“iPad 2 - My Thoughts”

March 3, 2011

Well it has almost been one entire year since I got the original iPad.  This past week Apple unveiled the new iPad 2 for everyone to see.  I had been anxiously awaiting the debut and I followed many Apple rumor in hopes of figuring out what all the second generation of the original tablet might have.

There it is, the 2011 iPad 2, and it even comes in white.  It has been slimmed down by thirty-three percent, it has a front facing camera for Facetime and a rear facing camera for HD Video, a much faster dual core processor and faster graphics.  Oh and not to mention that very impressive new Smart Cover from Apple for $40 to $70 extra.  The battery life remains the same at ten hours.  The weight of the device is a bit less and the general design is more like that of the newer iPod Touches.  Apple also unveiled some new apps that will be coming to the iPad 2.  Those being Photo Booth, iMovie and Garage Band. 

So what do I think?  As an owner of the first iPad, I do like what Apple has done for the second generation, but it just really is not enough for me to say, "Yes I need to upgrade after only having my original iPad one year." There are strong points I like and then areas where I feel Apple could have really brought more.

I like the new design as it does look like it will be more friendly to hold, not to mention just the overall thinness of the device makes it look stellar.  The cameras were a given since all other main mobile devices from Apple have them now.  The new A5 processor is  definitely a step up with the dual core power being able to add speed to the iPad 2.  The iMovie was also a needed App for the cameras.  After all, it will be a lot easier to edit a movie on a larger iPad 2 screen, than that of an iPhone or iPod Touch.  The Smart Cover just looks great and I think it would be very enjoyable, except for the very high $70 price tag for what are likely the more demanded colors.

What do I think Apple could have done more or?  To start, the storage space I think should have gotten a bump up.  Let's face it, if you are going to be filming HD Video with the rear facing camera, you are going to need more than just 16 GB of storage.  I feel like the new lineup should have changed to have 32 GB be the low end, 64 GB the middle and 128 GB be the top.  Next I think a retina display should have been standard on the iPad 2.  The retina display came out first on the iPhone 4 and then the iPod Touch 4th Gen.  Those displays help make all the texts and graphics look much more crisp and sharper.  So adding that to the iPad 2 display would have helped greatly, especially with all the photos and videos and FaceTime.  When Apple started going through some of their iLife Applications that they were now bringing over to the iPad, I really wanted them to bring iWeb to their tablet.  For those of us that like to run and update websites, even just quickly, we still have to use a normal desktop or laptop computer.  I think if nothing else, iWeb for iPad could have proven as an awesome addition to help sharing videos and photos with friends and family, all via the iPad 2.  Not to mention iPhoto would have been a nice addition too.  Finally, there is still the issue of Flash Support.  Yes in my review of the original iPad I stated that I was fine with the lack of Flash Support, and I still am, for the majority.  But there are the few instances each week when I want to watch a video online, usually Likara's Atop the Fourth Wall or other Channel Awesome videos, and I have to start up my desktop just to view them.  I am not saying that I expect or wanted Apple to come out and say the iPad 2 has full and complete Flash Support. I just wanted something close to Flash Video Support or Flash Video Conversion to HTML 5. 

My overall feelings for the iPad are still positive.  I think for anyone that held out on the first iPad to see what the second generation would have, then yes now is your time to jump into the iPad world.  For those like me that bought the first version and have fallen in love with it, odds are we can probably wait another year for the third installment.  Unless you just have money burning a hole in your pocket and you absolutely need to have those cameras and A5 Processor.   But for me, I am going to wait it out another year and see what the iPad 3 will bring us come 2012. 

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to the Apple Store for my next purchase. . .

Have a Nice Day


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