“Comic-Con Recap 2010”

August 2, 2010

Another July has come and gone and that can only mean one thing, another San Diego Comic-Con is in the books.  I feel safe in saying that I will likely never be able to attend the SDCC.  Part of me is sad about that while another part of me is pleased with that; specifically my sense of smell.  But I still keep close track of items of interest during the event itself.  So now readers I present my recap of the San Diego Comic-Con, at least the items that I found interesting.

Hallmark would ever go to SDCC.  The answer is quite simple.  Hallmark ornaments does not just make lovey dovey ornaments, but also ornaments of comic heroes and science fiction characters.  So at the SDCC it was very cool to see that Hallmark showed off some of their ornaments for the 2011 line.  What was coolest to me was their Green Lantern ornament as shown above in the photo from Michael Crawford's Review of the Week site.  It is good to see the Green Lantern finally getting Hallmark's attention, though mostly thanks to the movie coming out next year.


And speaking of the the Green Lantern Corps, Mattel showed off their DC Universe Classics figures, including a Wal-Mart Green Lantern set.  Another cool figure shown was the upcoming Martian Manhunter.  Granted I knew this toy was coming, but it's still good to see some more pictures of it.  Both of these pictures are from Toyark.com's coverage.

Okay, now moving on to Mattel's Ghostbusters items.  Yeah they showed the other Retro Action Real Ghostbusters figures.  They are crap to me, plain and simple.  I counted ten things wrong with this line of figures.  So I'll leave more of my ranting and raving on these figures for another ledger.

Next we did get news of what is coming as far as the twelve and six inch figures.  Starting next year Mattel will begin releasing twelve inch figure two packs with various accessories.  I really have to question this move.  Just one twelve inch figure costs about $70 with tax and shipping, but now a two pack is going to run probably $130 to $140.  So I have come to the decision that after I get my twelve inch Winston later this month, I am done with the twelve inch figures.  I simply cannot afford these two packs.  

The six inch figures are growing.  First up is the Club Ecto-1 exclusive Marshmallow Ray figure.  This figure will ship in January and will come with Ecto Goggles, a Walkie Talkie, a Ghostbusters Logo Stand for the figure, and a Proton Stream.  Oh excuse me, Mattel calls it a "blast stream".  Yeah, again these guys might want to do a bit more research to learn that it's called a Proton Stream.

They showed the Holiday four pack of Ghostbusters II figures that Toys R Us will have this holiday season.  The good news is that the set if scheduled to sell for only $50, so that is a relief for me.  For the rest of this year Mattel will release two more six inch figures.  First in September we will get a normal non slimed six inch Egon.  Then in November we get a non slimed Peter.  The first three figures for 2011 were announced.  The figures will start with a Ghostbusters II Winston with Slime Blower in Janurary, then Ghostbusters II Courtroom Peter with Nunzio Scoleri in March, and next Louis Tully with multiple heads and accessories in May.

But perhaps the biggest reveal for Mattel was their dive into Ghostbusters Prop Replicas.  This I did not see coming at all.  They showed off their P.K.E. Meter replica at the SDCC.  It has lights, sounds and movement, and looks dang good.  It is set to sell for $50 to $60.  I must admit this is something that is going on my Christmas want list, as it will be available through Matty Collector this holiday season.  It will be interesting to see  if Mattel continues with Prop Replicas and exactly how big they will go.  All these pictures came from either Matty Collector themselves or Toyark's coverage.

Oh yeah!  You knew I was saving the BEST for last.  Saban Brands brought the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to the Nickelodeon booth.  They posed for tons of pictures for fans, both young and old.  But not only did they pose for pictures, they also gave out SDCC exclusive DVDs. 


The DVD has the Day of the Dumpster episode on it (the non-reversioned version).  Plus the DVD package gave us confirmation that Power Rangers reruns will begin airing on Nicktoons in October this year.  So I just want to send a huge thanks to Saban Brands and Nickelodeon for continuing to keep the hype up for Power Rangers, and giving young and old fans something to enjoy at Comic-Con.


So that is everything that caught my attention from this year's comic-con.  Now I am off to try and figure out how to budget my money for all the things I am going to want to buy.

Have a Nice Day


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