“Toys from Sequels”

May 27, 2010

I should first note that this ledger entry was originally planned for May 7th, but that was the day when all heck broke loose with my computer, so yeah it's only twenty days late.  Enjoy

So after a bit of toy hunting, I managed to find the Wal-Mart Exclusive, Iron Man 2 Mark VI & War Machine Six Inch Figures.  They are very nicely done toys, though I did suffer a bit from sticker shock when I got to the cash register and they rang up for about $28 total.  Ill just go over some key points about the toys. 

The Mark VI is a great representation of the armor.  It is fully poseable, though the ball joints for the legs can be a bit of a pain to get just right at times.  Iron Man also comes with the dumb little wrist attachable missile launcher.  There are a total of three sets of hands you can interchange on the figure.  Theres a fist, open holding hand, and a more open palm for replusor blasts.  Another good point on the hands is that there is more articulation in the wrists.

The War Machine figure looks excellent, much better than the 2008 Six Inch Repaint of the Mark III armor.  The gun mounted on his back can slide from left to right, though when you add the ammunition belt it limits its range a bit.  The gun can also swivel around to different angles.  You can pop War Machines right shoulder armor off and place the rocket launcher on his shoulder.  He too comes with three sets of hands, all of them having the same positions as the Iron Man Mark VI hands.

Overall these are really good figures for any kid or normal collector.  Of course for the diehard detail collectors, the Marvel Select versions from Borders Books are the way to go.  But for my collection, these two look great.

Moving onto another movie sequel, only this one ABOUT toys.  I gotta admit I wasnt exactly your typical kid growing up (I know shocking right?).  I didnt have cowboys, space men, dinosaurs (except the 1993 Mighty Morphin Megazord), or many of the staple kid toys.  No I was just focused on The Real Ghostbusters and then Power Rangers.  So when Thinkway Toys & Pixar decided to begin making Collection versions of the main Toy Story Toys last year, I figured this was my chance to not only add those classic staples to my overall toy collection, but to also get toys from movies that I really enjoy. 

So Winter of 2009 I began my Toy Story Collection.   I got Buzz, Woody (held over for Christmas Present) and the Aliens from Toys R Us during a sale one week, along with the Bucket O Soldiers from Target.  About a month later, Toys R Us had another sale, this time selling RC for I think about $30 off his normal price, so I jumped at the chance to get him for cheap.  Then for Christmas I got Slinky Dog (non Collection) and Rex, and Jessie (non collection), as well as the small Hamm figure (non collection).

So at this point I was really close to having my collection being complete; I was mainly waiting for the Collection release of Mr. Potato Head.  In the meantime I learned that there would be Collection Versions of Bullseye & Jessie released, thus meaning the normal Jessie toy I had would then be given to my mom.  So about a month ago, on a trip that wasnt actually meant to be a toy hunt, I ended up finding the Collection Mr. Potato Head at Toys R Us, and a great size accurate Hamm bank at the Disney Store. 

That brings us to where I stand today.  I am still waiting to find the collection Jessie and Bullseye.  I have purchased the normal retail $10 Mrs. Potato Head, but shes staying in her package until Im certain a Collection edition of her will not be released.  Overall, I love these toys.  Thinkway and Pixar have done an excellent job together in making these look and feel, for the most part, just like those that Andy has in the movies.  I do hope though that they eventually get around to making either a Collection or $30 version of Evil Emperor Zurg.  I know hes not one of Andys toys, but I just think hes a cool villain.  Oh yeah and my mom wants them to make a Stinky Pete the Prospector too.  As for the Collection Toys for Toy Story 3, I doubt Ill be buying them for now, as Im just focusing on the toys Andy has.

So for any Toy Story fans with the expendable income, I highly recommend these Collection toys as they are about as close to the real thing, for the most part, as you could probably get.

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