“Who is the Best Hero”

September 6, 2010

Over my nearly twenty-seven years of life I have watched and read the adventures of numerous heroes. I have seen heroes fight off evils and injustices of all kinds. They have inspired me and taught me the meaning of self sacrifice.  These men and women have shown what it is to put it all on the line. But I ask you, who is the single best hero of all time. I am not talking about the best team of heroes, because there have been tons of those as well. No, I am talking about the one single individual hero that stands above the rest and whom I look up to the most.

So first we must ask, what is it that makes a hero? They must be a person always willing to lay everything on the line and never think of themselves. A true hero will fight for anyone and everyone, and does not play favorites. The real and true hero is someone who will always fight for what is right, and never expect anything in return. A hero is honest and trusting, and will never give up. Above all else, the true hero will be ready to give their life for what they believe and to protect the innocent.

This past summer I found out who really is the hero I consider better than all the rest by far. What makes this man so great? Let me give you some details. This hero is over 900 years old and has seen more things than anyone could ever imagine seeing. He is the  last of his kind and has seen his kind sacrifice themselves to defeat an enemy, and then he was even betrayed by his own race. He has fought off evil of all shapes and sizes, from tiny nano-particles to even the Devil himself. He is smarter than any hero and prefers not to use weapons. This real hero knows love and has even lost the one true love in his life, and yet he still soldiers on. His strongest muscle is his brain. He is a man that can change his face. He has saved the entire universe over all of time and space.  He has saved everyone's lives so many times and they never even knew he was there. He never stops, he never stays and he never asks to be thanked.  He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night and the storm and the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the center of the universe and he's wonderful and he is who I aspire to be.

Who is the best Hero. It is not a question, but the answer.

His name is The Doctor

Have a Nice Day


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