“Linear Ranger’s Announcement”

June 16, 2010

Ever since I launched my Power Rangers SPD site in June of 2004, I have done my best to provide viewers and fans with seasonal informational Power Rangers websites.  However, I have come to the decision that I will not be continuing this tradition into the new Power Rangers season in 2011.  As of next year, I will still have a new Power Rangers site, but it will not be in the same format that I have come to be known for over the past six years.  The new site will target just a few keys areas of the series, as well as still promoting the Power Rangers brand.  

I have given this a great deal of thought and consideration, and if you’ll allow me, I will explain why this choice is best for me.  

First and foremost, NO I am not tired or bored with Power Rangers.  I love the show, the toys, and series.  I am extremely excited about all the possibilities that lay in store thanks to Saban Brands and Nickelodeon.  

While working on my Power Rangers RPM site last year, I began to feel that I was not enjoying myself as much as I once did, when I would go to update the site.  I tried to shrug this off thinking that it would pass and my enjoyment of the website work would return, but it did not.  With the news of the “reversioned” Mighty Morphin season, I expected this to help my attitude and relieve much of the website workload since, of course, I all ready knew all the stories and there would not be many surprises.  However, I have still found myself basically dreading my normal website tasks.  To put it simply, the website work has become a chore for me, rather than an enjoyment.  

I do want everyone to realize that I am not blaming anyone for this.  In many ways I knew there would come a day when I would no longer want to continue on in this fashion.  So now that time has indeed come.  I am burnt out and I wish to cut this feeling off before it could possibly affect my overall enjoyment of the show itself.  Plus, as I continue to work harder towards gaining a full time job, the time I’ll have to dedicate to website work will be greatly limited.  I feel I would be cheating fans & viewers if I were not putting 100% effort into an informational site.  

Now onto where things are going for the remainder or this year and into the future.  

For the remaining episodes of the “reversioned” Mighty Morphin season, I will still continue to update my 2010 Mighty Morphin site.  All updates will continue in their same form, as well as any new toy reviews and general Power Rangers news.  

Later this year, I will launch my new Power Rangers themed site for 2011 and beyond.  This will be called the Power Rangers Toy Grid.  

The Toy Grid will be home to News & Reviews of Power Rangers Toys, beginning with the 2011 season and beyond.  The site will also provide general news on all things Power Rangers, as well as basic broadcast schedules of when the show will be airing.  This new format will free up a great deal more of my time.  With the primary focus being on Toys and general News, the updates will be made faster and easier.   

All my previous Power Rangers sites will remain online in an archived state.  You will still be able to access them, but once they are archived, no further updates of any kind will be made to them.  Also, any Toy Reviews prior to 2011 will remain at their season’s site.  

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what is in store.  To all the fans and viewers that have turned to my sites over the years, I sincerely thank each and every one of you.  I made these websites for you, and you have never ceased to make me feel appreciated.  Granted there were always one or two nitpickers, but what mattered most were the e-mails I received from parents, grandparents or guardians of children.  Those e-mails were especially important to me; that let me know that I was helping kids, the real target audience of the show, enjoy the series more.

I hope I can still be a main source for Power Rangers News and Toy information for you in the future.  As for who will take up the mantel of providing great informational Power Rangers sites?  Well Ranger Central still does an awesome job, and I’m sure there will quickly be some new webmaster to step in and fill the gap I’m leaving behind.  Because that’s one thing about us Power Rangers fans, whenever there’s a need, there’s always someone there to fill and provide.

Once more, thank you to every single solitary fan and viewer that has ever visited any of my sites.  I hope you’ll stay with me as I progress forward in this new format and journey.  And to anyone at Saban Brands, Bandai America or Nickelodeon that might be reading this, I will still do my best to help promote the Power Rangers brand, letting my viewers know the latest news, Toy Information & Reviews and when to tune in to watch the series.  In other words, PLEASE DON’T STOP SENDING ME PRESS RELEASES AND INFORMATION.

That’s where everything stands.  I look forward to this new path, and hope to continue to have you all as viewers when I launch then new site.  Till then . .

Have a Nice Day

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