“Toy Story 3 Review”

June 28, 2010

Now that I have had more than a week to process everything from Toy Story 3, I thought I would go ahead and type up my own review of it.  First up I did see the movie in 3D and amazingly I did not get a headache or sick.  Some of the scenes looked really good in 3D and the others were fine.  Now from here on out, this review will contain spoilers, so you have been warned.

The opening scene is simply awesome.  It literally shows you how Andy is seeing the toys in his imagination as he plays with them. I loved the old nods in it with One Eyed Bart, force field dog, force field eating dinosaur, and Evil Dr. Porkchop.  It played out like a perfect action scene.  I enjoyed the look of the old western style train, and I would love for Thinkway Toys or Lionel Trains to make a train set just like the one we saw in that scene. 

The film then moves onto the main story of the film.  That being Andy leaving for college and where toys fit in with that.  Granted for me personally I will never give up or leave my toys, but I understand that I am not exactly normal.  When Andy actually chose to take Woody with him to college that was a big surprise.  The way the toys eventually find themselves at Sunny Side Daycare was well done.

The new characters were developed just enough, while still not over shadowing our main cast.  The main new focus primarily went to Lotso Huggin Bear and Ken.  Ken was used nicely and showed to be a toy with a heart.  Lotso proved to be a greatly developed villain with a very dark broken heart.  Lotso's crew were nicely designed toys, though none scream "go out and buy me" for me.  Bonnie's toys are cool, especially Dolly and Buttercup.  One would expect to hear a female voice out of unicorn named Buttercup, so it's funny when you first hear a male’s voice for him.  Bonnie's other toys are well thought out and still have me one the fence on whether or not I might eventually end up buying some of them.

The comedy, action and dramatic scenes are very well balanced.  Some very funny moments come from the fact that in order to try and get Buzz back to normal, the toys accidentally end up resetting him to his Spanish Mode, thus turning him into a Latino Space Ranger.  The action scenes where the toys are first escaping from the day care, and then when they are at the garbage site, both play out great.  The most tense scene is where our heroes are about to meet their fate in the incinerator.  I was on the edge of my seat and it was very serious to see all the toys almost resign themselves to their fate.  Then to break that tension when the Little Green Men save them, they say the best comedy line of the movie, "The Claw."

The ending is one of the most tear jerking endings I have watched in a movie, and this is coming from a guy that did not cry when he watched Titanic.  The toys make their way back to Andy, but instead of being stored away in the attic, thanks to a note from Woody, the toys are donated to Bonnie so that they can continue to be played with and loved.  The scene as Andy talks about each of the toys was perfect.  As a person that loves toys and collecting them, I could not keep myself from crying.  It was a very moving scene and played out wonderfully.  It was good to see the toys get a new home with Bonnie, and then have the toys watch as Andy drove off to college.

This is bar none one of the absolute best movies I have ever seen.  The story was great, the scenes were great, the progression was great, and the feeling you had at the end of the movie is great.  I have no complaints at all.  I loved every second of this film and feel that everyone at Pixar did an awesome job of giving the Toy Story saga a perfect ending. 

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