“I Have Samurai Fever!”

November 8, 2010

So over the past few weeks, the Power Rangers Samurai news has started flowing a bit stronger.  It started with us learning that this coming Thanksgiving weekend, Nicktoons will be showing a Samurai Preview on three different dates.  This will be the first actual on-air acknowledgment by Nickelodeon that they will indeed by showing Power Rangers.  What do I expect to see in this preview? I think we will see good footage of our new Ranger cast, some New Zealand fight scenes and footage, and maybe...just maybe they will give us a taste of the theme song.

Then came the news that for the first time in Power Rangers history, our newest Rangers will make their official US debut in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Now besides the parade in 2009, for last few years, I have spent Thanksgiving morning toy hunting for the next season's new toys.  But I can almost guarantee you, this year I will be parked on my couch, watching the parade and encoding it on my computer.  All while anxiously awaiting the Power Rangers Samurai team to appear on screen.

Finally, late last week BigBadToyStore updated their Power Rangers Samurai toy pre-order listings with pictures of most all the toys.  The picture of the four inch figures sent the adult collectors into a fury.  Now I will fully admit, when I first saw the look of these figures, I too wondered why Bandai would ever make figures that do not look like the normal Ranger suits that appear in the show.  However, after looking over these toy pictures and thinking a bit (perhaps a bit too much), I really have grown to like these designs.  I think what appeals so much to me about these designs is that the Rangers actually look like they have armor, much in the same style that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie suits were.  So then my thinking and imagination really started going wild.

Okay, I will admit before I start, I know the chances of this actually happening are probably not even 5%.  But yet a small part of me thinks this may still be possible and would love to see it happen.  So I ask, what would your reaction be, if come that wonderful Thanksgiving morning, we would not see the normal spandex/Lycra suits, but the armored style suits just like the Bandai toys?  Now before I start getting hate mail, hear me out for a second.  Perhaps while Saban was sitting back these years, seeing how Power Rangers was being handled, he began considering new ideas that would make the franchise totally new and reinvigorate the brand.  Maybe Haim felt it was finally time to try and make Power Rangers more original and stand apart from it's Super Sentai brethren.

Some fans have said the only reason why the figures and toys have this stylized look is because Bandai America had all ready started making moulds and designing these toys before the buyout of the show occurred.  I disagree here.  During the Toy Fair in February, the Bandai representative said they planned to release a Shinkenger line in 2012, not 2011.  They stated there might be a release of a Might Morphin Dragonzord in 2011.  In February this year, it is likely Bandai was still going on the belief that Disney was going to continue on with the Reversionsed Mighty Morphin episodes into 2011, thus the plan to release the Dragonzord then.  They would not have even started making moulds for Shinkenger/Samurai toys at this point, as their focus would have still  been the Reversioned Mighty Morphin toys.

Other fans, including myself, have stated that if this new Armored look is going to be in the show, then why is all the promotional material showing the standard suits?  I have a theory for this as well.  This past summer during the Licensing show in Las Vegas, Saban Brands had no Power Rangers Samurai materials what-so-ever to show.  They only showed basic images of the Mighty Morphin team.  It wasn't until just around time for the UK licensing expos that Saban Brands updated the official Power Rangers site with Samurai information and pictures.  So my theory is as follows.  If these new armored suits are indeed going to be in the show, then the time and effort to make them would be much more than that of the standard suits.  When the time came for Saban Brands to go to the UK for international promotions with Marvista, they may have just decided to go ahead and use the standard suits for their promotional materials and official site, just to give the international markets an idea of what Power Rangers Samurai would look like.  Meanwhile work on completing the armored suits continued.

The main question that keeps hanging in the back of my mind is, why would Bandai change the design of the basic Ranger figures to where they did not look like the Ranger suits on the show?  For 17 seasons and 1 reversioned season, we have always gotten basic action figures that remained close to the Ranger suit design that was seen on TV.  So that too makes me wonder if something has indeed changed, and perhaps these new armored suits are what we may actually end up seeing.

Again, I will be the first to fully admit that there is only an extremely tiny, microscopic chance of this actually coming true.  And trust me, I am not getting my hopes up for these new suits to appear.  It's just the crazed & imaginative fan in me that would still love to see it happen.  But no matter what, as we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving, my excitement for Power Rangers Samurai continues to grow with each passing day.

Have a Nice Day


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