“Tons of Mattel Ghostbusters”

July 21, 2010

Well quite a lot of Mattel Ghostbusters news has come out over the past few weeks.  Some of it good, some okay, and some well just pathetic.  So let's not waste much time and get right to it.

First up is Club Ecto-1.  This is Mattel's club for Ghostbusters fans to sign up to join and be guaranteed each six inch figure that is released in 2011.  Here is how the club is setup and will work, put simply.  From today, July 21st at four o'clock Pacific Time, until August 4th at the same time, you will be able to log on to Matty Collector and purchase your membership into Club Ecto-1 for $20.  That pays for the exclusive figure you will get at some point next year.  In 2011, each time a six inch figure is released, your credit card is billed for the figure two days before mass release, and you end up getting the figured early.  This however does not include exclusives, accessories or other special items not tied to the six inch figures.

This is a nice move on Mattel's part, since this will take away a lot of the stress that comes from ordering from Matty Collector on the day of the releases.  However once you sign up, you cannot cancel or leave in the middle of the membership.  I could see this being a problem for some fans who might fall on hard times and would not be able to afford the toys.  But overall the benefits outweigh the downsides.  I will be signing up today for sure.

Oh yeah, you knew I was going to end up coming back to this monstrosity.  So Mattel has now released pictures of the Ecto Clone version.  But they have also given us more details about the release.  You see myself and many others expected the Ecto Clone version of the figure to be the sole figure sold at the San Deigo Comic Con.  But no, that just wouldn't do for Mattel.  You see Mattel will be selling both variants of the toy at the con, but you will not know which version you get until you open the solid box the toy packaging is placed in.  Yes that is correct, you have no guarantee that you will actually get the "exclusive" figure at the convention, and you could just end up with the one that will go on sale on Matty Collector at the start of August.

But wait there's more!  One person has all ready received their figure early and posted a video showing off the audio clips.  Here's a shocker (sarcasm), the voice is not just ripped audio clips from the show.  No these clips sound much like either Frank Welker (Ray Stanz voice actor) or Marice LaMarche (Egon Spengler voice actor) doing an impression of Peter Venkman's voice (done by Lorenzo Music in "Citizen Ghost"), but without the inflection and touch from the show.  If it turns out that either of these men did do the voice for the figure, I do respect them but I think Mattel would have been better off to just rip the audio clips from the actual episode.

So my opinion of this figure and these future Retro figures has not changed.  I still think they are utter garbage.  The head sculpt is the only thing good about them.  The suits and overall look is bad, the voice is lacking, and of course the Proton Pack is phoned-in lazy trash.  Bottom line, I will order the normal baize suited Peter Venkman figure when he goes on sale on Matty Collector at the beginning of August, but now the chances of me buying any of these kind of figures once they hit Toys R Us stores is very slim.

Ah but there is another Comic Con exclusive; a painted Hot Wheels Ecto-1.  I am not impressed.  Honestly I have, to date, 17 normal Hot Wheels Ecto-1s.  Why you ask?  Simple because they are cheap, nice little collectibles.  For only a dollar, I am satisfied with these little guys.  But this SDCC Ecto is set at a $20 price mark and comes painted, though incorrectly in some spots.  The car also comes in a ghost trap style package.  If they had gotten the colors correct on this version, I might actually try to run one of these down on eBay, but there is nothing here that yells "gotta have it".


Moving on past the Comic Con, we get to August 16th.  On that day Matty Collector will put up the twelve inch Winston Zeddemore figure, as well as a six inch Lab Coat Ray Stanz.  The large Winston I am excited about getting so that my 12 inch Ghostbusters collection can be complete.  The six inch Lab Coat Ray looks good, but I honestly expected him to come later in the year.  I had thought that Mattel would go back and give us non-slimed versions of Peter and Egon before they dove into variation figures.  I guess this means that we can also expect to see Lab Coat versions of Peter and Egon at some point.  So these two figures I will be ordering.

Finally we fast forward to the holiday season and a special pack that will be available at Toys R Us stores and Matty Collector.  ProtonCharging.com found that in the newest issue of ToyFare magazine, they show this special four pack of six inch figures.  The Ghostbusters are wearing their Ghostbusters II movie uniforms, as well as Santa hats.  This is taken from a scene in the montage part of the second movie.  The set also comes with Slimer, whom also dons a Santa hat.

I think this set is neat, but my one hope is that it is not too expensive.  Normally each six inch figure individually cost $20 before shipping.  So with this set including all four Busters and Slimer, I hope the cost can be kept under the $100 price mark, perhaps *crossed fingers* maybe even just $60.  No matter what I will likely end up buying this set and using it in some Christmas decoration scene. 

So that pretty much covers all the Mattel Ghostbusters news that has come out.  The Club Ecto-1 should be good, SDCC Peter and that Retro line still suck, the SDCC Ecto-1 exclusive is meh, 12" Winston & 6" Lab Coat Ray are cool, and the Christmas Pack is all right.  But for anyone our there yelling at me or wanting to punch my lights out for not worshiping the ground Mattel walks on and buying everything they release, I will give you the same advice that Peter and Winston gave possessed Robobuster, "Take a number man!  There are a lot of people ahead of ya."

Have a Nice Day


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