“I’m Back, with 28 Nerdy Facts”

January 28, 2012

Yes, after nearly a year, I have decided to bring the Linear Ranger’s Ledger back from the web grave. Why? I’ve decided I’ve still got a lot to say, more than I can squeeze into Tweets. So it’s time I got back into writing out my thoughts & ideas. I figured what a better place to start than with 28 Nerdy Facts that you may, or may not know about Linear Ranger. Why 28? Simple, I turn 28 years old this weekend. Let’s get started.

#28 - I have never see any of the Star Wars films. I have seen small portions of them, but I have never seen any of them al the way through. And for the other side, no I have never seen any of the Star Trek franchise either.

#27 - Most of the time when I go to the movies, I go alone. The few times when I am not alone, I go with my parents.

#26 - I am not a big video game player. I mostly just stick to games that are related to the franchises that I enjoy (Power Rangers, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who etc...).

#25 - The Toy Department Managers at my local Walmart stores know me as that guy that collects Power Rangers toys.

#24 - There have been a few times when I have gone Toy Hunting and used up almost an entire tank of gas.

#23 - I have never been in a physical fight. But I have been in Intellectual Arguments, which I have always won.

#22 - I can teach myself better than most teachers & instructors can.

#21 - I never watched any infant educational programs when I was young. The first television series I ever watched was The Real Ghostbusters.

#20 - I wake up at 5:20 AM every single day, no matter what.

#19 - I do not read much Fan Fiction. Not because I think they are bad, but because I do not want them to influence my writing style or ideas.

#18 - A large portion of my music library consist of music from my favorite series (Power Rangers, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Kim Possible, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh).

#17 - I do not participate in any fandom besides the Power Rangers fandom.

#16 - Sometimes when I go to my closet, I think, “What Ranger color do I want to wear today?”

#15 - My favorite holiday is Halloween, because it is the only holiday where you need to use your imagination.

#14 - For Halloween in 2009, I built a Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack.

#13 - I sometimes day dream about how great it would be to live in a world with Cartoon Physics.

#12 - The majority of gifts I get are either Toys or money to buy more toys.

#11 - I have never been that big of a comic book fan. I mostly just stick to reading the ongoing Ghostbusters comic.

#10 - Every Monday, the thing I look forward to the most is Atop the Fourth Wall.

#9 - I have gone to work dressed as The Doctor.

#8 - I started watching Doctor Who because I thought the 9/10’s Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Toy looked cool.

#7 - One of my most prized possessions is my The Real Ghostbusters Box Set.

#6 - I could live in any fictional reality, I would choose the reality where Ghostbusters were real, since this would be the only reality where I stood the best chance of actually getting to be a hero.

#5 - I do not have any friends, just toys. It works out great this way. The money I save by not having friends allows me to buy more toys.

#4 - I have never been on a date, never kissed a girl, never had a girlfriend etc...

#3 - I did not get into Power Rangers from the very beginning. The first episode I watched was “Doomsday Part I” and from that moment on, I was hooked.

#2 - My inspirations for creating & running websites were:

--Ray who ran Ranger Central until 2003

--Amit who ran Power Rangers Online Archives until he went to work on the show with Wild Force

--Umesh who ran Starpoints & now runs SamuraiCast.com

#1 - The name Linear Ranger all came about because my eyes played tricks on me. I was reading information on the Super Sentai Series which Lightspeed Rescue was being adapted from, GoGoV. I came to LINER BOY (Max Shuttle Zord). While the text clearly said LINER, my eyes saw it as LINEAR. It stuck with me and I came up with Linear Ranger from just that mistake.

So there you have it. Twenty-eight nerdy facts about Linear Ranger. It feels good to be writing ledger entires again, and I look forward to continuing. For now, I’ve got a birthday to celebrate.

Have a Nice Day


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