“Hey Digimon”

April 24, 2010

It is hard to believe that it has been over ten years since I sat down that one fateful Saturday morning and watched, what would become, one of my favorite television series.  I was 14 years old and was basically phasing out of being a Pokemon fan.  I remember seeing the Fox Kids promos for a show called Digimon, and thinking, "okay so Fox Kids got a Pokemon rip off." This is one of those times that I have never been so happy to be wrong.  From the first episode I was hooked and knew this was no Pokemon rip off.  

This was a show with story and meaning.  But best of all the monsters spoke ENGLISH!  So time progressed and I became a deep fan of Digimon.  I started collecting the toys, recorded the shows on VHS tapes, and of course, had the season one Digivice toy that drove my parents insane as I shook it to make the Digimon walk (I also continued to collecte a Digivice from all following seasons that still drove my parents insane with the clicking sound).  When the first season came to an end, yes the closing moments brought even a tiny tear to my eye. 

It then wasn't long before the excitement for season two began.  I started doing my research via the Internet to find out what this season would hold.  All of this thanks to me looking through Japanese sites.  When season two finally started to air, it multiplied my love for this show by ten.  I loved the new Digidestined, the new Digivice, the Armor Digivolutions, DNA Digivolutions, the villains, the story, and even the movie that came out in the fall of 2000.  Season Two to this day is still my favorite season of Digimon.  Plus the season gave me the two characters that I relate to the most; Davis and Veemon.  Season two had everything I wanted out of new Digimon season, but like all good things, it too had to end with a stellar finale.

As I started seeing information and pictures for Season three, I was hopeful but still a bit skeptical.  So Tamers came on TV but I gotta say I still am not impressed with how this season played out.  Granted I know a large number of fans see this as one of the best Digimon seasons, but I just didn't care for the "more serious" story or the new overall approach.  I didn't like the Digital World being a place the kids couldn't easily get to.  Plus the whole D Reaper just never felt like a good villain for me.  So the Tamers season was okay, but not up my alley.

Season four, Frontier, I thought would be a great idea.  It was something I had even thought of in some of my own fan fiction during season two.  However as I watched I soon realized just how much was missing.  This season showed that you really can't do a season of Digimon well without both Digidestined and Digimon partners.  Granted I liked some of the story and the overall design of the Frontier season, but the extra attention given to Takuya and Koji was too much. 

And thus Digimon came to a close for a few years.  Then came news of a new season of Digimon in Japan, and it would also be coming to the US; Digimon Data Squad.  I was excited to have Digimon returning, but still wary of how it would turn out.  Data Squad ended up a lot like Tamers in several areas.  Granted the story was pretty good, but the overall lack of a main real evil villain until the end wasn't my cup of digi-tea.  So with the end of Data Squad, Digimon again vanished from the airwaves.

Now we come to present day, and what has recently been revealed in Japan?

Yes, it is a new Digimon season entitled Digimon Cross Wars.  Not much is known right now story-wise, other than the fact that our usual goggle boy up there teams up with the red Digimon, and others, to help in a war in the Digital World.  Also, a new form of Digivolution is introduced.  This time it appears that Digimon can combine together, much like Zords forming Megazords.  So while I am happy to have Digimon returning once more, even if only in Japan for now, I do hope that perhaps we can return to some of the core elements that made seasons one and two so great, and try and keep a healthy balance of dramatics and light heartedness.  I guess we will just have to wait and see how this Cross Wars season plays out.

Have a Nice Day


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