desktop is just for encoding now. Oh and if the DVD bookcase didn’t get the message across, I’m sure it comes in loud and clear from the buttons, stickers, & bumper stickers I have here. :)

Above the desk I have my Gokaiger Arsenal.

Then next to the desk is a small bookcase that holds my various books , as well as my Gokaiger Mobirates, Ranger Keys in Treasure Box, and . . .

The SH Figuarts Gokaiger Set. Seriously, this is one of my most prized parts of my collection.

Finally, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie Poster, and yes I do have the Turbo a Power Rangers Movie Poster as well.

That is the collection as it stands for now.



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