“Linear Ranger’s Six Sides”

February 18, 2012

With all my recent pondering and changes in attitude, I started realizing the many sides to myself and each one of those driving personalities. No I am not talking about any mental disease, though I am sure some might think I need to be tested. What I am referring to are the key individualistic personas that I have.


This persona is the one that has the keys and controls most everything in my life. It is my professional and responsible side. It is this side that keeps me grounded in reality, makes sure I always have everything thoroughly planned out, and keeps me focused. My financial planning, strict driving habits, hard working determination, and all my other life rules are all set forth and regulated by this personality. This is the main side that most of the world sees.


The Teacher/Student side is one that came about in early High School or late Junior High, when I realized that I would like to teach. I enjoyed learning, but I wanted to be the one teaching and passing on my knowledge, both on the subject matter and life's own lessons. So this persona has stuck around and continues to this day with my working even as a substitute instructor. Truthfully, it is this side that also drove me to get into building and maintaining websites. I just want to pass on knowledge and information to as many people as possible. It is even one of the key sources of this Ledger Site's creation. While enjoying the teaching aspect, the learning portion is also just as important. Without learning, you in turn have nothing to teach.


Yes, I think everyone has this side to them. The Pessimist is of course the dark, glass half empty persona. I try my best to not let this side come out very often, if at all. I now consider him the Dillon personality. So yes, I a RPM Black Ranger side. I really do not care for this either. It's the personality that will always go for the worst case scenario and never see any light or hope in the situation. For the most part I keep this side contained in a nice small box, but it does, on rare occasion, get out. Then it takes a while for all my other personas to shove it back into containment.


Ha, I am sure some are really wondering what the heck "The Venkman" persona is. Simple, it is my wit and sarcastic sense of humor. Keep in mind, from the tender age of two I was watching The Real Ghostbusters. Even before I turned ten, I had seen every single episode of The Real Ghostbusters a bare minimum of ten times each. That is 140 episodes multiplied by 10 times each, giving me at least 513.33 HOURS spent watching The Real Ghostbusters. And which Ghostbuster did I look up to and admire the most? Dr. Peter Venkman. So I took on that same humor and wit. It is the side of me that always has some smart comeback, and usually wants to have the last word. It is also the persona that allows me to be able to laugh at myself. Granted it can perhaps get me in trouble a time or two, but it is still a key personality that I use daily.


Here is where my admiration for all my favorite series comes in. My Hero persona is the part of me that always wants to help people. It is the side that holds my true moral compass and is always willing to stand up for what I know to be true and right, even if everyone else is against me. It is the personality that, always drives me to be a better person than I am. This is where my never stop fighting attitude originates from. It is this persona that would have me stare down the barrel of a gun and not blink. Well, either that or pull an awesome Doctor move from the episode "The Poison Sky", and just walk up, grab the gun with no fear, and throw it to the side. Yes, the Hero, the side that keeps me fighting and wants to save the world.


Finally, while the Logic may be the one that controls most of my actions, it is the Dreamer that retains most control of my brain. While Logic is what the world sees of me on the outside, on the inside the Dreamer runs wild. It is this persona that really has free reign of my mind for probably eighty-five percent of the day. I am usually always in a state of day dreaming or wondering.  Even when working, I am able to concentrate on my work, while still allowing my mind to wander to all kinds of places. The Dreamer is where my collector desire comes from, since so many of my collectibles feed the Dreamer, allowing for more escapes. This persona is, as you might expect, where all these ledger entries come from, as well as all my other writings that you never see. It's the personality that always has hope, no matter what, and truly believes in love. When considering my past, present or future, it is the Dreamer who is always in control. So you can image, lately it has been running on non-stop overload, and it is great. Now while the Dreamer runs wild, the Logic is usually just sitting in the corner saying, "You realize the chances of that happening are less than slim." Which the Dreamer always responds with, "No you don't understand, you're not seeing it. Nothing Is Impossible!"

And those ladies and gentleman, are the six sides to Linear Ranger.



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