“Technology, It’s an Addiction”

May 26, 2010

Have you ever stopped for a moment and just thought about how much we as a society have become reliant on technology.  It really is quite scary when you do think about it.  This was enforced even more so recently for me.  This May has literally turned out to be a total mess when it comes to me and technological devices.

Let's go back almost a month.  Everyone knows how I have sung the praises of my iPad and to this day I still love it.  However, one day at the end of April as I was wiping it clean with my dry microfiber cloth, and I found something that made my stomach become a knot.  There on the screen was a scratch about two too two and half inches long.  Now since the iPad arrived, I have treated it with kid gloves and have been extremely careful when handling it, yet somehow this scratch still managed to get cut into the screen.  Also for those wondering, no I was not using the meteor shower wallpaper that it comes loaded with, this was a real scratch.

So after a call to Apple Customer Support, an appointment at the Genius Bar, another call to Apple, another visit to the Apple Store, and one final call to Customer Support, I finally managed to speak to someone at Apple that acknowledged my iPad screen likely did not receive a proper protective screen coating.  The next day I was sent a box to mail my original iPad to Apple and I would soon receive a replacement.

Then during that time while I was without my iPad, I woke up one morning and started my computer like I always do.  When I came back into my room, there on the screen was a terrifying message.  It stated "Insert bootable drive." This meant one thing, my hard drive was toast.  After some research I learned that the manufacturer of my hard drive had a technical glitch with this specific drive.  This error caused the hard drive move the boot information to a different location, for no real reason, and thus make your hard drive just a useless brick.  Thank God for external hard drives for backups and laptops for my website updating.

Luckily the computer was only a little over a year old, and had been made by a local shop in town, so the warranty was in place.  I took my computer into the shop and waited for basically a week before I got it back.  I spent most of the afternoon and evening, on the day I got it back, installing all the software I use.  The next day started with thunderstorms, so I kept the computer unplugged until the storms had cleared, or so I had thought.  Thunder had not rolled through for about an hour when I finally started up my computer.  I installed the final software, moved over all my files, and I was then installing iTunes.  Once it would finish, I would connect my new iPad I had gotten earlier in the week.  However, in the middle of the iTunes install, a freak lightning strike occurred within a mile of where I live.  The power surged and when I went to start my computer, the fans would run, but no booting what so ever.

It was back to the computer shop for more fixing.  It turns out the power surge fried not only my mother board, but my processor as well.  Even though everything was plugged into a surge protector, it wasn't enough.  I soon found out that my video capture device had been taken out as well.  So that weekend I took a trip to Best Buy for a much stronger surge protector, new video capture device and more.  On the bright side, at least my replacement iPad was not connected to the computer at the time, otherwise I could have probably kissed it goodbye.

I finally got my desktop back last Tuesday, everything was still there on the hard drive, and I was able to finish getting it up and running.  I then connected and synced my replacement iPad.

It has now been about a week, and it is great to have all my technology back to normal.  Well most all of it, as I am still having some picture quality problems with my video capture device.  Overall, things have returned to normal.

So this past month has really shown me just how much society is addicted to technology.  Now you might be sitting there thinking to yourself that you aren't addicted.  Allow me to ask you some questions.  Would you drive or go somewhere alone without a cell phone?  How many times a day do you check your e-mail, update your Facebook status, or Tweet?  How often each week do you play your favorite video game system?  How many websites do you read to find out the latest news of subjects that interest you?  How man hours do you spend watching TV?  How much music do you listen to on your mp3 player?

You see, human beings in today's modern world are now so attached to technological devices that when they do fail, it quite literally disrupts our lives.  The lives we have become all too accustom to is now beyond the point of no return.  Technology is more than a part of our lives, for many, it might as well be like the air we breathe of the food we eat.  I do wish it were not this bad.  I do enjoy technology and love all the ways it has improved our lives.  Though I do feel for every step forward technology has helped, it has also taken two steps backward in making us less self reliant.  The irony of the fact that I am typing this on my iPad and posting this on an Internet blog does not escape me.  I do believe though that I will try to take more time to try to be tech free.

Have a Nice Day


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